Scene 3

(The scene begins with our featured characters sitting in a circle again with Angel and the Phantom holding hands and gazing dreamily into each others eyes. Annie looks confused at the couple. Glinda is too engrossed in her own beauty and popularity to notice and Leo shares his opinion on the couple in song:)

Song 3 ("Sung to the Tune of Doin' What Comes Nat'rally" from Annie Get Your Gun)

Leo: Folks are queer where I come from

And You two remind me

Of two folk I used to know

In New York City. (In New York City)

Roger DeBris was his name

And Carmen was the other

They didn't take after dear old dad

They took after their mother! (took after their mother)

(Starts making hillbilly noises and twirling his blue blankie in the air.)

I'm sorry. Everyone else was singing. It was making me hysterical. I SING WHEN I'M HYSTERICAL! Why is everyone looking at me? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(Leo runs around the room in a hysterical fashion clutching on to his blue blanket even harder than before.)

Annie: What is wrong with this fella? He seems to be cookier than a quail with his tail on fire!

Glinda: (While filing her nails) He must have not been popular as a child.

Phantom: Not everyone who wasn't popular as a child turns out weird.

Glinda: (Continuing to file her nails) Mmmmmmmhmmmm, if you say so. . .

Angel: Is anyone going to do anything about him?

(Glinda looks up from filing her nails and everyone exchanges looks.)

Glinda: You seem like a people person Angel. You helped Phantom why don't you give him a shot? After all, these things are meant to try us…

Angel: Ok, ok I'll try to help Mr. Loco en el cabeza.

End of Scene 3