Anuvuin: episode #16 The Deal with the Trade Federation

Anuvuin:  episode #16 The Deal with the Trade Federation

Part 2

            Previously:  Shmi Skywalker has just given birth to a baby boy named Anakin Skywalker.  And now, as promised, here is the story of the Sith and the Trade Federation

            The second port of Anuvuin takes place 9 years after the end of part 1.  (Anakin's birth).   Darth Sidious paces the room as he contemplates something. 

There is a knock on the door,   "Why Darth Maul, come right in. What is it?"

  "This boy (pointing to a fairly handsome boy of about 14 that he drags by the arm) just stole my lightsaber and all my money.  Do I have permission to experiment with him, and kill him?"

 Darth Sidious says, "Hold on a minute, Maul…."

 "It is obvious that the boy is terrified of both of them.  Darth Sidious smiles and thinks, "What a pleasant thing to inflict terror on others…soon…very soon, I will be able to do that to everyone…."

  "What is your name, boy?"

  "Arawn, sir.  Arawn Corta."

  Darth Sidious raises his eyebrows on recognition of the name.  He feels partly responsible for the boy. 

Arawn goes on to say, "I'm sorry, sir…I just wanted a way to get food."

 "You're not going to let him live, Master, are you?"

 Darth Sidious says, "I don't know yet.  This boy may be of use us…if he agrees."

 Arawn says, "Sure, I'll do anything."

 Darth Sidious then says, "I will allow you to live only if you agree to help us.  Should you ever turn me in, you will be the first example of the Return of the Sith.  Do you understand me, boy?"

  Arawn says, "Yes sir."

 Now what I failed to tell you before is how Arawn ran away from the orphanage.  He wanted out!  The people were nice, but Arawn wanted to be on his own.  It was easy fro him to escape from there…but he soon found how much more difficult living on your own was.  He had to resort to stealing to make any money.  Anyway, back to the story.

 "Darth Maul, close the door for now, but be prepared to open it…there are some guests I have invited here…"

 "Yes, Master." 

Maul closes the door. 

"Now what is this about your advancement in plans?"

  "Well, Naboo…I believe the people are becoming unhappy with their ruler.  There is as girl there that is a leader of a group of some of the protestors.  I believe that she would make the perfect ruler of Naboo… if something were to happen that would force the king out of office.  Now, I can't be the one to make such arrangements, for obvious reasons, you, Darth Maul, while you would do, I wouldn't want to draw attention to ourselves from the Jedi, yet.  Our little friend here would be prefect, no one would suspect anything…."

 "So, how would that help us?"

 "That is where the Trade Federation comes into play, my apprentice.  Oh, I do believe that is them.  Go ahead and answer it, Darth Maul." 

Darth Maul complies.  Two aliens walk in (aliens are considered as anything not human).

  "Ah, Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray and Rune Haako, welcome.  Please sit down."

 Nute Gunray says, "What is this all about, Lord Sidious."

 "When I contacted you, I told you I could provide you with your first planet, so that you could soon be like the Maurders and own planets." 

Nute Gunray says, "That is correct.  And you mentioned a deal?" 

Darth Sidious smiled. 

"Yes.  I provide you the planet, you invade it…"

Nute Gunray, "No planet could ever fall into something like that…. The Senate would interfere."

 "Don't worry, my friends.  I will take care of the Senate, you just play along."

 "But all the rulers are too strong…"

 "Not if there is a very young and inexperienced leader."

  "But no planet f any worth falls into that category.  What planet did you have in mind?"

 "Naboo…I will see to it that a different ruler is in charge by the time you are ready for your part."

  Nute Gunray looks t Rune Haako and shrugs. 

"Is it a deal?" asks Darth Sidious.

  Rune nods, and Nute says, "Yes, it's a deal."

 Darth Sidious says, "Thank you for your time.  I will be contacting you within the next week.  Be ready to carry out the plans."

  Nute Gunray says, "that soon?"

 Darth Sidious nods, "yes, that soon."

 Next time will be a flashback, Anakin's events in more detail.

Until next time1