"Maybe," Mulder suddenly started, "he didn't have eight heart attacks."

Scully glanced up from the file she'd been looking at and shot him a questioning look. "I don't know what you mean."

"What if his files are fake? They could have been altered to put us off the scent of what's really going on here. Maybe it's all a diversion."

"Yes, that would be plausible," Scully nodded slowly, placing her file on the table next to Mulder's bed. "But who –?"

"Who changed the file, you mean?" Mulder interrupted. Without waiting for Scully to respond, he continued on. "It seems likely that Wall had an accomplice. Someone was covering for him."

Scully glanced towards the door of Mulder's room and chewed her bottom lip thoughtfully. "How can you tell?" She gestured for him to wait as a nurse appeared in the doorway and looked in. Assuming she was just going on her rounds, Scully brushed her off and turned back to Mulder.

After a moment, the nurse left and Mulder looked back over at Scully. "Firstly, that nurse there – she's been checking in on my room every so often."

"She's a nurse! That's her job!" Scully said pointedly. She raised an eyebrow at him. "Have I ever told you that you're the most paranoid person I've ever met? Excepting the Lone Gunmen, of course."

"Gee, thanks. It's so nice to know you've got me so high up there on your paranoid list," Mulder said sarcastically. "Anyway, that's not the case. We've got a serial killer out there, someone who wants me dead – who may just be the killer we've been looking into – and if the killer isn't the man who shot me, most probably something else linking the two. And there's quite possibly an accomplice working behind all of this, which I believe could be the nurse."

"That just about sums it up," Scully nodded slowly. "So what now then, G-man?"

Mulder remained silent for a while, apparently deep in thought. It wasn't until he spoke again that Scully realised there was something terribly wrong.

"Sc…Sc…Scully?" Mulder muttered desperately. He reached for her hand and gripped it tightly, staring up at her and giving a sudden, unexpected grimace of pain. "It…it hurts…"

A wave of fear for her partners' well being washed over Scully and she squeezed his hand back in a gesture of what she hoped he'd take as comfort. When Mulder didn't respond and instead, fell back limply onto his bed, it took all of her strength not to break down.

Taking the alternative, she pushed the worry to the back of her mind as far as it would go – which wasn't far – and raced into the hall. "Nurse! We need some help in here! Now!"

A/N: Nothing better than a little health scare, huh? Or is it something more?