"Are you sure you don't want to go back and help them?"

"For the hundredth time, Jen, they told me to leave! I'm not going back to help people who don't want it. Zhuqiamon can kill them for all I care."

The year was 2002; in a few months it would come to be known as the first year digital monsters made real contact with humans. Of course, Jenrya Lee and Takato Matsuda didn't know this as they trekked across the rocky terrain of the Dejitarusekai's Southern province. The brunet was still mad that the other Tamers had pushed him away just because of a simple mistake.

Jenrya agreed with him that Megidramon had been necessary.

Dear, sweet, kind Jenrya agreed with him that Beelzebumon had to be stopped at all costs.

Jenrya Lee, the first one to have ever become his true friend.

Hirokazu and Kenta had only been people with whom he shared a common interest. They were more like each other's best friend, always leaving him out of things and making him feel like a third wheel. They hadn't believed him about Gillmon anyway and Hirokazu had pulled through at the last moment with Indramon with a stupid little cardboard cutout Takato had to put all his faith in.

Hirokazu had nearly cost the life of the world if it hadn't worked, if the Gnomes hadn't intervened.

Juri was more of an acquaintance than a friend; a classmate only and had been his first crush whom he'd gotten over quickly. He only knew her because she and her family shopped at his parent's bakery to buy bread for their restaurant.

She had laughed at him for his childish antics when it came to Digimon before she found out they were real. Now she was broken by Leomon's death. Takato felt as though she would never smile again.

Ruki babied him, there was no doubt about it. Even now he knew that the redhead didn't think of him as anything more than a "little boy with a stupid pet Digimon" as she had put it when they first met. She was still cold towards him even after all their time together as a team.

She feared only for herself and Renamon's safety.

Ryo…he couldn't really say that he knew Ryo all that well, despite the tournament information Hirokazu had relayed to him after they'd met the older boy. Ryo was obviously taken by Ruki, had a pole so far up his arse he'd have to bend over to pull it out. He knew that whatever Ruki thought about him, Ryo would agree with. He seemed like that kind of guy; the kind who would sweet-talk their way into a girl's heart using anything to their advantage.

Shuichon was a little girl; Jenrya's younger sister with whom he had trusted the Tamers to take home safely. She had tried to follow them but Hirokazu had ordered Guardromon to hold her back. She didn't understand why they hated them; didn't understand that her brother had "committed a sin" by following him to the depths of Hell.

In due time, perhaps she would forget she ever had a brother like Jenrya in the first place. All because of him.

Takato stopped walking, making the small group halt in their progress and he felt the half-Chinese boy place a hand on his shoulder.


"You should go back," he whispered bitterly, hands clenching at his sides. "Maybe they'll forgive you if they think you killed me."

"Takato, look at me." The slightly taller boy tilted his chin up and he was forced to meet those compassionate gray eyes. He felt tears slip down his cheeks, unable to hold himself back. Ruki was right – he was a crybaby. "I'm not turning away from you. The others are too blind to see that what you had to do was necessary. If you hadn't stopped Beelzebumon when you did, we would all be dead by now. They'll see that you were right, with time."

"Jen…" Takato wrapped his arms around his teammate, burying his face in the crook of his neck. "…I don't know what I'd do without you." He could feel Jenrya rubbing circles between his shoulder blades, the other arm wrapped around his waist. "You've been so nice to me since day one that I…I don't know how I'm ever going to repay you, Jen."

"Don't." Jenrya pulled out of the hug, once more tilting his face up. "I'm your friend, and I don't expect any kind of repayment. There's a saying my sensei taught me; Give but don't receive. Do you know what that means?" He smiled at the confused look on Takato's face. It means that you can hand out what you want but never expect anything back. I don't want you to give me anything in return. Your friendship is enough. No matter what happens, no matter what anybody says to you…I won't believe anything different."

Takato was sobbing, latching on to his friend's orange vest as their partners watched the interaction between their humans with confusion. Jenrya only slowly squatted them down, the brunet Tamer gathered in his arms as he hushed him gently.

