Destiny of Flame and Sorrow

Chapter 1: The Chance Meeting

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Dear Ino,

"… as we grow up, we learn that even the one person who wasn't supposed to let us down would probably will. You'll have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for thing the old one did. You'll cry coz time is passing too fast and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So move ahead, laugh a lot, smile, love like you've never been hurt coz every moment you spent upset is a time for happiness you'll never get back…"

A maiden with forest green eyes and long pink hair wrote those words on a scroll. Followed by…

… this is a paragraph I've read in one of the countless novels my mother brought every time she visits me. I'm really envious of you Ino. You get to see the world outside while for the past nineteen years of my life all I saw was the walls of the palace and all I met were servants who are paid to follow my orders but other than that they're as silent as the cold barriers forbidding me to see the real world. I don't really understand why my mother the hokage, doesn't want me to see reality outside. When I tried asking her, all she said was that I'm not yet ready.

I was really glad that even though we only met once in the palace, I was able to have someone who I can really talk to. Within this guilded cage, I cannot feel that I'm alive at all. I feel time is passing too slowly. Even though it's only been nineteen years, it already felt like a lifetime has gone by without anything important happening.

I want to experience living… I want to get out…

Rolling the scroll and tying it tightly, she ordered one of her servants to deliver her letter to her blond best friend. The maid obediently bowed in acknowledgement.

Sakura sighed as she stared at the woman who disappeared from her sight. Walking back to her room, she glanced at the shelves full of novels and books her mother had given her, then to a small table containing the letters her best friend had written.

Sitting in front of the table, she reopened each of the scrolls and re-read its contents. The letters were all about Ino asking her for advices about love. Sakura would reply using verses she read in books but in truth she never really understood what those verses really meant. But then after receiving her advice,. Ino would answer her letter saying that her advice was perfect and that it went well when she did as Sakura recommended her to do.

In her letters, Sakura indirectly met an Uchiha Sasuke and Nara Shikamaru. These were the men that her best friend often writes about. She rolled back the scroll and stared into an open window as the rain began pouring.

The next day, Sakura waited for Ino's letter. A maid knocked on her room and delivered the scroll. Receiving the letter, she immediately untied its strings and then pulled it open. Her thin pink eyebrow rose questionably as she stared at the empty sheet. "What is this?" she asked as she pulled the scroll more to see that nothing was written on it at all.

Looking at her maid agitatedly, her emerald orbs widen in realization. "You're not…" "Ssshhh… Sakura… it's me Ino…" her blond best friend pushed her finger on her lips as she winked. "Ino! What are you doing here? You've changed so much since I last saw you…" she hugged her friend tightly.

"We don't have much time. Sakura… do you really want to see the outside world?" Sakura's eyes changed from being soft to being strong and determined then she nodded. "Good now get the things you really need, I'll help you escape," Ino looked around as Sakura grabbed most of her jewelries since she never experienced using money.

"Here wear these…" she tossed her clothes worn by common male servants. "And for heaven's sake… hide your pink hair," Sakura tucked long bounded hair into her cap.

"Good… remember when someone asks you a question you are to answer but your gaze must remain on the ground." Ino and Sakura walked side by side to the corridors of the palace.

They were about to walk out of the palace when "Oi," a guard called out, making them stop both their hearts slammed against their chests as the man draw nearer. "You're real pretty how about you and I have dinner tonight," the man winked at the blond maid. "Sorry I'm busy tonight… maybe some other night," Ino winked back nervously as she turned her back and resumed exiting the place with Sakura.

Ino and Sakura walked through the path without exchanging words. When the palace was no where in sight, the blond stopped walking. "Whew… that was close," she sighed then started laughing. Sakura laughed with her as well, holding her sides as she laughed harder.

"I haven't seen you for such a long time," Ino embraced her best friend and Sakura hugged her back. "Thank you…" she murmured. "Okay, are you ready to see the real world?" "Hai!" they walked a little farther until the town came into sight.

