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The Heart Is Crazy

By Idonothaveaname

Chapter 1

Zack's POV

I don't know how I have survived without feeling him. Everytime he walks by me I just get the urge to just touch him, feel his every crevice. At night when he sleeps, I watch him, wishing that I could sleep in his arms feeling him close to me, making me feel safe. I know I may not seem the romantic type, but he makes me feel this way. I only said I liked Maddie to distract people from my true self. I never liked another boy, and I know this is wrong, but, Cody, is my life, my heart and soul. He knows when I am sad, happy, or angry. He knows my next move. He can read my mind, but not my heart. I love him more than just a botherly way, I love him more. Nobody will understand though. Today, Mom is leaving for another gig in New York, so she'll be gone for a while. Today is the day I make Cody realize my feelings toward him.

Cody's POV

Zack has been acting weird lately. I think he found out that i've been crushing over him. I really don't want him to know...what if he tells Mom. I'm surely screwed. I don't think I can look at him anymore. But over a stupid thing like this? No this is not stupid! People think everything I do is stupid. I always screw up. I don't want to screw up my relationship with Zack. To make sure nothing goes wrong with our brotherly relationship I will hide my feelings toward him. Yet when he sleeps, I secretly watch him through half opened eyes. He looks so peaceful. When he sleeps without a shirt I feel like rushing towards him and wrapping his arms around my small frame. So I feel safe from any night creature coming to take me away. Mom told Zack and I that she is going to do another gig in New York and that she'll be away for 4 days. Today is the day where I have Zack all to myself. Today is where I show him a surprise that he'll never forget!