Epilogue: That's a Wrap!

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His phone sitting beside a half empty whisky bottle vibrated. His onyx eyes remained on his plasma TV as he answered the call.

"We should stop meddling with destiny, Sasuke. We're no match for her," the voice on the other line was shaking. It wasn't hard to realize that the female caller was trying to hold back her sobs through that short statement alone.

When he saw what was painted on the wall, Sasuke already felt defeated. With a painful sigh, "I guess you're right, Ino. In the end, she just made us her pawn to put those two back together," in the back of his head, he had prepared for this moment to come. For the moment, for him to realize that in her eyes there's no greater shot than something he's in. Omedetou (Congratulations…). He raised his glass at the screen then emptied it in one gulp.

The resignation letter on his desk two days after was no surprise for him at all. Opening his drawer, Sasuke took the unopened letter and locked it in. No need to read it…


As the wind blew, cherry blossom petals filled the air like dancing confetti. The sun wasn't too bright and the clouds aren't too many. Everything was just right.

Hand in hand, they walked through the familiar path they've taken a year ago. Her emerald eyes stared at one particular spot closely then she stopped walking. His jade eyes looked at her first before following her line of vision then a smirk appeared on his handsome face.

"This is where you were sleeping that time, am I right?" the lady photographer smiled sweetly at her lover.

"Yeah," he scratched his head bashfully with his unoccupied hand. Returning her smile, Gaara led the way towards the large tree.

"What are you doing?" Sakura chuckled as she watched him climb up. "Be careful,"

"Come here," he made sure that the tree can withstand support them both before pulling her up carefully.

When they were both seated, the wind blew again. "Wow…"she can hardly believe the difference of view from below and up there. "No wonder, you chose this spot," the grin on her lips faded as she saw the velvet box he was holding.

This wasn't in his plan. For him to almost drop the box, him catching it in time and Sakura seeing him holding it. For several seconds, Gaara let out sigh. So much for careful planning. But when he looked into her mesmerizing eyes, he knew nothing; nothing at all could go wrong.

"I can't go on one knee when we're up here," the blush on his handsome face made him more adorable. Without waiting for an answer, Gaara took her soft hand and put on the ring.

Tears were building up in her eyes but she saw his face clearly. "I haven't answered yet," she taunted weakly. She swore her heart was beating so loud he can probably hear it too.

His strong jade eyes stared at her long and hard. "Why? Are you thinking of refusing me?"

"No! No! Not at all!" Sakura blurted out. Her tears disappeared in an instant. Then she realized that was all in his plan. Her thin eyebrow rose as she stared at him accusingly.

"Then I'll take that as a yes," he flashed her a triumphant smirk before drowning her in his kisses.


The large portrait of a sleeping crimson haired prince hung quietly on the living room and at its side the painting of a beautiful pink haired angel.

Her cameras were in her dark room as his paintbrush and paint were on his easel.

"Really, who would've thought that everything began with that shot," her hand wandered to her growing belly then his hand soon covered hers tenderly.

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