Kiss kiss bang bang.

"So tell me Kai, what ever possessed you to give Mr. Kanji the middle finger in class today?" Darren the schools psychologist asked interested.

Kai shrugged "don't know, maybe because he's a racist and has something against me for being half Russian half Japanese, oh and he called me a faggot too"

"Oh he did not" Darren said defending a fellow co-worker

"He did too; I was very upset and humiliated in front of the whole class, so I told him to fuck him self and flipped him off" Kai said and stood up "am I done being a disturbed teen?"

Darren fixed his spectacles and sighed "I guess so Kai"

"Well, I'll probably see you tomorrow so…I'll C'ya then" then he walked out the door of the little office and to the hallway of the school.

Kai didn't bother going back to class; it would be over in like 5 minuets anyway so he just sat down on one of the red couches next to the cafeteria.

Finally the bell rang and students from all over the school filled the hall, Kai looked around and spotted his boyfriend Tala looking around, Kai walked over to him "hey you"

Tala looked down at him "there you are I was looking for you" he bent down to give him a kiss on the lips "yeah like-wise"

Tala threw his arm around Kai's shoulders and they walked over to the cafeteria "Kai?" the boy looked up "yeah?"

"Must you always get on the bad side of Mr. Kanji?" Tala laughed, Kai shrugged "well I don't have too and I would stop if he would stop this ridiculous hatred towards me"

They entered the cafeteria where the Bladebreakers and the Demo. Boys plush Hilary already were chattering and eating their lunch.

"Hello boys" Tala sang happily "oh and milady Hilary" the girl giggled, she always found Tala very amusing and was thrilled that Kai was dating him, Tala had always made Kai happy and he was smiling a lot more (and that, a real smile)

"Hey Kai, I heard about what happened with you and Kanji, brilliant dude" Tyson said "Bryan just told us"

"Yeah, well the bastard had it coming" Kai grumbled and sat down next to Spencer and Tala next to him.

"Were you going to do something this weekend?" Spencer asked curios, the group shook their heads 'no'

"Great! Then you are all invited to a party at my place, dad is in England on business and I have the house till Monday" Spencer said happily

The group was thrilled, Spencer always had the best party's and he was known for them too "this is so awesome; I'm finally old enough to come to my first party ever" Ian sang with joy

Spencer only smiled

"Kai you ready yet?" Tala asked as he walked into his own bedroom, he looked at Kai focusing on putting his eyeliner on, Tala grinned at him then his expression turned into hunger over Kai's outfit "that's some sexy outfit you're wearing"

Kai looked up from the mirror; he was wearing tight dark jeans with a black tank-top with the British flag on it and to match it all off, worn out screaming pink converse all-star shoes.

Only for tonight, Kai had washed his blue shark fins off and instead had black mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner.

"You don't look so bad yourself in them leather pants" Kai smirked "I'm ready if you were wondering, so we can get going now" he was about to walk past Tala but he stopped him; Kai looked up "what's wrong?" Tala only smiled a seductive smile "you up for a quickie before we leave for the party?"

At first Kai stared, then he smiled and then he nodded and then he pushed Tala into the bedroom and slammed the door behind him.

The music blasted trough the house of Spencer's house when Tala and Kai finally arrived, the door was opened from the inside and Mariam and Dunga stepped out for a smoke.

"Oh hey guy's" Mariam greeted "why so late?"

Tala shrugged "where's the rest of your team?"

"Ozuma and Joseph and inside, practically doing it on the dance floor" Dunga complained and took a drag from his cigarette

Kai laughed "ah, the newly 'weds', the time when you have to touch each other all the time, don't worry guy's they will cut it out in about a month"

With that Kai and Tala walked in leaving Dunga to complain some more about his team mates.

Kai looked around the house "wow, everyone's here"

Tala spotted Ray and Bryan in one of the corners talking and laughing, he also noticed that Ray was blushing so that must mean Bryan was flirting with him.

"It's about time those two hooked up" Kai said making Tala break out of his thoughts, he only nodded "yeah"

"Kai, Tala, there you are" Spencer said as he walked over to them holding a beer "I honestly thought you two were going to bail on me"

"Oh Spencer, you know we would never do that, not to a sweet guy like you" Kai said and smiled at him, Spencer nudged him in the shoulder.

After few hours of drinking, dancing and laughing with friends, oh and don't forget a little fight between Hilary and Mariah, Kai had finally had enough of this and had asked Tala to come home.

"Why, you not feeling well sweetie?" Tala asked concerned, Kai shook his head a little "it's the big crowd thing, it's getting a little too me"

Tala nodded, knowing fully well that Kai never did do good in big crowds, sometimes he even fainted, so before anything like that would happen Tala took Kai's hand and led him out.

"You guy's leaving already?" Bryan shouted over the crowd of people, Tala nodded "Yeah, I'm tired but we'll call you tomorrow"

Bryan nodded "ok, don't forget alright"

"Do I ever?" Tala asked amused "wait don't answer that"

And with that they left the party

While walking down the street in the dark Tala snaked his arm around Kai's waist and moved closer to his body, Kai moved his arm around Tala's waist in return and looked up at him.

"Thank you Tala"

Tala looked down with a puzzled look "for what?"

"For saying you were tired instead of 'Kai is a big pussy that can't be around people to long'"

The redhead laughed "I would never call you a pussy for that, you know that Kai" he sighed "look, I know you very well and I know you can't handle these things because of the events that happened in your past and I respect that very much and I want you to know that I think you're strong and brave to go through all these things"

Kai smiled a sweet smile "and I love you for that"

Tala was about to reply but was interrupted by a man that grabbed his shoulder and stopped him "can I help you sir?"

The man looked up at him with angry bloodshot eyes "yeah, give me your money" he snapped

Tala shook the man off and stepped in front of Kai to protect him "I'm not going to do that" the man got angry and pulled out of his jacket a gun "give me the fucking money bitch!"

Tala's eyes widened "ok just calm down, I'll give you what I have, just don't do something drastic" Tala said and reached for his valet.

"Tala don't" Kai whispered scared

Getting impatient the guy freaked "hurry up man" his gun shaking in his grip, using the opportunity while the guy was looking around in panic Tala grabbed the gun and tried to taking it away form him but the guy got even angrier and pulled the trigger and emptied a bullet into Tala's stomach.

There was a scream from Kai as Tala fell to the ground and the guy ran away towards the park, Kai fell down on his knees and lifted Tala's head to his lap carefully, tears flowing down his cheeks "Tala, it will be ok, just hold on"

The blood from Tala's body was flowing heavily and right before he blacked out he reached for Kai's hand and whispered "Kai…it'll be alright…I love yo…"

Kai sobbed "Tala? NO please stay with me don't die"

Kai sat in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come and tell him if Tala would make it or not, it had taken Kai some time to realise to call an ambulance and he hated himself for being so slow and stupid, if Tala would die it would be all his fault, if he hadn't begged Tala to leave the party then this never would have happened and Tala wouldn't be bleeding to death on a hospital bed.

After Tala had been moved to a hospital Kai had phoned Ray, who was on his way with Bryan, Spencer and Ian and now all Kai had to do was wait, wait and hope for the love of his life to live through this.


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