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Fools and the Foolish

"Of fools and the fools who follow them. Ryuhou X Mimori"

Ryuhou is debating who is more foolish; the fool, or the fool who follows them? After all, it's a somewhat general question with a somewhat personal answer. Is he the more foolish for being the first to go astray? Or is Mimori for being the fool that followed him there? Ryuhou is not sure, and that bothers him because he is always sure.

He knows it began with him, on a rainy day when a manifest-Alter came in search of power. That was the hunt for revenge began, and that was when Ryuhou found he started drifting down a path that was only a one-way road. His goal was his life, and as is so often the case, the firmest believer is the most easily deceived. He was tricked, he accepted without questioning, so is he the more foolish?

But Mimori is the one who clung to her past, who refused to let go of the vision of a little boy who could smile. She had clung to that memory like she so often clung to her pendant, and it had lead her to a dangerous land filled with dangerous people. With her she had brought naïve, foolish ideas that had no right to exist in the real world. So is Mimori the more foolish, for being the one who followed him down a one-way road?

Ryuhou is not certain, and he hates it. He is a man – boy? – who always needs to know the truth or the not-truths, who always needs to know everything. He is a man who has always held fierce beliefs in right and wrong, whose world was as black and white as grey could get.

He remembers something Mimori told him once, on a day that he can neither recall nor forget. She had told him that she loved him, had held him, and had asked him to stay. With her. So Ryuhou thinks that Mimori is the more foolish for letting an emotion get in the way of her logical mind.

But then again, Ryuhou realizes, he is the more foolish for letting her words affect him, for wanting to drop everything and hold her, and stay, because she asked him to. Because he is a silly little boy trying so hard to be a man that he believed until he was blind to all else.

But Ryuhou thinks it's all right that he is a fool, and that Mimori is a fool for following him. Because somehow together two fools managed to make something else, and turned a one-way road into road with many ways. So he thinks that as long as he can lie next to Mimori and cradle her like he is now, skin to skin, he doesn't mind being a fool.

After all, two wrongs don't make a right, but two fools make something else altogether.

.:i'll play the fool if you'll play the fool who follows:.

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