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Challenge: During a battle with the returned enemy, Chaos, Sailor Pluto sends an injured Reenie/Sailor Neo Moon to Hogwarts where she would be safe. How long until problems arise again?

Timeframe: Book 6, after Sailor Stars.

Awakening of the Blood Moon

Chapter One

Moonlight Rose Power

It was quiet in Small Lady's room that day when she woke up. She thought she was still dreaming. Reenie opened her eyes and sat up, looking around her room. Before she had time to get off her bed, the door burst open and the Asteroid Senshi rushed in.

"Princess!" shouted Ceres happily. "You're alive!"

"Of course I am," Reenie said with a laugh. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"We thought you'd be…you'd be dead!" Sailor Pallas sobbed as she jumped on Reenie's bed and put her arms around her.

"Sailor Pallas, what is it?" Reenie asked and looked at her senshi. "What's wrong?"

"Do you remember anything about Chaos?" Juno asked.

"Yeah, last thing I do remember I was in the past with Sailor Moon, helping her in the fight." Reenie answered and then she understood. "You thought I didn't make it? But Sailor Moon stopped Chaos, right? She did it?"

"Of course she did!" Vesta exclaimed through her tears. "Sailor Moon sacrificed herself by jumping into the Galaxy Cauldron."

"Galaxy Cauldron?" Reenie gasped. "Isn't that where stars are born?"

"But Sailor Moon had to do it so the cauldron would be purified," Ceres explained. "She really had no choice. It worked. It stopped Chaos and then this mysterious Sailor Scout appeared."

"Who was she?" Reenie asked suddenly.

"We don't know," Sailor Juno shrugged as Ceres exchanged glances with Vesta. "It doesn't matter anyway. What matters is you're back here with us and you're alive!"

"YAY!" Pallas cried, her tears of joy spiling onto Reenie as she rocked her side to side. "Our Princess is still with us!"

Reenie laughed. "Hey, you guys are going to be stuck with me for a while so get used to it."

The four Asteroid Senshi embraced their princess and Reenie remembered about her parents. "Oh, I should tell Mother and Father I'm all right!"

Princess Reenie jumped to her feet and ran out of her room, calling for her parents. Sailor Vesta walked to the door and shut it.

"Should we have told her?" she asked the others as she turned back around.

"Told her what?" Juno questioned.

"About what Sailor Cosmos told us," Vesta answered, "about the Sailor Wars continuing and Chaos returning?"

"But Sailor Moon stopped Chaos," Pallas said, "how could Chaos return? We don't know that for sure."

"That's right," Vesta sighed, "we don't."

"It might not be a good idea to tell the Princess now," said Ceres. "She's safe and that's what really matters, right?"

"Why did Cosmos come?" Vesta wondered. "What was she trying to tell us?"

"She really could be Sailor Moon's Ultimate form," said Ceres thoughtfully. "She certainly looked like Sailor Moon."

"Yes, that's true," Sailor Pallas agreed, "so maybe she really didn't come to talk to us but Eternal Sailor Moon instead. She must've known how to stop Chaos so she came back in time to tell her."

"If she is the future Ultimate form of Sailor Moon, then why did she call herself a coward?" Sailor Juno said skeptically. "The Sailor Moon we know isn't a coward."

Unable to come up with a response, the others sighed and shook their heads. It was all such a mystery to them. Who exactly was Sailor Cosmos and what was her purpose? What was she trying to tell the Asteroid Senshi?

"Oh, it doesn't matter," Sailor Ceres groaned. "Reenie is here and everything is all right. There's nothing to worry her about, especially when we don't know what's going on ourselves."

"Ceres is right," said Juno with a nod. "Everything's back to normal now. We can finish our scoot training and get our new powers like we've always talked about. Then if Chaos does come back or someone tries to mess with us, we'll be ready."


Over the next three hundred years, the Inner Scouts continued training the Asteroid Scouts how to be real sailor scouts. They were growing up and no longer should be called "scouts in training" but soon they would real sailor scouts like the others. Then the time came for Reenie and her Asteroid Soldiers to finish their scout raining and receive new brooches which would empower them with stronger, new transformations. Though they looked fourteen, they were really fourteen hundred years old as the power of the moon crystal and living in Crystal Tokyo gave them longer lifespan than ordinary humans. It was like finishing sailor scout school.

