Chapter 13

"This is not good, this is not good at all!" Spencer said in panic as he lifted Kai up with ease,he noticed there was a lot of blood and Kai was almost passing out from pain "Oh God! Make it stop!" Kai only screamed, there was a knock on the door and Spencer gave out a sigh of relief, the paramedics were finally here "oh thank God, don't worry Kai we'll get you to a doctor soon"

The paramedics soon took Kai and Spencer to the hospital and straight to a doctor "he shouldn't be in's way too early!" the doctor wondered out loud "Yoko, page the staff, we're delivering a baby tonight"

"Yes doctor" Yoko said and hurried out of the room.

Kai seemed to be in a daze, he had passed out in the ambulance but seemed to be waking up "where's Tala?" he asked, "I won't have the baby without him!"

Spencer grabbed Kai's face "Kai you need to calm down, I'll go call Tala and tell him it's time, you just focus on breathing" the bluenette nodded and gave Spencer a grateful look and before he knew it Spencer was gone.


"Bryan?" Tala called out desperately to his hurt friend "oh leave him Tala" Voltaire said amused "he always did hold you back when you were in the abbey"

Then he tackled Tala down to the ground and stabbed him in the shoulder, the boy let out a scream but managed to kick Voltaire off, the older man took it as a sign and hurled himself up and fled the scene, leaving Tala alone with a dying Bryan.

Energy soon left his body as he fell down to his knees, vision becoming blurry, the last thing he heard was a distant voice yelling to them and his cellphone began to ring and then, everything became black.


Kai walked slowly back and forward the room, all the pacing around was making Spencer dizzy and he walked over to Kai and put a hand on his back leading him over to the bed without a problem, the boy was too distracted to notice anyway "Kai why were you pacing the room?" Spencer asked, Kai muttered that he was worried "I'm worried about Tala, I have a bad feeling about this and. I'm in so much pain"

"Tala's fine, he's just thinking things trough, don't worry about him" Spencer felt like he was lying, he felt the same feeling as Kai did, something wasn't right, the way Kai had been attacked suddenly that couldn't be a coincident.

They sat there in silence, the only sounds were Kai's sharp breaths of pain after a moment and gave out a painful yell, the contraction's were getting closer and closer, the baby needed out, and fast!

"I'll get a doctor" Spencer hurried out but soon came back in with the doctor who was going to deliver the baby "Kai I'm afraid we can't wait any longer, the baby needs to get out otherwise we might risk infection"

"Spencer!" came a sudden yell, it was Yoko, she made her way over to him and dragged him out of the room "Yoko, please calm down, what's going on?" Spencer asked confused, the girl gave him a horrifying look "It's Tala...three boys came in with him and Bryan" she said quietly "they've been stabbed and. We don't think they'll make it."


"Push hundred milligrams of EPI" a female doctor shouted at a nurse "we need to get this one into surgery, he's lost too much blood!" she said pointing at Bryan "yes doctor" the nurse said and no sooner was Bryan being pushed out of the room to be prepped for surgery.

"Bryan?" it was Tala, he seemed to be gaining consciousness and was aware of his surroundings "can you save him?" he asked the doctor, she gave him a look of worry "we'll do our best"

The doctor cleaned out Tala's wound and patched him up within the half hour "you'll be just fine Mr. Ivanov" the redhead thanked her with a nod "when will Bryan be out of surgery?"

"Not clear to say, now try to get some rest" the doctor said and made her way out of the room.

"Tala?" came a worried voice from the door, it was Spencer, the tall blond made his way over to the bed "Spence, what are you doing here?"

The tall man gave him a sad look "it's Kai…the baby's coming"

A painful scream echoed through the room as Kai nearly fell to the floor, the stubborn boy refused to give birth without his lover and it feared the doctor "Kai if we don't get this baby out now it may die!"

But as soon as Kai was going to argue the door burst open and Tala came jogging in with Spencer and Yoko right behind.

"Tala!" Kai said relived "are you alright?"

The redhead shook his head "don't worry about me" he wrapped his arms around Kai and kissed his forehead "I'm so sorry baby, I'll never walk out on you again" Kai only gave out a painful whimper.

