Prompt: 042. Accident

By: Vampire Toy

Rating: PG13

Character Focus: Marlene, Yuffie

Warnings: Angst and femslash….that means hints of girl x girl love.


An accident, that's what it was.

Something that wasn't supposed to happen, something that wasn't her fault.

A mishap.

The female ninja's heart was racing; she had lost her.

Lost her!

How did she lose someone who she cared about so much?

She couldn't ask for help, people would only hold it against her, she knew they would.

Didn't they always?

Even if it was an accident.

Just an accident.

They would say that they had known all along that she would mess up, that this would happen.

Yuffie didn't always mind it when her friends would say things like that; she couldn't help being a teensy bit troublesome; it came with her profession.

But this time….no this time she didn't want to hear it.

This time she was angry enough at herself to take what they said to heart, this time she knew they would mean it.

She didn't want it to be this way!

It was bad enough when they had first started going out, her and Marlene.

Barret was pissed.

"You made my baby gay, what is it with you? Couldn't you find someone else to fuck up?"

They might have been harsh words if it weren't already in Barret's personality to spew out things like that. It was very much like him to grow a second head when his daughter was involved.

That and Yuffie could easily play off his nasty words; it didn't much matter to her what others thought anyway.

Barret got over it in the end, didn't he?

Well, after a long bout of threats and restraining orders anyway….

It was very Romeo and Juliet, Yuffie thought.

A very harsh journey that ended a little happier than the play.

Or not.

She'd made a mistake, hadn't been calculating enough like Cid, hadn't been observant enough like Vincent; she'd completely messed up.

It was an accident.

An accident.

Everyone was silent.

They stood around the hospital bed with sullen faces, all of them looking down at the little girl who'd grown up so fast only to fall near death too soon.

It was an accident.

Yuffie just wanted Marlene to liven up a little; she was the cautious one of the two after all.

"Let me teach you to ride a motorcycle."

Yuffie just wanted Marlene to have fun with her.

Marlene did well; she learned fast, but not fast enough.

Yuffie closed her eyes tightly as tears began to trickle down her face.

The ninja had even bought Marlene her own motorcycle.

Dammit she had been ready! She was ready and everything had just gone wrong.

They were both riding, shouting over at each other despite it being nearly impossible to hear either of their voices over the roar of the engines.

That might have been the first hint at a problem; they couldn't hear each other.

Yuffie couldn't hear Marlene when she had shrieked.

When Marlene 'fell behind' she didn't realize that Marlene had fallen.

When she honked at a truck whizzing by, giving the driver a playful wave; she didn't realize that he would be distracted.

Yuffie turned to find Marlene had fallen and her bike had her legs pinned.

The driver of the truck had only just seen her; he pressed on the breaks as fast as he could, he swerved, he did everything he could to keep from hitting her.

But he did hit her.

It was an accident; it wasn't the drivers fault.

It wasn't her fault…..Yuffie couldn't have known….or maybe….what Yuffie had thought was a squeal of joy, was Marlene's scream for help.

It was an accident.

Yuffie opened her eyes to look at the scarred girl in front of her who barely managed to stay alive each night.

It was an accident.

An accident that was all her fault.


A/N: I'm such an angst muffin. Whelp, I'd never seen this pairing so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Hope you enjoy.