It was the moment Reenie always waited for, to become a real sailor scout. She was nervous and excited just as much as her soldiers were. Reenie turned to her scouts who were also out of sailor uniform.

"Are you ready, guys?" Reenie asked.

"Oh, I wonder if we need more time training," Athena sighed.

"I've waited three hundred years for this," Hera muttered, "I'm not waiting any longer. Sailor Jupiter taught me all I need to know."

Hearing the horns sound, Reenie gasped and said; "This is it!"

The five teenage girls straightened up and entered the grand hall. The whole kingdom must have been standing at the sides, nodding at the girls as they walked in. Among the group was the priest Helios from Elysion. Reenie felt a wave of joy when she saw him . She was so happy to see him on her special day. Reenie swallowed and concentrated on not tripping or making a fool of herself on this important event. When they reached Neo Queen Serenity and the four inner scouts, they stopped and waited with bated breath.

"People of Crystal Tokyo," Neo Queen Serenity began, "I thank you for joining us on this occasion. I know my daughter has worked hard for this moment, as her friends."

The room exploded into applause. Neo Queen Serenity stepped between Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter at a table where a box sat in front of them.

"Would you please come forward?" Neo Queen Serenity questioned.

They approached the table and stood across from their trainers. The boxes were all different colors but each had a moon symbol on the top. Neo Queen Serenity opened the silver, pink and gold box to reveal a rose shaped brooch with a gold moon on the top. Reenie gasped at its beauty.


Neo Queen Serenity smiled warmly as she nodded for her to pick it up. Hands trembling, Reenie reached for the beautiful rose shaped brooch. It felt like nothing else she had held in her hands before.

A real scout. She was finally a real scout.

"To activate its power," Neo Queen Serenity instruced, "say 'Moonlight Rose Power.'"

"Thank you, oh thank you so much, Mother!" Reenie exclaimed as she leaned across the table to kiss her mother on the forehead. "Thank you!"

Following the Queen's lead, the inners all opened their boxes at the same time to show their apprentices their new brooches. Inside the green, pink and brown box lay a peacock feather brooch for Hera which Sailor Jupiter opened. Sailor Mercury opened her blue box and revealed Athena's brooch that resembled a whirlpool. Inside the yellow, orange and pink box Sailor Venus opened for Demeter. Hera found in the red, purple and black box a brooch shaped like a torch.

"These are your new brooches," Queen Serenity told the four amazed sailor soldiers. "Say 'Asteroid Power' to transform."

"Can we use them now?" Hera asked hopefully.

"Yeah, can we, Mother?" Reenie pleaded. "I want to see what I look like!"

Queen Serenity sighed and nodded. "Oh, very well."

Reenie and the others held their brooches in the air and called upon their powers.






As Reenie transformed, her fuku had less of the color pink in her fuku and had more of her father's colors in her new fuku. She had the fuku of an eternal sailor scout, with pink puffy round sleeves, the bands connected to them red and white. The vest was deep rose red with gold lines. In five layers, the mini skirt was pink, red, white, black and gold with a long gold ribbon with a rose. Her white boots had pink, red and black stripes. The white gloves each bore a gold strip with a red rose in the center where the bands were pink, red and black. Her red choker had a gold diamond with a gold moon and her earrings had red roses connected to gold moons. The most beautiful addition to her new transformation, were her ethereal blue, yellow and pink butterfly wings made with spiritual energy. They enabled her to fly and move like a real butterfly.

For the asteroid senshi, their fukus were nearly the same except that their two layered skirts were with a layer of gold. The short back bows were elongated into ribbons. Their choker gems were replaced to match their brooches. Like Sailor Neo Moon, their foreheads were bore no tiara but symbols. Ceres' forehead was a yellow curved line, much like a question mark with a horizontal line through it. Sailor Pallas' symbol was a blue cross with a diamond on top. A red flame was emblazoned on Sailor Vesta's forehead and Sailor Juno's mark was a green cross topped with an asterisk. Once the girls were finishing transforming, they looked at themselves then each other. Excited and pleased with their new transformations, they embraced.

