Warning- Twincest! There are explicit sexual encounters. If you think this is gross and wrong then don't read. If you want to read go ahead but lemme warn you, please no flames. Also, one of the british twins acts out of character...sorta...I think.

The Heart Is Crazy

By Idonothaveaname

NOTE- OMG finally I have updated, it's been ages. I tried making this chapter long and full of goodies just for all of you who waited. I'm so sorry. Please don't kill in my sleep anytime before Holloween. Think about the candies that want to be eaten... after Holloween is good to kill me kay. cough cough Okay here is Chapter 5! WHOOT! BTW, if you read past chapter 2 and you don't like boy on boy shit plus twin brothers bonkin' eachother...ur crazy, more crazier that I am. Chapter 2 is where all this crap started.

Chapter 5

The light of the morning sun shone through the window of the twins' suite. Cody awoke feeling warm flesh against his ass. He turned his head slightly and looked at the most beautiful thing in the world, his brother. Memories of last night flashed through his head. He decided to give his brother the same pleasure before they got up to go to school. Cody slowly pushed himself off his brother. He rolled over so that his head was positioned over his brother's hard member. Cody got confused. Why was his penis erect even before he started doing stuff to Zack? Maybe he was having a wet dream about last night. The younger blonde tried to think of something that his older brother hadn't done to him...yet. Cody spread Zack's legs apart and sat himself on his older brother's cock. He heaved a sharp breath as he lowered himself. Cody got the whole thing in his asshole. The young blonde bounced himself up and down. Zack awoke by the sudden shaking of the bed and his brother taking filling himself up. Just the sight of his brother fucking himself on his penis made him come. After, Cody was done he fell on Zack's chest, unaware that his brother was awake. He looked up slightly and saw his older brother looking at him. Cody turned bright red. Zack just took his hand and brushed it through Cody's hair.

"We have to go to school." Zack leaned forward and kissed his brother.

Zack was at his locker when Janice, one of the british twins, came up to him. Even though Zack was having an affair with his brother he still liked those cute twins.

"What can I do for you." He said in his most sudductive voice. A devilish twinkle shined in her eyes. Before he knew it, he fell through a door and was pinned to the wall of the janitor's closet. Janice pulled his shirt up to neck and ficked her toungue over his nipple. Zack shuddered over touch. The blonde girls removed her shirt and bra and placed her nipple into his mouth. He sucked her nipple hard. A little moan escaped her mouth. Janice pulled away from him.

"I think we should do this at your suite. Don't you think?" she asked staring at his hard member between his legs. She smiled and lowered her hands and stroked the area up and down. Zack squirmmed with the ticklish sensation. She then stopped and left a trail of feathery kisses going up his chest. Janice finally got to his lips and left a kiss so that he'll remeber until after school in the suite. She left him in the janitor's closet speechless. When his penis finally went limp he got out of the closet and saw his brother by his own locker waiting. Zack ran up to cody and took his hands into his.

"Guess what? You know Janice? She kissed me!" Zack exclaimed. Cody frowned the forced a smile.

"That's...great." said Cody in a very low tone. Zack gave his younger brother a huge smile and hugged him.

"You know I still love you? But i'll be with Janice." Cody nodded. Zack walked away dancing while Cody just stood there and watched. When his brother left he ran into the bathroom and got into one of the stalls. He sat on the toilet and and put his face into his hands and sobbed.

2 hours later...

"Yeah! School is over! Time the weekend!" Zack yelled as the bell rang. All the kids in the class rushed out through the door. Cody walked to his brother slowly. Zack was wondering why Cody was acting this way. On their way walking home Cody and Zack were very quite to eachother. The Zack couldn't take it anymore.

"Why are you acting like a dick to me!"

Cody couldn't believe how unsensitive his brother was he was going to tell him why but instad he just glared at him. Zack was impatiently waiting for an answer.

"You know what? Fine just just be like that. I won't talk to you either." With that said Zack just ran home leaving Cody to walk alone.

When Zack reached home (without Cody) he noticed his mom wasn't around. He was happy with that because has a tendency to tell on him a lot. The older blonde just dropped all his stuff on the floor and sat on the couch. He sighed and started to drift off to sleep. Just as soon as he was falling into a deep sleep, he heard a knock on the door. Zack got up from the couch and opened the door.

"You better not-" he cut himself to notice who it was. "Janice you made it."

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" she asked him with a puppy dog face. Her accent alone sent shivers down his spine. "So where do we hit it off?"

Zack just got a hold of her hand and led her to his room. He gently pushed her on the bed and kissed her dilisious lips. janice stopped him as reached into her pocket and pulled out a couple condoms.

"I took this from parents room, just in case." Zack and Janice just smiled at eachother.