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Summary: Inuyasha is having difficulties determining his feelings for a certain miko. He knows that she loves him, but does he? And when Kouga comes to claim her as his mate, will he let him? Or will he confess? One shot.

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Chapter thirteen.

Kagome woke; she placed a hand on her heart. The jewel was now in her body, she could feel it. It was beating within her heart. The first thought on her mind was, Inuyasha. She slowly got to her feet and went towards the well. She looked down at it, the past? The future? Inuyasha or my family? Danger or safety? Here or there? So many questions were plaguing her mind. She needed to decide, there were two things, either she could live in the feudal era or in the future. She had not yet tried to use the well, because she was afraid that if she went through it she might never be able to come back. A part of her wanted to stay with her friends and Inuyasha but the same part even didn't want to be cut off from her family. Both of them held equal importance in her life. She cherished them both. She couldn't quite decide, so she sat down beside the well and sighed. She was unaware that Inuyasha was sitting right above her in a tree silently praying for her to stay.

" Its all so confusing, I wish I knew what to do." Kagome whispered. Just then she felt a jolt go through her body, she clutched her heart painfully and passed out.

" Where am I?" Kagome mused

" You are with me. I am Midoroki."

" Huh?"

" I used to protect the jewel within you. I can feel that you are troubled child, the jewel is now your heart and can feel your pain, confide and tell me what has been bothering you."

" Well I.. have to make a decision. I come from the future and have now two choices laid in front of me, either stay behind or go back to my time, I hold both of them dear. I cannot stand to loose even one part of my life. They mean quite a lot!"

" I understand full well, what is it that makes you want to stay here?"

" Well, a lot of things, my friends and… Inuyasha."

" Why do you want to go back?"

" My family."

" Life is not a bed of roses child, you must know your actions and the consequences. Once you take a step, you have to be firm and strong. What is dearer to you? So far you have came to love that hanyou, and you love your family too, but do you think that if you returned to your family but you had already given your heart to someone else, do you think that they'd be able to stand to see you unhappy? If your family truly loved you, they would approve of your decision and let you take control of your own fate. Your passion and emotions are your greatest strength, believe in yourself and know what you want to do."

Inuyasha saw Kagome pass out, he rushed to her side and grabbed her before she fell, What has happened now? It must have something to do with the jewel. Damn!

He was holding her hand when she came to, she looked at him and blinked several times to get her vision focused, as she looked at him, she knew what she had to do, she sat up and whispered his name, " Inuyasha…" it was as if both of them were entranced, he leaned forward and their lips met in a tender kiss. They pulled apart, finally everything was done, and everything was done right. Naraku was gone, Miroku's wind tunnel had finally disappeared, Sango had gotten her brother and Inuyasha had gotten his love.

" Kagome… will you be… my mate?" Inuyasha asked softly.

" You are so dense. Of course stupid, I will, most definitely!" She hugged him, squeezing the day lights out of him, he was almost glad when Miroku and Sango walked in holding hands.

Kagome was so excited to tell them about the news she had, but before she could say anything, she was pulled into a warm embrace by Sango, " Miroku proposed me, we are planning to get married next month." Kagome was not shocked, she knew that something had been going on between those two and now that they had finally confessed, it was official. Kagome was hugging Sango and she told her some news on her own part, " Inuyasha asked me to be his mate, and I… agreed." " Oh really Kagome! This is so wonderful!" They were both shedding tears of joy. Both their would-be-partners were looking at them and shaking their heads, women.


It had been a month after they had mated and upon Kagome's insisting Inuyasha agreed to test if the well was still working. And to their surprise it was. As soon as both of them jumped in, they were transported to Kagome's time, she was overjoyed to say the least. She could finally see her family. She walked in the house and filled everyone in. everyone was happy for her, they congratulated her and told her to come if she needed anything. She was so happy, Inuyasha had been so supporting. Her life was going fantastic. As soon as she reached the feudal era holding hands with her partner, she went inside her house. Inside awaiting her were her friends and her adopted son. She was so content. And everything just kept getting better.


" I am going to name him Kyo. What do you think?" Kagome asked holding her new born baby.

" I think that's a really good name, and I am going to name her Akina. You like?" Inuyasha asked holding the twin.

" Awesome!"

" Things have changed, thank you Kagome, you mean the world to me, thank you so much for brightening up my life. And gifting me with such wonderful children."

" You are such a sweat heart."

She leaned forward and kissed him passionately. Yes all was perfect. Finally everything was perfect.


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