"Look, I've got wings!" the new empowered soldier of the future moon. She danced around and tried them out.

"Wow!" Sailor Ceres exclaimed, touching them. "They're so pretty!"

"You are now Sailor Neo Moon," Neo Queen Serenity told her daughter. "I'm afraid you're not mini anymore."

"I'm not mini anymore," Sailor Neo Moon said with a grin. "That's right, I'm not."


The celebration continued with feasting and dancing and conversation. Outside, Sailor Neo Moon and Helios watched the sunset. Sailor Neo Moon sighed dreamily as she rested her head on Helios' shoulder.

"Helios, I can't believe I got this far," she whispered, "now I feel like I'm becoming a real lady, like my mother."

"You were always a lady, Reenie," said Helios. "I'm very proud of you."

"Oh Helios…"

There was a loud boom, like thunder. It shocked Sailor Neo Moon and she screamed, throwing herself into Helios' arms.

"What's that?"

"I don't know," Helios looked at the sky. There wasn't a cloud in sight, yet, there was lightning in the sky. Again, there was another blast of light that looked like an explosion. Sailor Neo Moon peeked over Helios' shoulder.

"Some light show," she muttered.

"It isn't lightning," said Helios, "I'm no sure what that is."

"Looks like it's happening in outer space," said Sailor Neo Moon.

"We're seeing what happened a couple hundred years ago," said Sailor Uranus as she walked onto the balcony, "maybe even longer than that."

"Sailor Uranus," Sailor Neo Moon gasped, "you know what that light was?"

Sailor Uranus nodded. "A star has just died."

"Should we be concerned?" Sailor Neo Moon asked.

Sailor Uranus smiled. "No, stars just die out every billion years when they use up all their energy."

"It scared me," said Sailor Neo Moon, "I've never seen anything like that."

"It's nothing to worry about," sailor Uranus insisted, "why don't you go inside? It's chilly out here."

"Yes, let's go dance," said Helios and his placed his sweetheart's hand on his arm. The couple walked into the ballroom and Sailor Uranus looked on with a smile. Her smile faltered as she turned back to look at the sky.

"The way that star died was not natural," she said softly.


Three hundred years ago in outer space

Chaos came so close to destroying the galaxy. It was in the body of the most powerful sailor scout in the galaxy. How was Sailor Moon able to stop it? Chaos was weak. It could not control another sailor scout of Galaxia's caliber. It needed someone weak as itself, someone humble and willing to let it possess her. It took three hundred years for Chaos to find the perfect host.

Chaos came to moon-sized, dim ball of unorganized gas hanging in the middle of space. It was dull red, nearly brown in color. It lacked the density and brightness of a real star. It was something that could never become a star. It was what was called a brown dwarf, an object in space that lacked the potential to become a star. Inside the brown dwarf sat a small humanoid creature with her face pressed against her knees.

"Doomed to remain like this," she muttered, "I'll never be a sailor scout…never…never…I'll remain a brown dwarf forever."

"Do you really think that, my dear?" Chaos questioned.

The short humanoid lifted her tearstained face. She had short, tacky dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was the size of a young child. "W-who said that?"

"I am someone that can help you," Chaos told the brown dwarf child.

"You can't help me," the child muttered, looking around for whoever was talking to her. "No one can. I'll be Acyls of the brown dwarf forever…"

"Acyls isn't it? What is it that you want?"

"I want my home to become a real star," Acyls said, "but it's nothing more than a mere dwarf. It doesn't have what it takes to become a star. My home is as large as a planet and even people there become sailor scouts when my home just hangs here to remain as its always been, a 'never will be.' It's not fair! Even white dwarfs get their glory! When will it be my turn?"

"You live in this place alone?" Chaos asked. "How do you know about other stars and sailor scouts?"

"There were others that lived here," said Acyls, "but they all died or left. I stayed, trying to keep my home from falling apart. I hoped that one day, this pathetic brown dwarf will become a real star and that I may become a sailor scout."