Far off behind them, a stronghold crumbled…

The Dark Guardians
Chapter I
Written by Takato Metallium
Plot: AU, dark, slash (Leekato, Hirokenta, Makziaoai and Ruri). Rifts between the Tamers will be closed as Jenrya and Takato return from a six-year self-imposed exile in the Dejitarusekai to complete their destiny as the Dark Guardians. Rewritten.
Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights to Digimon Tamers. It belongs to Akiyoshi Hongo and other such people. I only own the fic, the idea, some Digimon you haven't seen before and not much else.

Silver-red eyes looked out the window of the train a little sleepily, but the holder of those eyes didn't complain about the lack of sleep, listening instead to the sounds of heavy breathing and snores filling the train car. It wasn't the first time Takato Matsuda had gone without sleep over the last six years, and although the rhythmic clicking of the wheels on the track lured him into the land of slumber, he just wouldn't allow it. Years of being on edge, even during his sleep, had taught him to be alert when he didn't need it.

Jenrya Lee slept in his lap, covered by his leather jacket as a makeshift blanket as the bluenet's chest heaved softly in time with his intake and outtake of breath. Their partner Digimon slept soundlessly nearby, though every once in a while BlackGillmon or BlackTerriermon's ears would prick up for noise only to fall back down.

It didn't bother the other passengers too much that they had Digimon – in fact, apparently the monsters were seen everywhere in the Real World these days; it only bothered them that they were black and had signs that practically screamed they were viral types. Takato scoffed at this of course; he hadn't the heart to tell them that BlackGillmon had been a viral in the first place.

Had it really been six years since the others had ditched them? Takato couldn't tell as his body clock was still getting used to being outside of the Dejitarusekai. Jenrya had caught the year on a newspaper earlier when they'd been boarding the train bound for West Shinjuku from Shibuya. 2009…it still felt like 2002, like they'd never left in the first place, like they had never searched for Calumon in the Dejitarusekai…

"BlackGillmon…evolved to…" The muffled sound brought Takato out of his reverie, turning his eyes over to his partner with a soft smile. The others had been wrong – forcing BlackGillmon to evolve to Mega hadn't erased his innocence, only a little of it. He'd lost his childish voice and most notably the change of colour from brilliant red to shadowy black but that was it.

The fallen Tamer sighed, running a hand through his chestnut hair and shifting his legs a little, hearing Jenrya moan softly before turning over in his lap, nuzzling his head to his chest. Jenrya wasn't like the others. Instead of abandoning him like they had, the half-Chinese teen had stuck beside him, becoming a fallen angel like himself in the process. Takato half kept expecting him to turn around and backstab him like the others had but it was only until after Terriermon had become a viral-type did he realize Jenrya intended to stand by him through anything, be it an earthquake or another evil Digimon bent on dominating both worlds.

Speaking of which…


Mie Matsuda wiped her hands on her apron after she set the fresh batch of bread onto the shelves at the window, moving her way back across the floor to the hallway behind the counter. Days had been slow for her since the Tamers had come back without her son – Mie and her husband assuming he was dead in the Dejitarusekai as the teens wouldn't tell them what had happened. Takehiro was out running errands and delivering a cake for some company or other, so Mie was left to her own devices until the bell rang, signaling customers. Sighing slightly, the woman put on a friendly smile, walking back out front only to stop dead in the doorway, feeling as though she was going to faint.

Standing there was a teenager who looked like an older version of her son, only instead of the brilliant cherry-red eyes, the young man bore silver-crimson ones, had longer spiked hair and a lithe but muscular figure of 5"9'. A black leather jacket flowed down to his shins, legs covered by some sort of dark denim material and a tight gray shirt over his chest, feet encased in knee-length combat boots and hands in black fishnet fingerless gloves. At his side was a Digimon she swore vaguely resembled her son's partner, a slight memory of the day he left, when she had been introduced to Gillmon. Only this reptilian Digimon was black in colour instead of red.

"T-Takato?" Mie whispered, fingers crossed as the teen turned to regard her, a small, soft smile curling on thin lips.

"Sorry it took me so long to come home, okaasan," was the equally hushed reply. He gave a slight 'irk' sound when he was engulfed in a large hug, hands remaining in his jacket pockets as BlackGillmon watched the scene curiously, wondering whether or not he should attack before deciding the woman was safe and relaxed. Takato couldn't find it in himself to hug her back as Mie started sobbing into his chest, instead looking on as she looked up, tears in her copper eyes. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Mie managed to smile through her tears, standing back and rubbing her eyes though they continued to run down her cheeks. "I'm just…just happy you're finally home, safe and sound. Are you hungry? Gillmon?"

