Cries Of A Raven

By Fiorae

Author's Notes: Thanks for all the reviews. Now for the last chapter. Italics are Sasuke's thoughts. Anything in single quotation marks are memories.

Chapter Three: A Word Long Forgotten

Darkness... Nothing but darkness ...

Where am I ...?

His voice echoed about the area. It was so dark and cold. He couldn't tell wether his eyes were open or closed.

What happened ...? Did I ... die?

'Foolish little brother ...'

Who's that ..?

Slowly, another form visualized in the distance. A tall figure with long black hair tied back in a ponytail. A man... And he turned toward the other slowly, a grin on his handsome face.

'Foolish little brother ...'

Onii-chan ...?

The figure suddenly appeared right in front of him, eyes a bloody red. He looked down upon him, slowly bringing his hand to rest atop the other's head.

'Foolish little brother ... to kill yourself ...'

...kill myself ..?

Itachi ruffled his hair fondly. It made him shiver. Was he really dead ...? If he was dead, then why was he able to think? And talk to his brother...feel him touching him ...Was this how death felt?

Suddenly, the hand playing fondly in his hair closed around a large amount and jerked upward. He found himself dangling painfully before his older brother. Itachi's eyes were hard ... dark ... angry...

'Why did you do it ...? Why did you take your own life ...?'

Angry rose within him. Slowly, he clenched the wrists of the one holding him. Was he really asking him that? Like he didn't remember what he had done ... all those years ago ...What did he care that he'd killed himself? Was he mad that he'd done the job he had been too afraid to finish?

You wouldn't do it ... so I had to ...

Itachi seemed surprised by the words. He suddenly let go of the smaller boy.

'Because I wanted you to live ...' he whispered. Then slowly he vanished.

The quiet darkness surrounded him once more. Itachi had wanted him to live? Out of all the people of the clan, why him? Why would he kill everyone and want him to live after it...? To make him ... suffer?

His heart began to ache with the thought. Had he really hated him that much? That instead of letting him die, he wanted him to suffer through the deaths of everyone he loved? That was cruel ...

Why am I so hated ..? Even in death I feel pain ... Why ...?

'Sasuke ...'

A voice ...?

'Sasuke... wake up ...'

Slowly, the darkness disappeared. And in it's place, light emerged.


"Sasuke ..?"

Slowly, Sasuke opened his eyes. Naruto's large blue ones was the first thing he saw. They were moist and shaking.

"Don't look at me like that ..." he whispered hoarsely. Naruto laughed softly, tears falling down his cheeks. Sasuke looked to the side. He couldn't stand to see Naruto cry, knowing he was the cause. It made his heart hurt.

"I came over to check up on you ... make sure you got home alright ... But when I walked in ..." his voice trailed off into a soft sob. "I thought that you were ...!'

Hearing him cry sent guilt racing throughout Sasuke's veins. He tried to sit up, finding it a lot more difficult than expected. Managing to get himself into a semi sitting position, he allowed himself to look at the younger boy. Naruto's cheeks were soaked in tears, his eyes red from crying so much. Had he really been crying over him ..?

Naruto wiped his eyes on his sleeve, sniffling softly. "Sasuke ... did you try to kill yourself ..?" he whispered, watching the other boy. Hearing the words spoken aloud made them feel so real. He felt his eyes tear up and he looked away quickly.

The blond boy inhaled sharply. "Why! Why would you do something so stupid as commit suicide!" he cried. Sasuke bit his bottom lip, clenching the sheets over him tightly.

"I'm not needed ..." he whispered, turning slowly to Naruto. "Nobody needs me ... not Sakura or Kakashi ... not anybody ..!"

Suddenly, soft timid lips were pressed to his own dry ones. He gasped into the unexpected kiss, feeling his cheeks heat up slowly. Naruto pulled back, pain evident in his large blue orbs.

"I need you..!" he cried softly. Sasuke stared at him, still in shock. The words slowly registered.

"You ... need me ..?" he asked unsurely. Naruto caressed the raven haired boy's cheek, his fingers shaking gently.

"Of course! A world without you ... isn't a world worth living in ...So please .. Don't leave me..!" he whispered desperately.

So many thoughts were running circles in his head, all of them about Naruto.

Naruto needed him ...

Naruto didn't want him to go ...

Naruto kissed him ...

He felt himself blush once more. After carefully looking his face over, Sasuke could see Naruto was blushing as well. What was this sudden emotion he was feeling when he looked at the other's face?

His chest began to sting suddenly. He gasped out, leaning back in the bed.

"S-sasuke? Hold on, let me get the medication .." Naruto reached for a small bottle on the night stand. He crawled onto the bed with the bottle in hand, sitting down next to Sasuke. He opened it and poured a little of the liquid onto Sasuke's bare chest, who hissed out in pain.

"You could do that a better way you know ..!" he growled through clenched teeth. Naruto ignored his comment as he continued to pour until the bottle was empty. He gently dabbed the wound with a cotton rag. Sasuke sighed deeply as the pain mellowed out. He watched Naruto tend to his cuts, that weird emotion arising in him once more.

"Does that feel better?" Naruto asked quietly. Sasuke nodded slowly. His cheeks reddened.

"Naruto ... I ..." he started, biting his bottom lip. What could he say to make him understand just how he was feeling that moment? Would any words be able to sum up the regret and guilt he felt for trying to take his own life? Or the immense attraction he felt toward him so suddenly? Something in the back of his head, a word, was nagging him. It was a word he hadn't used in so many years ... a word he had forgotten existed.

Yet when he looked at Naruto, this word was all he could think of.

" ... I love you .."

Naruto looked at him, his eyes full of so many emotions they looked like they might burst. His lips formed a gently smile. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck, making sure not to harm the cuts.

"I love you too, Sasuke ..." he whispered. Sasuke wrapped his arms around him, holding Naruto tightly. His chest began to ache immediately, but he ignored it. Nothing would take this moment away from him.

Not even Itachi.

Sasuke pressed his lips to Naruto's once more, the younger one returning the kiss. It was a gentle, tender kiss that warmed up his cold body. As they parted, he reluctantly let the other go. Naruto's blue eyes stared into his black ones.

"Promise me you won't cut yourself again," he said. Sasuke stared at him for a moment before replying.

"I'll try ..."

"Promise me you won't Sasuke..!"

" ..."

"Sasuke ..!" Naruto cried, the tears begging to run once more. Sasuke didn't want to hurt him. He never wanted to be the reason Naruto cried again.

" ... I promise."

The smile the blond gave him was so radiant and brilliant, it lit up the entire room. Naruto hugged him tightly.


"Oops! Sorry Sasuke!"

"Usuratonkachi ..."

The End

Okay, so its finished now. I hope this ending didn't totally suck. I'm gonna write more Naru/Sasu fics though. They are my favorite pairing.