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...And Running

Chapter 1


Dark crimson on ebony eyes slowly followed the movements of every patron of the restaurant through a fringe of low cut auburn and dark sunglasses. The owner had been to this restaurant three times before in the past week, always searching for the one thing he desired most. Spotting the desire of his gaze a smile broke out upon his lips. The baker and waitress. Looking to be about 15or 16 she slowly made her way back and forth, from her bakery bar to the kitchen, only to return a few moments later carrying a pie or someone's meal in her delicate gloved hands. To him, her movements were like magic, the way she held her body as she walked made him smile. Her pace was one full of confidence and self-assurance. The only time she seemed to not have the glow that was so well known upon her blond and brown framed face, was when she was seen sitting down. Her body seemed a little different than most women's around the area.

Something had happened to her, that made her eyes shine sadly every time she looked at her body. After several weeks of watching the young girl, the sight of the sadness in her eyes made his heart ache. He wanted so badly to take the pain from her eyes and see the true girl behind the mask. A mask, that was what all of the patrons of the restaurant saw, day in and day out. When she brought out pies and meals there'd be a big smile on her face, but the sadness would show in her eyes. When she waited on people the same sadness showed through when people asked her how she was. He had slowly started to fall in love with the being of beauty, even before he barely knew the girl.

The first week she had started working at the restaurant, he noticed her. A regular at the bar, he knew every person to come through the doors of the large, New Orleans bar and grill, yet he did not know this young girl that had shown up mysteriously one day.

He had sat at his regular booth waiting for Claudia, his usual waitress, when a young lady came up to his table and put on a beautiful smile for him. "Welcome to Rusti's, My name's Rogue and I'll be your waitress. Would you like to see our menu or order a drink first?" She asked in a polite but nervous way. He could tell it was her first day.

" Bonjour mademoiselle,"The male said taking and kissing the girls gloved hand before smiling up at her. "Remy'd like de bourbon on de rocks und de eigh' onz stake, If 'e may." He added adjusting his sunglasses. Rogue smiled and nodded gently going to place his order.

Smiling to himself, Remy kicked his feet up upon the seat across from him. Today would be a good day.

Twenty minuets later Rogue came back carrying his steak and bourbon with ease. " Here you are sir." She said turning to leave. Remy caught her hand and turned her around.

"Chere.. stay and talk with Remy a while. 'e' curious to know how come 'e never seen ya in 'is bar b'fore now. An' wha'd brought such a belle fille li'e ya to N'awlins at dis time a yea'. " He asked his hand keeping a gentle hold on hers. He turned on his charm and hoped she'd stay around for a bit.

Rogue smiled at his generosity and nodded calling over to the manager to let her know she was taking a break before she sat down across from him.

Over the next few weeks they had became friends. Remy had learned a lot about Rogue, she was 16 and had come from a small town in Mississippi , about her past and quite a lot about what she wants to do in the future. One thing he wondered most about was the one thing he hadn't learned. Why had she left her home town?

While in his day dream he Remy didn't notice Rogue walk up to him. Clearing her throat gently Remy's eyes snapped up to peer at her face, a grin spreading across his lips. "Ah.. Chere' Remy was wonderin' w'en ya'd come ta see dis hea' Cajun again." He joked his accent thick. Her stomach was a little more rounder than the last time he had seen her but the thought didn't alter his smile a bit. " 'Ow is Remy's belle Chere dis 'onderf'l night?" he asked kissing her, small, gloved, hand gently.

"I'm fine Remy, and how many times do I have ta tell you.. I'm notchor Chere?" Rogue asked with a smile as she set a bourbon down in front of him. "Go find yourself another woman to harass." She joked as she sat down across from him. Resting her elbows atop the table she leaned forward to talk to him more privately. "So, how are things going with the other family?" Rogue asked looking around gently.

