Hey everyone... This is my second Supernatural fanfic, and I hope no one already wrote one with the same storyline. I was just thinking about Supernatural, and the idea popped into my head. It's a little short, but it's just the introduction. Well anyways, I hope you like it...

Chapter 1... Introduction

Sam slowly got up from his bed, and yawned. He looked over to his brother's bed and rolled his eyes. "Dean! Dean! How many freakin' times have I told you not to bring your 'friends' over at night?"

No answer.


He walked slowly to the bathroom door and started banging it, "Dean!"

Still no answer.

But the banging did wake someone up. The girl. "Hey Sammy, what's the all the bangin' for!" Sam, clearly taken aback, looked towards the girl who lay in his brother's bed. He came a little closer to her, but not to close, and said, "Did you just call me Sammy?" She made a moaning noise, and said, "Oh, I remember, you don't like being called that."

Sam backed away, how did this woman know my name?

She got up from the bed, her eyes squinty, and looked at Sam and said, "What's wrong? Had another vision?" Sam just looked at her, mystified and said, "Who are you?" She now looked confused too, and said, "Who do you think I am? Dean!"

"Yeah, let's call Dean," Sam said. "No genius! I am Dean!" Sam looked at her, snorted and said, "No you're not." To which she said, "Yes, I am." Then the solution popped into Sam's head, shapeshifter! Probably a drunken one who didn't know what the hell he/she was doing, since it looked like a woman and said it was Dean. Sam slowly walked to his own bed; he had started keeping a knife under his pillow these days too.

"Sammy! What the hell is up with you today?" She put her hands to her head and said, "Aww, my head is freakin' hurting like hell."

And then came the fireworks.

As she ran her thin fingers through her long hair, she said, "Wait a sec, since when did I have long…" But she stopped herself and said, "Oh no. No, no. No, no, no." Sam just looked dazed as he reached for his knife and slid it behind his long hand, amidst the woman's screams. "Sammy!" She yelled. "I'm a woman!" Sam had heard enough. He threw his knife straight at her, as she quickly dodged it, and looked at him, stunned.

"What the fuck Sammy! Wait a sec, shapeshifter!" He too took out his knife and then Sammy said, "Oh crap, you are a woman." Dean didn't care; "What proof do I have that you're really Sammy?" Sammy rolled his eyes, saying, "Since I'm the only one who knows you watch Oprah." Dean dropped his knife, it was his brother, but he had more pressing issues to handle, "Sammy! I'm a woman!" Sam now realized it too, and couldn't control himself. He fell to the floor, laughing. He hadn't had such a good time in days.

"You really think this is funny Sam!" To which Sam replied, "Yeah I do!" Dean went over to his brother on the floor and kicked him hard in the stomach, after which he held his foot and said, "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" Sam continued laughing as Dean sat on the bed, now examining himself on the full length mirror on the bathroom door.

Look on the bright side, at least I'm hot, he thought.

After Sam finally got a little control over himself, Dean asked him, "So I sound like a woman then too?" Sam nodded, still a little amused, "But I still sound like me to myself." Sam chuckled and said, "Well that must be… weird for you." Dean picked up a pillow and threw it at Sam as he said, "We have to figure out who did this, we just have to!" Sam made his puppy dog eyes and said, "Aww! Do we have to?" Dean made a grim expression and said, "Yeah we have to. And I can't take being more shorter than you than I already am! Or was." Sam couldn't control himself and burst out laughing again.

"Yeah, very funny Haley Joel. Lets see how much fun it'll be when you turn into…" Dean couldn't find any words, it's true, some blondes were dumb, as now was he.

"So how exactly are we going to find the thing that did this to you Dean?" asked Sam, a little more seriously. "Well, I don't know, but I'm starving. Why not discuss it over some pancakes and coffee?" Sam just sighed and said, "Nothing changes you Dean." But Dean didn't listen, he was thinking about something else. "What the hell am I going to wear? I can't go out wearing this long ugly dude shirt!" Sam just laughed and said, "Now you care what people think of you?" Dean just made a fake smile and said, "No of course not, I'm just trying to turn on the lesbians."

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