Epilogue: Take my Flame, Embrace my Sorrow

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A young woman wearing the most beautiful white gown watched her reflection in a nearby mirror. The thin veil pinned to her long pink tresses that were adorned with red roses. Finely cut emeralds hung on her neck and ears. The shape of her lips emphasized by the pink tint. Her slender neck and smooth shoulders lay bare. The silk embroidered with cherry blossoms hugged her torso like a second skin and flowed elegantly down her knees. Finally, her emerald eyes smiled… contented at what she sees.

"Sakura! You look soooo beautiful!" the door cracked open to reveal her blond best friend wearing the maid of honor's gown. Her big blue eyes inspected each and every angle to see that everything was perfect. "You're ready…" Ino looked into her best friend's eyes and blinked back her tears. "I still can't believe it! Everything happened because I wrote things about him. He should thank me greatly!" she tried to lighten the mood. Handing the bride her bouquet of white stargazers, "Oh, before you walk down the aisle. I should tell you that me and Shikamaru are… already…" she fidgeted but heard Sakura chuckle.

"Ino, I already know your feelings for him through your letters. It was only a matter of time for you guys to be together. And I think it's my turn to say I'm so happy for you," without any reservation, she hugged her best friend tightly.

"Enough drama, we're going to ruin your wedding," Ino broke their hug and re-arranged her and Sakura's gown. "Ready?" she opened the door and led the way.

The night sky was sparkling that night. It was as if not only the full moon but also every star was invited tonight. Gentle lights aided with the illumination of the dark grounds as each person turned to watch the bride walk down the aisle.

With a gentle breeze, Cherry blossom petals filled the air, making the moment more than perfect. Slowly, her feet carried her in front of a long carpeted aisle. Lifting her emerald eyes, she saw the only person she wanted to see.

His jade eyes barely dared to blink as he caught sight of her. Gods, she's so beautiful. Suddenly, as if his chest was too full he can barely breathe. His body itched to march right up to her that instant. His throat felt dry and so did his lips. Gaara felt so imperfect as he watched a goddess approaching her.

"Don't look at her like she's something to eat, kid," the man who was standing beside him who had his spiky white hair neatly pulled back said under his breath. Jiraiya, her father, seems to still be protective of his little princess.

Naruto and Chouji were hiding their chuckles as they hear Jiraiya's statement. Dressed formally in suits, they looked so much like a gentleman. Their amusement faded as they caught sight of the bride.

Ino gripped Shikamaru's arm as tears began building in her eyes but a genuine smile on her face.

Tsunade affectionately stared at her little girl and turned to look at her husband who was also looking at her with the same look in their eyes.

All our lives we've been hearing different people saying different views on love. But sometimes, all we get is confusion. Some say, love is learning how to let go while others say it's holding on. What we don't realize is either way, we end up hurting ourselves.

A smile appeared on her face as she saw how unruly his short crimson hair is and yet still looks breathtakingly good. The kanji tattoo on his forehead made him more dashing than handsome.

What's love then? Love is being happy despite the pain, cause when it hurts, its real. Its love when we give something without expecting something in return.

His muscled torso was formally covered with tuxedo as he stood impatiently at the end of the aisle. His eyes never leaving hers.

Love is risking everything for the happiness of someone but why do people still choose to love despite all the pain?

All the things she read about love replayed in her head. And as she was in arms length in front of her destiny, Sakura said to herself "Because it's the closest thing we have to magic."

Finally, their hands were joined and together they prepare to take their eternal vows.

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