"So, you want to become stronger, don't you?"

"Yes," the child's crying face looked determined and angry. She stood to her feet. "I'm sick of living this pathetic life!"

Chaos laughed. "Ah, so you are jealous of others?"

"Yes," the child clenched her fists. "I've heard of those that become sailor scouts and they never wanted it…they abuse their power or throw it away when those that seek for it never get it! If I had just an ounce of their power, I'd be unstoppable."

"And you will be, Acyls," said Chaos.

"How?" Acyls demanded. "How will I become a sailor scout? I thought that someday someone would teach me."

"I can teach you."

"You can?"


"What about my home? It's too small and it can't generate enough energy to become a star."

"Oh, but if I become the new generator," Chaos said, coming closer to Acyls, "I can give it the energy to become a real star."

Acyls grinned and shivered with excitement. "You can make it into the biggest and brightest star in the universe? Bigger than a red giant?"

"Much bigger…but you have to swear allegiance to me. You have to let me possess you."

"All right," said Acyls without hesitation. "Do whatever you have to. I'll do anything to make this garbage heap of a home to a real mansion. I'll do anything to be a sailor scout."

"Good," said Chaos. "Now all we have to do is let me take a look at your star seed."

"Star seed?" Acyls said. "I have one?"

"Yes, not everybody is a sailor scout," Chaos explained, "but everyone has a star seed inside their bodies."

Acyls put her hand to her chest. "So, I've had a star seed this whole time. What does it do?"

"It's what holds your power," Chaos replied, "your life force. I want you to bring it out so that I may add my power to your star seed. All you have to do is concentrate on drawing it out."

"Very well." Acyls closed her eyes and breathed deeply. The center of Acyls' chest began glowing a dull reddish-brown.

"Star seed, come out," Acyls whispered and she drew out her brown star seed. Laughing, the blackness of Chaos entered the star seed, causing it to go black for a split second. The tainted star seed entered Acyls' body.

"Submit to me," Chaos voiced inside Acyls' body. "Submit to chaos and you shall be invincible."

"Do with me what you will," Acyls said, "I don't care. Anything to be a sailor scout. I will be your tool."

Acyls' brown skin paled to ghostly white and her short body lengthened. Her dark brown hair became black and grew to her knees. Swirls of black vapor created a black strapless leotard with horn-like emblems at the chest (I hope you know what I'm talking about. It looks sort of like Beryl's dress). Black gloves appeared on her arms that reached near to her shoulders followed by thigh high boots. A tiara with a black pearl appeared on her forehead.

Acyls opened her eyes. They were no longer brown but pale blue. She laughed, a laugh mingled with Chaos. "I am no longer Acyls of the brown dwarf. I am Sailor Death Star now. This pathetic home of mine will become a star and I will steal all of the energy from the universe."

The brown dwarf began sucking the energy from nearby stars. The heat and the density increased in the brown dwarf. The dwarf became the size of a giant. It went from brown to red to green to blue and finally to white. Sailor death Star looked at her hands, breathing hard.

"Now," said Chaos, "let us find more that are willing to follow you. You need to create an army. Then you must attack Earth."

"Earth?" questioned Sailor Death Star. "Why?"

"I have some old enemies there," Chaos said, "they are the ones who nearly destroyed me. They thought they were rid of me."

"Ah, very well," said Sailor Death Star. "You made my pathetic brown dwarf into a brilliant star. You got me what you want. I will take you to Earth. I believe I may enjoy this too."


For two hundred years Sailor Death Star roamed the Milky Way galaxy in search of those to join her army. It wasn't too hard. She looked at small pathetic stars, small planets and brown dwarfs like her own. There were desperate people like herself who were after power and glory and they volunteered for her cause. Eventually she moved onto bigger and stronger planets and enlarged her army. She made the four strongest girls her animamates: Sailor Bismuth Hare, Sailor Cobalt Wanako, Sailor Silver Serpent and Sailor Copper Owl.

