Title: The Superhero

Summary: AU. SasuNaru. Sasuke never believed in superheroes. Until one night, one just saved him from certain death.


This is a SasuNaru with AU.

With a little NaruSasu. Yey!

Chapter 5: Faith


Naruto pulled over at the curb. When he opened the door, his ears were suddenly flooded with shouts and whispers.

"That boy is going to jump…"

"… kill himself…"

"…bring out your camera, dear…"

"…eeaagghh! Sasuke-kun!"

Mother of god, "WHAT?" Naruto couldn't believe what he was hearing. Looking up at the tallest building in Konoha, Naruto saw a pale boy, with strikingly black hair, standing on the edge of the Konoha Metro Tower. He swore that his heart stopped beating for a second. What the hell was Sasuke thinking?

Naruto forced himself to calm down. It would be difficult to think of a plan to rescue him right now, without revealing his identity. This little stunt of Sasuke has unfortunately gathered a rather large crowd. If Sasuke jumped, Naruto couldn't just intercept Sasuke's fall without catching the rest of the audience's attention… and he couldn't show his abilities because he was currently and certainly not the Red Fox at this moment. He was wearing his uniform and his cover would be blown if a barista was seen running with amazing speed to catch a falling boy from a building.

He had to just save Sasuke as 'Naruto' himself. But how?

"Oh, coffee's finally here!" He heard one of the man said. One of the men approached Naruto and handed him an envelope. He hazily heard something about it being the payment for the coffee. Naruto almost forgot his initial intention of going here. He shook his head and frantically opened the van to get the five heavy bags of coffee. Once he grabbed them, he shoved them into the man's awaiting hands and made a mad dash for the entrance of the building. He didn't see that the man whom he just handed the bags to, struggled to keep his balance. Five dozens of coffee was heavy afterall.

Surprisingly, Naruto sensed the presence of several persons guarding the entrance of the building. But being the Red Fox, he could easily slip past them. Naruto checked for anyone who might be staring at him, then in quick blur, he inconspicuously slipped through one of the doors. Once he got inside the lobby, he momentarily wondered why it was empty, then he remembered that it was almost midnight. Almost every employee in the building must have left for home already.

Naruto looked at the nearby elevators and contemplated on using that to go to the rooftop.


Elevators were too slow. He could climb faster by foot. Naruto blinked and dashed towards the back of the lobby. He arrived in front of a red door with a Fire Exit sign and pulled the heavy door open. Naruto's eyes immediately adjusted to the darkness and he looked up to see the seemingly endless flight of stairs. Unconsciously, the blue tint in his irises faded into blood red. Naruto looked up to see how far the stairs would go and his mind estimated how far up must he climb to reach the top. The Red Fox did not waste any time. He leapt from railing to railing with incredible speed, reaching the top floors without using the steps.


All right, he was attracting so much attention now.

When viewed from the highest peak in Konoha, the night view of the whole city was breathtakingly beautiful. The million lights were twinkling as if greeting he who wished to take the time to look at them. Was this what the Red Fox saw every night? This town, that possessed an incredible view, has captured the Fox's devotion. Sasuke felt his fear fading away, the more he stared at the wide open space.

His wrist watch gave a small beep as the numbers on it changed into 12:00. Sasuke stepped his right foot forward.

Red Fox, I know you will be here.

Then, he felt his body fall.


He was about to kick again but his mind already calculated that the attack was too fast and the knife would definitely hit his chest. He braced himself for the feel of the cold knife in his heart and shut his eyes.

But nothing came. He looked up to see what happened and found himself staring back at a pair of red, cat-like eyes. He gathered his presence of mind and looked at the other attacker who was unconscious on the ground, the knife laying beside his limp hand. That guy was on the ground along with the other one whom he just kicked unconscious.

His attention was brought back as he heard his rescuer say in a deadly whisper, "Let him go."

Then the hold on his arms was suddenly released, he almost fell back. "I-it's you." He heard his attacker stutter, before running out of the alley in fear. The boy who saved him turned around to face the brunette. But it was too dark to make out a face. So the rumors were true, that the only thing that you could see were his red eyes.


Sasuke opened his eyes as he felt his feet leave the solid concrete of the building ledge. His eyes looked up at the stars and for a moment, he forgot what was happening. But his body instantly responded when he felt a pair of strong arms encircled his chest. They were holding him tight and keeping him from falling.

I knew you'd save me.

Sasuke turned around to face the expected red eyes. But he was startled to see a pair of worried blue ones.

