Snap Shot

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Chapter 1: Click

The peaceful country scenery passed like a blur on the window of a passing bullet train. A lady about nineteen looked passively at her own reflection at glass window. Sighing, she settled her head on her hand as it was supported by her elbow. She then took a magazine on the corner and began flipping through the pages. She stopped turning the pages rapidly when she saw a colorful picture a majestic waterfall while on the bank cherry blossom trees fill the atmosphere with its pink petals. On the far lower corner of the picture, written in small font was "Photographer: Haruno, Sakura".

She tucked some strands of her long pink hair behind her ear as she continued browsing through the magazine that mostly featured landscape pictures captured on film in their most wonderful moment.

Finally, the train came to a complete stop. Grabbing her only luggage, she wore her black back pack quickly as she made her way to exit the train. "Oi! Sakura-chan!" a voice called for her. Searching the crowd, she found a smiling blond waving his hands in the air enthusiastically.

"Naruto, you never change," she said as she hugged her best friend. "Of course, I do. That's why I'm getting married tomorrow." He said as they broke their embrace. "Hinata is a good friend of mine. Don't you dare break her heart." She playfully threatened. "I know that," the blond sweat dropped as he saw his best friend showing him her clenched fist.

"I can't believe the famous landscape photographer is going take the pictures of MY wedding," he led her to his parked car. "You flatter me too much," she lightly slapped his back. Naruto on the other hand, coughed his lungs out from what she called a playful slap. "Geesh, I sometimes wonder why they call you a woman," he murmured. "What did you say!" a vein was pulsating on her forehead so Naruto had to forget what he just said. "Nothing," he raised his hands in front of him in defense.

The wedding was simple yet elegant. Sakura had to hand it to Naruto. The setting was very romantic. It was on a cool afternoon in the middle of a cherry blossom field. As the beautiful bride made her way to the groom, the wind blew gently it took with it pink petals of cherry blossom that acted like confetti. The guests enjoyed the moment as they adored both the bride and the pink blossoms. Sakura focused her lens then started taking numerous pictures of the wedding.

As the guests left, Sakura exhaled a tired breath. "Sakura, thank you," a shy girl about her age said as her grey eyes sparkled with happiness. "Nothing to it Hinata. Besides, I'll never miss the wedding of my closest girl friend for anything." She hugged the tearful bride. "Hey no crying… I hate seeing girls cry," Sakura said as she withdrew her hanky from her pocket.

"Now look what you've done Sakura-chan. You made my wife cry," the blond groom dressed in a formal tuxedo appeared behind her. "Its nothing Naruto-kun," Hinata uttered as her face grew red from hearing her husband call her wife. "Okay… better get out of the scene quick before you show me out," Sakura waved at the two and slowly made her way to explore the amazing scenery.

She was wandering the place for hours already but neither her feet nor any part of her body seemed to protest. Her forest green eyes slowly scanned the area. Sakura quickly turned her head as she heard a unique bird song. Sakura quickly grabbed her camera and adjusted its lens so that the pretty blue bird that dozens of feet away would appear as if it was right in front of her.

It really took a lot of experience to click multiple times in only a minute. Sakura already perfected this technique ever since she was sixteen. When the bird flew away, she put her camera on her shoulder and started to walk again. Often times, she would stop and take pictures of what she would find interesting.

Darkness was slowly creeping through the field. Checking her wristwatch, "Damn… I'm going to miss my train," she ran through the field not noticing that the cap in her shutter fell.

"I'll send you your photos. Thanks for t accommodation and congratulations." Sakura embraced the newly weds as the train whistled its departing tone. "Oh here… it's not much but take it. It's the least thing I could do for my best friends…" she handed them an envelope right before she stepped into the train.

Hinata's grey eyes became wide as plates as she saw what was in the envelope. "What's wrong Hinata-chan," Naruto took the envelope from her. "AN ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP IN EUROPE FOR TWO!" he exclaimed as his hands shook while his stare traveled back to the disappearing figure of the train. Sakura-chan… you never fail to surprise us. Thanks.

Sakura settled herself on an empty seat and watched the country-side through her open window. The wind played with her long hair as the scent of the cherry blossom entered the train. A few petals found their way in the window and brushed through her soft cheeks as she slept.

Arriving in her condo unit, she threw her bag on the couch and started to remove her clothes. Sakura immediately stepped into the shower. Sighing as the raining water wet her body; she closed her eyes and remembered the way Hinata looked as she glided on the red carpet. Seconds after, she saw herself dressed on the same wedding dress walking down the red carpet as a curtain of pink petals covered the area.

She immediately opened her eyes. What t hell was that about! Sakura finished her shower and toweled herself dry. Being too excited to see the shots she had taken, she ignored the urge to jump on her soft bed. Instead, she took her films and entered her dark room.

It already became her ritual every time she took photos so she developed the film into pictures in a matter of an instant. She soaked the blank paper into several chemicals in the a few pans then hung them to dry on a cloth line inside the room. When it was all done, she unclipped each and every one of it. Piled it together then exited the room.

Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she sat on her couch as she looked at each photo. She smiled seeing her shots had been perfect. Then the photos now revealed the shots she had taken on the beautiful field, she sipped her coffee as she looked at the last picture she developed.

Her think pink eyebrow rose as she stared incredulously at the last photo. "Who the hell is this?" in her hand a picture of a sleeping man with flaming red hair and a weird Chinese character tattoo on his forehead.

The picture was a close-up. Sakura can see how pink his lips are and how few of the strands of his short hair fell against his closed eyes. Grabbing her backpack, she checked her camera only to find that the lens were still on the same setting as that when she took the picture of the unique blue bird. Also the cap was missing, making accidental shots possible.

Sakura placed the wedding pictures on an envelope; taking one last look on each as she inserted them. Her hand blindly grab the nearest photo. She looked at it intently then set it down on the table together with the other photos that she wouldn't be sending.

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