"Actually, it's BlackGillmon now. And yeah, we could use some food. We haven't eaten since we left the Dejitarusekai twenty-four hours ago," Takato answered for the both of them as the teen and his Digimon were ushered into the connected house by his mother, Mie turning around the sign on the door of the bakery to say 'CLOSED'. "There's something I need to tell you…where's otousan?"

"He's out, but he'll be back in a little while," Mie gushed, moving to the kitchen as she motioned for them to take a seat on the lounge. "What would you boys like? There's more than enough so help yourselves."

BlackGillmon looked towards his Tamer, receiving a nod before he asked. "Can I have bread and peanut butter?"

"Of course."



Janyuu sipped his morning coffee, looking over the newspaper as his wife washed the dishes from breakfast. Shuichon had already left for school a couple of hours ago with Lopmon, so her parents were left alone as Janyuu got ready for work, which started in an hour. He and the rest of the Wild Bunch were working for Hypnos now, keeping a steady watch over the Dejitarusekai and warning the Tamers whenever a digital monster Realized into the Real World. In fact, he had become pretty good friends with Yamaki over the past six years and he and his wife Reika popped over for dinner and a chat every now and then.

Still, through all of his years recording what went on in the Dejitarusekai and repairing the damage done by the D-Reaper, he did not find any traces of his son Jenrya. Janyuu rubbed his temples as he turned the page before his ears caught a knock on the door and his wife moved to open it. A soft gasp of surprise followed by a whisper of "Jenrya?" made Janyuu look over his paper only to have it drop in his lap and scatter across the floor a moment later as he stared in shock.

In the doorway stood his son, his partner Digimon sitting on his shoulders almost mimicking the way Lopmon did with Shuichon. Jenrya had grown a lot, about 6"1' if Janyuu guessed correctly, with a lanky but well-muscled body. His blue hair reached down to his collarbone and was straight, his bangs out of their former spike and his eyes an icy dark green. A black leather trenchcoat hugged his shoulders with a dark green tank top underneath with a soft dark material clung to his hips, feet covered in black boots. His D-Arc hung out in the open on his belt and Janyuu noticed that Terriermon was a different colour than he had been before, cream-coloured fur now pastel white while the green of his ears was as black as his eyes.

"Jenrya!" Janyuu stood from his seat as Mayumi hugged their son, making BlackTerriermon fall from his shoulder with a comment at being pushed off his perch but nonetheless took his place standing at Jenrya's side. The older man observed that the bluenet didn't bother to hug his mother back, instead standing there motionless like he didn't know what she was doing or felt he didn't deserve such a warm welcome.

"I'm sorry it took me so long to get back." Jenrya's voice was soft and warm, but then again he had hardly ever shouted since he was a child, only raising his voice in the heat of battle. Mayumi only shook her head, smiling softly as she offered him the chance for a drink or something to eat. At the mention of food, BlackTerriermon's stomach growled and the bunny-like digital monster blushed as the elder Lee's laughed, his partner sending him a smile which he returned sheepishly.

"Choose what you want. We always keep the cupboards well-stocked since Lopmon lives here now," Mayumi said, making her way back into the kitchen and boiling the kettle for tea with BlackTerriermon raiding the cupboard, his eyes shining with glee. "Take a seat, Jenrya! We have so much to talk about!"

"We do, actually." Jenrya took the seat to Janyuu's right like he always had as a ten-year-old, face solemn as his father picked up the newspaper mess and put it back on the rack. "I came back to ask you to leave."

"What?" Janyuu pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, frowning and Mayumi nearly dropped the teacup in her hand. "You can't be serious!"

His son's calm, collected green eyes told him otherwise however. "I am. Takato and I have been traveling the Dejitarusekai for the last six years so I would know whether or not I was serious about anything. I need you to leave because there is a battle that is going to take place in the Real World, here in West Shinjuku. A Digimon by the name of Kagemon is hell bent on the destruction of the Dejitarusekai and the Real World and has resurrected the Daevas. We are afraid that the Daevas might have trailed behind us to the Real World again."

