Prompt: 079. Safegaurd

By: Vampire Toy

Rating: PG13

Character Focus: Marlene, Cloud


"I love you." She told him.

She told him every night, because he needed to hear it.

"I love you too." he replied.

He said it every night, because she needed to believe it.

They were a good few years apart but it didn't matter to either of them. When Marlene had turned eighteen, Cloud had first approached her.

He'd told her that he had always loved her and that he'd waited for her to grow to ask if she loved him too.

She said she did.

She knew she was lying.

She knew he was lying.

But Marlene was ok with it, because if she woke up early enough she could see his hair free of its gel. And when his hair was messy and sticking out every which way in those early morning rays, she could almost see him.

He knew he was using her to replace someone.

He knew she was using him to replace someone.

But Cloud was ok with it, because when she stood in just the right light, her bow and her braid would shine ever so brightly. If he caught her at just the right angle, he could see her.

When Cloud was away on missions, Marlene had time to think. It brought her back to realizing that he really had died that night in her arms. Still she thought over everything she didn't want to think about.

How his hair was much too light to be his.

How his eyes were much too sad to be his.

How everything about him, just wasn't him.

When he left Marlene to go on his missions, Cloud would compare the two. He didn't like doing it, as it brought him back to reality, a reality where she did not exist. They were almost the same but too different.

Her hair was too dark to be hers.

Her eyes were too sullen to be hers.

Her personality, her hobbies, it just wasn't her.

But neither of them dwelled too long on any of the differences.

Because when Marlene came to greet Cloud, he was always dirtied from the job and his hair was always a beautiful mess.

Because as Cloud held out his arms for Marlene to embrace him, she would be in just the right light.

Marlene knew he was just her safegaurd.

Cloud knew she was just his safegaurd.

They both knew none of it was for real.


A/N: Woah, angsty much? In case you were confused, Cloud missed Aeris and Marlene missed Denzel. Yes Denzel is dead in this. Anyway, I started a 100 Situations challenge and this was one of the prompts. I'll be putting the others in as chapters, out of order of course, but still. Hope you liked. R&R please. Flames Welcome.