Sailor Bismuth Hare was the most beautiful of the four animamates. Her pink hair was long and curly with two bunny ears sticking up through her head as well as a cotton tail on her bottom. Though she was naturally beautiful, she wore nearly a pound of makeup. She had blue eye shadow on her eyelids, pink rouge on her cheeks and her lips were always bright red. She made a habit of opening her compact mirror and checking her makeup. She wore a pinkish-silvery baby doll dress. Her nails were long and bright pink and she wore pink high heeled boots. She wore a silver medallion with the alchemical symbol of the metal bismuth: a stylish figure eight. Her earrings matched her medallion. Her silver tiara had a golden star. Sailor Bismuth Hare used her beauty to find her victims and more fighters in Sailor Death Star's army.

Unlike Sailor Bismuth Hare, Sailor Cobalt Wanako was not girlish and did not check her makeup every five seconds—she didn't even wear any. Her habit was fighting and training herself. Sailor Cobalt Wanako was the best fighter out of the four animates. She wore a black and brown sports bra with shorts to match. Her hands sported fingerless gloves and her feet wore thick soled boots. On her dark brown haired head were a pair of dog ears as well as a dog's tail. Around her neck was a dog collar. She had cobalt blue eyes, as well as a bad attitude. Despite this, Sailor Bismuth Hare liked to tease Sailor Cobalt Wanako and stay close to her. This was because Sailor Bismuth Hare was afraid of Sailor Silver Serpent—even if they were on the same team.

Sailor Silver Serpent was the brains of the group. With eyes of silver and a silver tongue to match, Silver Serpent was very good at persuading others to join her. This was what made her the most successful at getting people to become phages in Death Star's army. Sailor Silver Serpent wore a silver halter top and snakeskin pants with silver heels. She the ability to speak to snakes, as well as possessed the ability of all snakes. She could use attacks of poison or constrict her enemies until all their bones broke and they suffocated. Because of this, Sailor Bismuth Hare kept her distance from her and always tried not to anger her.

Sailor Copper Owl was somewhat the leader of the four animamates. Like Sailor Silver Serpent, Sailor Copper Owl was intelligent and was good at making plans. However, she did have a temper to rival Sailor Cobalt Wanako's. When things were not going as planned, she got angry and blamed the others, even if it was her plan that went down. She tried to keep the other three animamates on target when they were not working. Sailor Copper Owl wanted to please Sailor Death Star, mostly because she was afraid what Sailor Death Star might do to if they failed. Sailor Copper Owl had short red hair and amber eyes. She wore a red fuku of leather an amulet with the alchemical symbol of copper: an X with a nail in the middle and two screws at the top and bottom.

After gathering phages and energy from most of the planets and stars in the Milky Way, Sailor Death Star decided it was time to attack Earth. Chaos did not want anymore start seeds until it got the star seed of Sailor Moon, the one who had ridden her powerless. Chaos had become impatient. The animamates were discussing Death Star's decision. Sailor Cobalt Wanako didn't want to go to Earth yet. They weren't even near the Earth's solar system when Sailor Death Star made the decision.

"I think the phages are too weak," Sailor Cobalt Wanako said, her hands crossed behind her head and her feet up on the table as she leaned back into her chair. "I heard that Earth has the most powerful Sailor Soldiers in the galaxy. I've got to train the phages before we get to Earth or we'll lose the battle before it starts."

"You're not scared, are you?" Sailor Bismuth Hare teased.

"What?" Sailor Cobalt Wanako barked after falling off her chair. "You're going to regret that!"

"Sorry," Sailor Bismuth Hare giggled as she started powdering her nose.

"Would you stop that?" Wanako demanded. "We're talking about important things here."

"But I hear there are gorgeous men on Earth," said Bismuth Hare, "I want to look my best."

"It's going to take more than beauty to get the star seeds, you know," said Sailor Silver Serpent, flashing her eyes at Bismuth Hare. Sailor Silver Serpent knew that Bismuth Hare was afraid of her, and liked to frighten her just to see her quiver. "If you rely on just your looks, you won't last long."

Sailor Bismuth Hare mumbled and stepped behind Sailor Cobalt Wanako. Sailor Cobalt Wanako groaned.