Sakura's eyes widened in surprise. Never in her life did she saw this many people, these many shops and this wide surrounding. Her best friend smiled upon seeing her reaction.

"Well, it's much more fun to look at it closer. Why don't we go there?" Ino suggested but then Sakura ran towards the place excitedly. "Sakura wait!" the blond started running as well.

"Don't do that." She said in between her panting as she caught up with her pink haired friend. Sakura was too pre-occupied staring at almost everything. The people came in all shapes and sizes. The stores hold things she's never seen before.

"Hello?" a hand was waving in front of her. Snapping out of her trance, she shook herself awake. "Gomen, I was too amused." Sakura blushed admitting her mistake. "It's okay. But I must tell you that were leaving this town for a while. When they find out you're missing, your mother is going to have the guards scour the nearest town. We must lay low for a while. I've already told my parents that a friend is coming with me on our vacation trip," she smiled at Sakura who smiled back.

"Can we walk now?" the pink haired princess asked impatiently. For the countless time, her friend sighed then nodded as if having no choice. The two made their way into the crowd. People swarmed over the flea market. It was really a struggle to walk in between the happy shoppers. Ino held her hand and started leading her to a less crowded area. "Remember… stay by my side all the time. Who knows what will happen if you…" she felt Sakura's thumb stroke her hand. "Geesh, Sakura I didn't realize you have such hard hands for…" Ino's sapphire eyes became as big as plates when she looked at the person who was holding her hand.

A man about thirty was smirking at her as his thumb stroked the back of her hand. "Who the hell are you!" Ino quickly retrieved her hand from the stranger. "Hey lady, you're the one who dragged me," the man said as he walked away scratching the back of his head in confusion. Her blue orbs widened even more… "SAKURA!" she ran to find the princess.

A girl disguised as a man stood in the middle of the noisy crowd. Looking in all directions, she saw no hint of her blond friend. "Ino?" her forest green eyes wandered on the faces of each nearby person.

Forcing a laugh, This is not good. Searching for hours, she leaned on a nearby wall. The sun was slowly setting as the people remained busy as hell not even bothering to look her way.

I have to ask somebody or else… She approached a man that was standing in the alley. "Excuse me, may I ask if you know a girl named Yamanaka, Ino?" Sakura shyly asked as the man eyed her from head to toe. "Oh, Ino. Of course I know her. Come with me. I'll take you to her." The man started walking deeper into the dark alley.

Lucky! I'm glad I asked the right guy. Sakura enthusiastically followed the man. It had been a while since they began walking. She began to observe the drastic change in her surroundings. Every man she passed seems to be eyeing her like a piece of meat. "Ano… are we still far from where she is?" she was beginning to panic when the man didn't reply.

"No I guess we're far enough," the man stopped and faced her with a malicious smile across his face. Upon seeing this, Sakura backed away only to see that a few men were drawing in on her. "Where's Ino?" she snapped. "I don't even know her…" the man innocently said as he crossed his arms in front of him.

A man pounced on her but upon reflex Sakura backed away then kicked the incoming man. Seeing an opening, she dashed away. "Catch her!" she heard the man ordered his subordinates.

It was too dark to see anything but she still kept on running. As she turned around the corner, she bumped into something hard making her sit on the ground as her cap slid from her head, revealing her long pink hair.

"There she is," Sakura looked back to see several men running towards her. Standing up abruptly, she felt immense pain on her left foot. "Damn," she cursed as the clouds moved to make her see the thing she bumped into.

It was not a thing… it's a person. Sakura was in a half kneeling position, holding her aching foot as she stared at the man with flaming red hair and a kanji tattoo on his forehead.

Their eyes met in a brief moment then everything passed in a confusing haze. Her sight grew blurry, she saw the red haired man fighting then moments after she felt herself being carried away.

She forced her eyes to remain open. "You're Sasuke, aren't you?" she weakly uttered to his chest as she fell unconscious. The man looked incredulously at the pink haired maiden he was carrying. As only the moonlight bore witness to what happened next…

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