"Oi! Just what the hell are you doing?!" Naruto's blue eyes angrily looked back at him. He was leaning on the edge with his outstretched arms around Sasuke. Naruto saved him?

What… Naruto? "Let go of me!" He tried prying Naruto's arms so that he could be released but the blonde's grip on him seemed like steel. It wasn't supposed to happen like this! The whole plan was ruined. He was already airborne. That meant Naruto was barely in time to catch Sasuke. Only a matter of milliseconds and Naruto could've missed him.

"Stop struggling! I'll help you up!" Naruto was still holding him tight and was trying to pull him up on the safe side just behind the ledge.

"What…?" This couldn't be happening. Currently, Sasuke was too shocked to even come up with a comeback to shout at Naruto. He was seconds away from confirming if the Red Fox would truly come to save him. "NO! Let go!"

"What's wrong with you?" Naruto shouted angrily. "You're acting stupid!"

"Bullshit! Mind your own business! Dobe!"

"SHUT UP, TEMEE!" Naruto heaved again, slowly taking Sasuke up with him on the roof top. "And stop scratching me!"

Sasuke was gripping his fists so tightly. Naruto just didn't know what was going on that was why he was doing this. But Sasuke had no time to explain, he had to accomplish this as soon as possible. "Naruto, I swear if you don't let me go…"

"If I let you go Sasuke, you'll die!"

"I won't." Sasuke stubbornly replied.


"He'll save me…" Realizing that the blonde has his arms around him, "What are you still doing?!" Sasuke angrily punched his fist against Naruto's face. The blow was strong, enough to have broken Naruto's nose or cut his lip. But Naruto didn't even flinch. He was just staring at Sasuke unbelievingly.


"If I let you go Sasuke, you'll die!"

"I won't."

Damn. Why was he being so difficult? "Sasuke..."

"He'll save me." The Red Fox.

Naruto realized that Sasuke wanted the Red Fox to save him, and not 'Naruto'.

"What are you still doing?" Sasuke shouted at him. Naruto was vaguely aware of Sasuke's fist connecting on his face, but he didn't react to it. He barely felt any pain even. He just couldn't believe this revelation that just presented itself to him right now. Naruto pulled Sasuke up from the ledge, despite the Uchiha's persistent struggling, and brought him back on the safe cement on the roof.

But Naruto did not let him go.

Sasuke was still slightly struggling when Naruto pulled him up, and the blonde was getting lost in his thoughts because of the revelation that he has just heard Sasuke utter so truthfully. Sasuke suddenly turned around to face Naruto and to punch him again but Naruto already saw what he was going to do. Putting his arms around Sasuke so suddenly, refraining Sasuke's arms and hand from delivering their planned attack. Sasuke struggled with all his might and Naruto didn't want to completely immobilize him.

Unexpectedly, they both lost balance and fell on the hard, cemented roof. Naruto had made sure that it was him who would hit it first, so that the Uchiha won't get hurt. Sasuke laid on top of him, completely still as Naruto's arms encircled him and pulled him down for a tight embrace. Naruto felt Sasuke's sudden stillness, but he didn't let him go. He couldn't.

The intoxicating scent of Sasuke's hair was drowning him. Naruto pulled him so close, it was impossible for any space to still exist between them. "Sasuke, you trust in the Red Fox so much that you are even willing to jump to your death without having any proof that he would save you." You trust me that much? Naruto was aware of the sudden chaos that was happening down at the streets. The spectators saw what happened and everybody believed that it was fortunate that someone had been on the rooftop all along and prevented the boy from falling. Naruto heard the sirens of the police cars and the shouts of Sasuke's co-employees as they entered the building.

Naruto loosened his hold on Sasuke, but he still didn't let go.

Sasuke looked back with a determined expression to match Naruto's. "Faith doesn't need proof."

Naruto felt Sasuke get up on top of him. He couldn't help thinking how much he had learned from Sasuke's real feelings tonight as he watched the Uchiha walk away from him angrily.

Then his eyes momentarily flashed from blue to red, then back again. I want to tell him.


Two figures were perched on an old billboard whose lights were slightly dull and were blinking erratically. From afar, the two seem to blend in the darkness, but if one looked closely, you would see something else.

"Interesting." A pair of snake-like eyes blinked. "I never believed that the rumors were true."

"What is, Orochimaru-sama?" The other one asked as he pushed his glasses higher on his nose bridge.

"The Kyuubi has returned."


to be continued.

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