Authors Note: By the way, i'm Obi-Wan. . I did this one day after reading another fic similar, so I was just kinda like, wheee! Let's write one! Plus it's really fun to do!

The title is what my friend says...alot...XD

Oh Shnaple…

"Hurry it up you baka's!" Kell shouted from the living room. "FMA'S ALMOST ON!"

"AH! DON'T LET IT START WITHOUT US!" two voices screamed from the back room. Zan and Obi-Wan came running from the back and threw themselves on the couch, ultimately landing on top of one another.

"Get offa me!" Obi-Wan shouted as she pushed Zan onto the floor.

"SHHH! It's on!" Kell yelled.

"Humankind cannot gain anything…." Al's voice began. Then, the T.V went black.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the three girls squealed in very, very high pitched fan girlish squeals. Like if Obi-Wan had seen Envy. Or Zan had seen Roy or Al. Or is Kell had seen Ed. Or if….well…you get the picture.

"WHAT HAPPENED! FIX IT KELL! IT'S YOUR T.V! FIXITFIXITFIXITFIXITFIXIT!" Obi-Wan screamed. Zan smacked her in the back of the head.

"QUIET!" she said as Kell stood. She walked over to the T.V and looked at the back.

"Weeeeeeeell. Everything's plugged in." she stated.

"And there's no storm so the power didn't go out." Zan said.

"Wait. I've read fan fics about these things. You smack the T.V and get sucked into the show you were watching!" Obi-Wan said. The three girls looked at each other, then a sadistic, crazy, insane, illogical, silly grin came over each of their faces.

"SMACK THE DAMN T.V!" Zan and Obi-Wan shouted to Kell. She smacked it.

"OW!" she shouted, holding her hand. Nothing happened.

"Well. It was worth a shot." Obi-Wan said.

"Yeah. But we still don't have FMA!" Zan cried.

"Well it was the first episode. We've seen it a million times." Kell said. They all sat in front of the T.V, staring at the blank screen.

Ten minutes later…..

"I'm boooooooooooored!" Zan said in a high pitched voice.


"Wassat?" Obi-Wan asked. All six eyes fell to the television.


"I think it's the T.V" Zan stated.

"Thank you Capita Obvious." Obi-Wan said.


Each girl shrieked and backed away from the tele.

"KELL YOUR T.V'S GONNA EAT US!" Zan screamed.


Suddenly, a picture appeared on the screen….well….actually it was just a purple screen.

"Go touch it." Kell said to Zan and Obi-Wan.

"Hell no! You do it!" Zan said.

"We'll all do it!" Obi-Wan said. Kell and Zan nodded. "Uh….alright. In case something happens. Everyone hold hand's so we don't get lost." she said. Again a nod.

"LET'S GO ALREADY!" Kell shouted.

"KEEP IT DOWN IN THERE!" her mom screamed from the back. The girls flinched.

"'Kay. Here we go." Obi-Wan said as she moved toward the screen. She poked it and it rippled, then turned green. "GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!" she shrieked and dove head first into the green screen, dragging her two friends with her.


"WE'RE FALLING!" Kell shouted.


"LOOK GROUND! I WONDER IF IT'LL BE MY FRIEND! HELLO GROUND!(1)" Obi-Wan yelled above the roar of the wind passing by them. They all looked at each other.




1) For those who've seen Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy you know what I'm talking about.

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