"Fine, Chere.. Mon pere' 'n' deir leader made a contract. but Remy hasn' 'eard much on de matta' much so 'e don' tink dere's much to worry about righ' now. Remy don' tink it has much to do with 'im, so 'e's gonna stay outa it all, fo' now." Remy replied smiling up at her gently. The one thing she didn't really know about Remy, were his eyes. Very rarely he'd show them to someone, who, in turn, would freak out and shout something about him being 'the devils child' while running off. He didn't want that to happen in this case. He really liked Rogue and he didn't want to lose her friendship, not when he had come so far and put so many weeks into opening up to her to, in return, have her open up to him.

"That sounds like a good plan Swamp-rat." She teased, using the nickname she had giving to him during one of their late night discussions. She had found out that once, Remy and his cousin Jean had dared each other something stupid, which resulted in Remy falling into Lake Pontchartrain. After a while if idle chat about the two families Rogue felt something amiss. Looking around she realized that they were the only two people left in the dining room. Everyone had already closed down their posts. "Welp .. looks like you have to leave." She said looking up at him with a slight frown, her eyes shining with sadness.

"D'ya want Remy to wait fo' ya Chere?" He asked slightly concerned as they both stood up from the booth.

"Nah. It's fine Sugha. I've gotta close down my post before I can leave." She replied as she followed him to the door."I'll see yah tomorrow Remy." She called as he walked out into the night, waving back to her and nodding in farewell as she locked the door and turned out the "OPEN" sign, pulling down the blinds.

After closing down her bar and sweeping and mopping, Rogue finally made it out of the restaurant at around 11 pm. Looking at her watch she sighed. Locking the door behind her she slowly started to make the trek to her apartment two blocks down the road. Unknown to her two pairs of eyes watched her in the dark, a pair of black, and a pair of green, from different areas on the street neither seeing the other, only seeing the girl.

After about fifteen minuets Rogue started to feel uneasy, like she was being watched by someone. Taking two steps forward she stopped, and then took a step back, before swinging around to stare down an empty street. Sighing she turned back around and continued walking. As she walked by an alley way a covered hand snaked out and clapped to her mouth, a strong arm wrapped around her waist and drug her into the darkness.

The male threw her to the ground, causing her to let out a loud scream. The man got pissed and jumped on her knocking her upside the head causing her to loose quite a bit of consciousness. Happy with his job at quieting her, the man stripped her of her pants and underwear, then removed his own. Right as he was about to enter her, Rogue saw a blurred figure cuff the man upside the head, resulting in the male toppling over off of Rogue and onto the ground. Smiling softly she caught a glimpse of black eyes as she lost consciousness completely.

"Merde! " Remy cursed as he wrapped his trench coat over the half naked girl before looking around. 'She is unconscious, she could have a concussion or broken bones, she needs to be treated,' was all that rushed through Remy's mind as he picked up the unconscious girl and ran into the street. Looking around he spotted a cop car doing the nightly rounds and ran up to him yelling.

"Officer ya havta help. Someone tried ta rape dis girl.. he's unconscious in de ally way and de fille could be hurt!." He exclaimed showing the officer Rogue's unconscious form. The officer called for back up and an ambulance.

About twenty minuets later Remy had a collection of cigarette butts littered in a paper cup as he paced the waiting room waiting for any reply to what Rogue's condition was. He just couldn't loose his Belle Chere.. He'd die inside with out her company. A doctor slowly walked into the waiting room and looked around. "Mr. LeBeau?" he asked tentively walking over to Remy. Remy nodded.

"Your girlfriend is fine.. and so is the baby." The doctor said with a smile. " Just a few scrapes and bruises to Rogue, but nothing too serious or life altering." he added at Remy's confused expression.

"'De bebe?" He asked in a slightly confused manner.

"Oui," the doctor replied." The child Rogue is carrying in her womb." A look of realization dawned on Remy's face which the doctor took as a hint to leave. Remy frowned softly at his realization. The reason she had left her home town. She was pregnant... And running.


Stormey: Okish.. . I know some people are probably wondering about Rogue's Accent... well the thing is.. I had started this out as a Romy, but I changed it a bit when my friend told me that It's a little too AU for Rogue and Remy.. but then after a while I felt bad for using Remy's name with out using Rogue.. so I changed it back to Remy and Rogue.. but I never changed her Accent back ... so .. uh.. yush there's that .. later homme's.