Janyuu seemed to consider his son's words as Mayumi placed the tea on the table, helping BlackTerriermon up onto a chair with his snack and sitting down next to her husband. "I'm sure the others will be able to handle it. They always have done in the past and the new Tamers will be ready to back them up if needed."

Jenrya shook his head, hands in his pockets again as he leaned back in his seat, looking up towards the ceiling with a darkened face shadowed by long blue hair. "The Daevas are more powerful than they were before – more powerful than you can even begin to imagine. It takes an Omega-level evolution to defeat most of them. We fought Mukuramon at the gateway to the other dimension before we came here, so he wouldn't be able to spy on us like he did back in the year 2002…" The bluenet seemed to stop short, eyes narrowing as he stood from the chair and his partner pushed away from his own, suddenly not interested in his treat anymore.

"What's wrong, boys?"

"Jenrya…do you sense that?" BlackTerriermon's little nose sniffed the air.

A warning chill went up his Tamer's spine as he nodded in agreement, right hand clenching into a fist. "Yeah. A Digimon just Realized nearby. A Daeva." He turned to leave, but was stopped a moment short by Janyuu talking about calling the other Tamers. "Don't. This is our fight only. Ruki and the others have nothing to do with this." With that, the fallen Tamer took off running for the doorway to the balcony with his partner on his shoulder, Mayumi calling out in alarm as he slid the glass door open, reaching the edge. Janyuu reached the door just in time to see his son leap over the railing on his hands, running to the barrier with the sudden rush of wind drifting upward as he watched his nineteen-year-old son who had just walked back into his life free-fall to the ground.



"What do you want with her!" Beelzebumon growled as he stood in front of his Tamers, Shuichon and Lopmon, along with the other members of their gym class, guns cocked and ready. The other Digimon-toting kids had their partners ready to back him up if necessary, although he very much doubted he'd need help since he was, after all, a demon lord.

Mihiramon paced in front of him much like the cat he had been modified after, a growl rumbling low from the Daeva's throat. "You are testing my patience, Beelzebumon. Either you move or…"

"Exhaust Flame!"

Mihiramon howled as he was struck in the side by a ball of dark purple flame and Beelzebumon raised his eyes only to have them widen in shock as a Digimon stepped into the misty digital fog currently surrounding the middle school. He resembled Growmon a great deal only his skin was as dark as night and his hair-fur was a very light, almost white violet. His eye were feral, the other viral could tell, but it was the Tamer who caught his attention as he stepped next to his partner, hands in his jacket pockets.

"Yes. Do tell us what you want with Shuichon before I have to kill you." The brunet raised his head, moving some hair from his silver-crimson eyes as he smiled coolly. "Or is it her partner you want? Lopmon?"

"I was wondering when you were going to get here, fallen Tamer," Mihiramon purred, stalking his way over to him as Beelzebumon lowered his guns, caught completely off-guard by the newcomer. "It's not too late to join us, you know."

The human actually seemed to consider, putting his hands on his hips as he bounced on the balls of his feet and looking thoughtful before poking his tongue out playfully, eyes narrowing into deadly cat-like slits. "Go chew on a fish."

"Cannon Barrage!"

Jenrya stepped up, meeting Takato's mischievous eyes with a smile. "Sorry I'm late. Traffic delays and everything."

"No problem. Let's take him down before he can cause anymore damage to the Real World's time stream. Omega-level?"

A curt nod was all Takato needed as an answer from his boyfriend as they raised their D-Arcs, a brightly dark light surrounding them as Beelzebumon, the middle-school students, Shuichon, Lopmon, Ai and Makoto looked on in awe.

"We call upon the powers of the Catalyst.

Grant us the power of Shining Evolution!"

As the light engulfed them and he shielded his eyes and used his wings to shield those of the students and his Tamers, Beelzebumon could swear he heard childish giggling ringing through the air before it, and the light, died away…

End of chapter one; to be continued…

Notes: It's back. ((collapses into her chair)) The Dark Guardians, formerly known as The Dolphin's Cry, is back. After much rewriting, editing and looking over, I have decided to post this fic again, since it seemed to be so popular last time. For those of you who were wondering about what happened to its former existence – FanFiction decided to take it offline mainly because it was a songfic.
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