The doctor cleared his throat to get their attention "we need to get the baby out now!"

As Spencer sat in the waiting room of the hospital he pondered over what had happened tonight, it seemed to him that this had been planed out for a very long time and there was only one man who was capable of doing this to Kai and Tala and that was Kai's grandfather, Voltaire, how he hoped the man would be caught before it was too late.

A painful scream reached his ears and he gave out a shudder, the very thought of Kai in so much pain made him ill but they all knew this would be more painful for Kai as this was no normal pregnancy, still it made him sick to his stomach to feel so helpless, not being able to be there with them as they went through it all, and Bryan, he hoped Bryan would make it through the surgery alright.

As he sat there and waited for a miracle to happen a young girl came and sat next to him, her red hair hanging loosely over her shoulders and green eyes tired, she put a hand on Spencer's knee and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Can I get you something to drink Spence?" she asked him, the blond only shook his head "no, but you can stay with me" Yoko nodded and took his hand, holding on for dear life.

Then she whispered, as tears slide down her pretty face "Bryan didn't make it"

The door slowly opened and Spencer stepped in with Yoko, the room was quiet as Kai and Tala lay in bed with a sleeping new born, their son was beautiful, his fiery red hair stuck out in every direction.

The couple sat down on chairs next to the bed and gave them a sad smile "he's beautiful" Spencer whispered then before he could stop himself he broke down into sobs, Yoko wrapped her arms around the man and held him close and tears started sliding down her face.

"Spencer, what's wrong?" Kai asked worried, putting a hand on his blond head, stroking his hair soothingly.

The blond didn't look up "Bryan…he didn't make it," he said between sobs, tears started sliding down Kai's face as Tala bowed his head, restraining himself from screaming so he wouldn't wake his son.

After an hour of silence a nurse came in, she tip toed around the group and walked over to Tala, handing him a sharp object "um…Mr. Kuznetsov woke up briefly before his surgery…he said to give this to your son if he wouldn't make it" Tala took the object from her hand and she quickly made her way out of the room.

Tala opened his palm and in it was Falborg, his precious falcon, light glowing dimly mourning the death of his master.

The tears started up in his blue eyes, he had lost his best friend that day but he swore he would not be forgotten, Bryan would be remembered forever in his heart.

A hand was put on his shoulder and sweet lips touched his cheek, he looked down at his baby boy and then at Kai "I know what we'll name him"

One year later.

"Tala, we need to get going if we're going to make it on time to Spencer and Yoko's" Kai said and gave his husband a small smile, the redhead kissed him then his son's head who Kai held close to his body "I'm ready darling" he said and led his family out the door.

As they walked trough town in the cold post spring air they stayed silent, comfortable and loving silence, Tala took Kai's hand and led them down a street that wasn't the way to Spencer's place "where are we going love?" Kai asked calmly.

"To visit a friend" the redhead said with a smile and as soon as Kai was about to question him he saw the small graveyard down the road where Bryan lay peacefully.

Walking over to his resting place was not difficult as they new the path very well, they stood by the grave, looking at the words on the stone for the hundredth time "Here lies Bryan Kuznetsov, friend, brother, godfather, may he rest in peace"

"Hey Bryan" Tala said, earning a look from his son who sucked on a pacifier "sorry we haven't been here for awhile, the kid's growing up so fast, and we miss you"

Kai let their son down on the ground and he made his way over to the grave, putting a small hand on the stone and gave his parents a look "yes sweetie, this is your uncle Bryan" the child pointed a finger at himself and then at the stone again "yes that's right, his name is also Bryan, just like you" a large smile was on Bryan's face as he took out his pacifier and put it on the stone, Kai picked him up and kissed his face "look at you giving him a gift" Bryan smiled even more if possible "Bah-han"

"Let's get going sweetie" Tala said and took Bryan as Kai handed him to his father.

And as they made their way from the grave little Bryan began waving as he hung around his fathers neck, the little boy waved goodbye to his godfather who happily waved back at him with a loving smile.


Well, there you have it, the end of the story, a sad ending I don't know why I killed Bryan, I really love him, maybe that's why…

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