"Get a grip, Hare," said Wanako muttered and she looked at Serpent and Owl. "Look, I think going to Earth is a bad idea. We can handle the scouts there, but what about Crystal Tokyo's army? You think the phages are up to them?"

"You heard what Sailor Death Star said, Wanako," said Sailor Copper Owl wearily. "We knew that Earth was Sailor Death Star's target from the beginning."

"Why did Sailor Death Star have to collect phages from pathetic stars and planets?" Sailor Cobalt Wanako inquired.

"Oh come on now," Sailor Silver Serpent hissed, "you came from a pathetic planet, did you not? You practically begged Sailor Death Star to let you on her team."

"I don't beg!" Sailor Wanako snarled, clenching her fists. "I fight!"

Sailor Wanako lunged for Sailor Silver Serpent and threw punch after punch at her. Sailor Silver Serpent dodged each blow with ease as Sailor Bismuth Hare nervously tried to talk Sailor Cobalt Wanako down.

"Enough!" shouted Sailor Copper Owl stepping between the feuding animamates. "We have orders to go to Earth and we're going."

"Fine, but I still don't like the smell of this," Sailor Cobalt Wanako said, rubbing her nose. Because of the dog in her, she had an excellent sense of smell. Not only could she pick up aromas, but she could sense danger with her nose. "Something's not right."

"Relax, Wanako," Sailor Silver Serpent smiled, "didn't you hear Sailor Death Star? She said Earth, not Crystal Tokyo."

"What's your point?" Sailor Wanako growled.

"My point is that we will collect phages from Earth before attacking Crystal Tokyo," Sailor Silver Serpent said. "Crystal Tokyo will be attacked by its own planet. Its own people."

"Ah, I see," said Sailor Wanako, "makes better sense. As long as they make a good army. I didn't come all the way out here to lose."

"We won't," Sailor Copper Owl said, "because it's the poor, the desperate and the weak that makes the most fearsome people. Look at Sailor Death Star. She was the only being left alive in the brown dwarf but now she is the most powerful Sailor Scout in the galaxy. We will make an army to take down Crystal Tokyo. We will go to the poor."

"The desperate," smiled Sailor Silver Serpent.

"The weak," nodded Sailor Cobalt Wanako.

"And the ugly!" exclaimed Sailor Bismuth Hare and the three other animamates looked at the beauty raving bunny in surprise. Sailor Bismuth Hare put her hands on her hips.. "What? Ugly people want power too. They can be a good asset."

"Yeah, guess you're right," Sailor Cobalt said, sneering at Sailor Silver Serpent. "You used to be ugly, didn't you, Serpent?"

Sailor Silver Serpent narrowed her eyes. As Sailor Cobalt Wanako and Sailor Bismuth Hare turned their backs, Sailor Silver Serpent almost struck Wanako from behind. Sailor Copper Owl grabbed her arm.

"Forget it," said Sailor Copper Owl. "How are we supposed to win this war if we don't cooperate?"

"Say that to Wanako," Sailor Silver Serpent muttered.

"We'll leave for Earth soon," said Sailor Copper Owl. "We have to speak to Sailor Death Star about our plans to increase our army of phages."

"Very well," said Sailor Serpent, "I'll go work on my plan but you know fully well how my plans work already."

Sailor Silver Serpent turned and left the room. Sailor Copper sighed. Sometimes she wondered how her team ever became animates.


Sailor Death Star liked her animamates plan to go after Earth's weak. She ordered them all to pick a part of Earth and go after the people they felt they could easily sway to her side. Chaos, having already been to Earth, did not agree with this.

"I have seen the star seeds on Earth," said Chaos, "they are all blanks. The true star seeds belong to sailor scouts."

"Ah, but my star seed was nearly a blank and you found me useful, didn't you?" Sailor Death Star told the Chaos within her. "Many of our phages already had blank star seeds. We will not target the rich and famous but the poor and nameless. It will just be a little longer Chaos. Think of what it will do to this Sailor Moon once she is attacked by her own people. That will bring her to her knees."



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