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Inuyasha sat on the grass staring at the stars above him. He did this the time when he felt lonely or overcome by emotions.

' Why does this all have to be difficult? I don't want to choose, I really don't but I guess there's no way around it. They both hold equal importance to me. With Kikiyou I share a bond that I know I can't share with another, and with Kagome I….'

Just when InuYasha was thinking about what to do, whom to choose, he felt a familiar scent of someone very dear him standing behind him.

" Inuyasha?"

He knew the voice, the sweet scent of her, her sweet voice, her innocent smile, whenever he saw her, all his troubles seemed to vanish and he was lost in her wonderful deep brown eyes. ' Why am I thinking about her like this? She is not the one I love, or is she?' he shook his head as if to shake his thoughts.

" Inuyasha?" she asked again.

He turned away from her and started looking at the stars again. He just couldn't look at her without getting lost in her beautiful eyes. He hid his confusion from her and asked, "What is it Kagome?" he said in a tone colder than usual.

She took a step back, but then continued, " Nothing, can I sit with u?" InuYasha was about to say no but found himself nodding. ' Hell! What's wrong with me?' she saw him getting lost in his thoughts again, she didn't want to disturb him when he was like this, so she decided that she should just turn away and leave. She was about to go when Inuyasha grabbed her wrist tightly and made her sit next to him. He was still clutching her wrist when she winced in pain, he saw tears in her eyes and immediately let go of her hand. He didn't realize he was holding it hard, until she cried out in pain. He muttered an apology and said something about humans being so weak.

Kagome collected herself and looked at Inuyasha, he was acting weird. They had collected almost all of the jewel shards, all except one, one that Kikiyou held. She couldn't bring herself to do something that she knew would hurt Inuyasha, her heart ached to know that Inuyasha still loved Kikiyou but she had to accept it. It was fate. The time spent with him, she recognized his love for Kikiyou. She knew that he would always love her and would never harm her, even if she killed him. Her eyes were questioning when they looked at him; he just shrugged and did not say anything. After a minute of silence Kagome thought of leaving when she sensed a jewel shard close enough. Inuyasha also seemed to have woken from his deep thoughts as he caught the familiar scent of his 'love'.

"Hello Inuyasha." Kikyou asked, she was hovering above both of them. She was looking at Inuyasha directly and then sharply looked at her 'reincarnation.' Kagome visibly shuddered as Kikiyou's gaze fell upon her, she could sense that something was not right. She looked at Inuyasha to see his reaction, but he kept staring at Kikiyou.

Kikiyou started to chant something, some kind of a mantra. Both(Inuyasha and Kagome) couldn't understand what was going on, until a huge cloud formed around Inuyasha, a thick cloud, a cloud which blocked his sight and hearing ability. He waved his Tetsusaiga against the cloud but it didn't help. He yelled out Kagome's name and then Kikiyou's. he knew with both of them together, anything could happen.

Back with Kagome.

" So having fun with Inuyasha?"

" Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled for the second time, she couldn't see him, she was worried about him. "What have u done to him?" she asked Kikiyou.

"Nothing, nothing at all, he just can't see u that's all, he's perfectly safe, after all I won't kill the one I love now would I?"

" INUYASHA, INUYASHA, WHERE R U?" Kagome screamed but got no response.

" He can't hear u, because he doesn't want to, he doesn't love u dear reincarnation, his heart belongs to me alone, not u, not anyone else, he just needs u so he can get his hands on the Shikon Jewel, that's all u r to him, a jewel detecter."

Kagome didn't listen to the words but deep down knew that they were all true, " No, no, u r wrong."

Kikyou stated to laugh at the girl's refusal, tears started streaming down Kagome's cheeks, she was crying like there was no tomorrow, she was broken, she was weak, she was useless. This was the chance Kikyou was waiting for, she moved closer to Kagome and started to say something in whispers. Kagome could feel herself weaken; she feel on the ground and everything went black.

He heard Kagome scream, and sensed Kikyou disappear. The cloud around him started to dissipate. He could see Kagome clearly; he went to her, frantic to know if she was all right. She was unconscious when he reached her. He picked her up bridal style and took her to Kaede's. as soon as he reached the hut, four pairs of eyes looked worriedly at him, Shippo, Miroku, Sango and Kaede looked at the girl in Inuyasha's arms. He set her down and told the others of what had happened. Kaede was working on Kagome when she let out a gasp.

" What is it?"

" she is so weak, almost all of her soul has been stolen, she cannot live any longer if her soul isn't found, she'll die, she is so weak, I don't even know how she is alive, this is bad."

The news was grim and Inuyasha couldn't help shrug of the feeling that this was entirely his fault.The others had left the hut and only Inuyasha and a sleeping Kagome were left in it. he was going to save her, he would not let her die. He looked at her, she looked so peaceful, so angelic when she slept, he almost smiled to himself when Kagome groaned and woke up.

" inuyasha?" she called out, he immediately went to her side, and looked at her with eyes full of concern. She tried to hug him, but failed, she had no strength to do so. Inuyasha though seeing what she meant bent down and hugged her, she tried to talk but with lack of energy chocked on what she was about to say. After a while though, she said what she wanted to say to the hanyou.

" Inuyasha, if – I – die- gasp- don't ever – forget me." She said, talking was a chore to her at the moment, she felt so weak and helpless. Inuyasha looked away to hide the tears forming in the corners of his eyes. When he got it all together, he said, " Never, don't say such things, u r not going to die, I am here with u, I will not let u die, never ever, I will protect u with all my life, u won't die Kagome, u won't die, don't say such ridicules things." She smiled, but she knew that her time was near, she looked at Inuyasha and said something which she had wanted to say for such a long time but had buried her feelings for the right time, but now that she knew that she might never get the chance to say them, she spoke, " Inuyasha, I love u so much, I – want – u to- always be happy, even with Kikyou, I – will – always be- with u- always." Inuyasha wanted to say the same thing but couldn't when he saw Kagome loosing consciousness again. He couldn't stop himself from crying, and at that point he knew what must be done.

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