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Remy awoke with a start, confused at the sound that he had just heard, he hadn't heard the sound in so long he believed he was almost hallucinating. Six weeks. Six weeks Remy had been on this positon on the floor, Six weeks he had been sitting in the same spot, holding her gloved hand in hopes that she'd stir and he'd be the first thing she saw. He rarely left her side, only for 10 minuet showers and bathroom breaks. He didn't want to let her out of his sight until she awoke.

The sound again, it was a muffled groan, almost a whimper. "Remmmmmyyyyy" the voice called quietly in a gentle scream. Remy's head shot up to look up at his Belle. She lay motionless but her eyes were open a look of pain on her face.

"Remy!" She called softly not daring to look to find him, her whole body was wracked with pain and she shifted a bit.

"Merde." He swore. The girl was in pain. "Rogue, Chere' Where does it hurt? " He asked as his hands fluttered over her body gently.

The frail figure let out a loud whimpered moan and her hand fluttered to her stomach, pressing on the spot of her pain. "Merde" He let clenching her hand tighter as he sat up and hit the call button quite a few times.

For two hours he sat, his hand clenched tightly in hers. Two hours he sat whispering gently into her ear, "Y'all are gonna make it Chere, you and de bebe are gonna be fine.". For two long hours he smoothed the sweat soaked hair from her face, held her hand tighter at each one of her pained moans and whimpers.

Crimson on black reflected against the glass as Remy pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up with the tip of his pinky. He scanned over the small faces of the nursery with a smile as his eyes landed on his target. A figure walked up beside him with a smile and lit his own cigarette.

Following the train of Remy's eyes the man smiled. "Dey yours broda?" The man asked in a soothing voice. Remy smiled and nodded.

"Oui, Dey be mine." Remy replied gesturing towards two infants, one wrapped in blue the other in pink. A boy and a girl, blond hair and Dark, pale green eyes, and dark stormy gray. "Oui. Dey Remy's"

The man Congratulated Remy and turned to leave. Remy smiled and looked at the names taped on the end of the cradles. ' LeBeau, James V.' and ' LeBeau, Scarlet M.' Remy turned and slipped through the door down the hall. His voice wafting out the door. "Dey be beautiful, Chere."


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