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Last time on 'Oh Shnaple'…

"Well, we're dumber than a sack of hammers, that's why," Caitlyn said.

"Quick! Everyone think of Kell's house!" Caitlyn said. She turned to Sari. "'cept, maybe not you. It might be weird if some random doodly just showed up at Kell's…," she said. Sari nodded.

"I'll think of my house!" she said, nodding. Everyone agreed.

"Alright. One. Two. THREE!!" Zan said. Everybody, save for Havoc, closed their eyes and concentrated on Kell's living room. The t.v where Caitlyn played Silent Hill whilst Kell had the strategy guide; the large table where they'd shared many a pizza and coke; and Kell's computer, where they continuously played random Kingdom Hearts amvs.

Too bad nothing happened.

Laura opened her eyes first, staring around at Roy's office.

"GUYS! Nothing happened!!" she wailed. Slowly, the other's eyes' opened.

"Sheeeeeeeeeet," Caitlyn said slowly. "Whadda we do now?" she asked. Kell shrugged.

"Well. We're stuck in the Fullmetal world, with Havoc, and a theory no one can see us at the moment. Oh, not to mention my mother and your scary faja at my house, looking for us," she said. Caitlyn nodded.

"Wait a sec," Zan said. "I have another theory."

"Another stroke of brilliance from Zan!!" Caitlyn said, smiling widely.

"Yus, Zan?" Laura asked.

"Okay. Here's my other theory. Maybe thinking about going home didn't work, since we don't really want to go home quite yet. I mean, we'll want to eventually, but why now?" she said. Caitlyn cleared her throat.

"Because I'm a dead Heat Miser if I don't get home. Then again, We CAN just tell our parents the truth…," she said.

"Pfft! How would they believe us?" Sari asked. Laura smiled.

"Well, we just convince them to turn to Fullmetal, then we appear where we should be able to be seen!" she said.

"Genius. Pure genius," Kell said. "Alright, prepare. Caitlyn. Call your dad, I'll call mum." Caitlyn gulped.

"It'll be a battle ground. Brace yourselves, y'all," she said, pulling out her cell and looking at the screen. "Oh my dear lord. I've had so many missed calls, it can't even count. Look." She held her cell up so everyone could see the screen.

There was a sideways eight, then 'missed calls.'

"Oh nuus. Here we go," she flipped open her phone as Kell did, and they both dialed.

"Before you even start!" they said as soon as their parents picked up. "We need you to go to Cartoonnetwork, and look for Fullmetal Alchemist," they said. There was a reply that, surprisingly, wasn't shouted, then the two teens sighed in relief.

"My dad's in Kell's house, and they're turning to Fullmetal," Caitlyn whispered, covering the mouthpiece to the phone.

"They're on the channel!" Kell said as her mother came back on the line. "Okie, now, just wait a second. You'll see where we went," Kell said into the phone.

"Let's go!" Laura said, grabbing Havoc and running out of the office.

"What part is the show at?" Caitlyn asked her dad. "Guys! To the movie theater!" she told everyone.

They forced Havoc to speed to the movie theater, to see Roy and a woman going inside. Havoc was soon in tears, realizing that was his previous quote-un-quote "girlfriend." After consoling him, the teenage girls went running over and jumped in front of Roy and the woman. Kell and Caitlyn could hear the phones as they hit the floor on the other line.

"See! We can't exactly come home yet!" Caitlyn shouted. He dad picked up the phone.

"Be home before ten," he said, then hung up. Kell's mother was slightly more dumb-fecked still. There was silence from the other end.

"I think I'm going to take an aspirin and lie down…," she said.

"Okie!" Kell said, then hung up.

"Alrighty, now that THAT horrific incident of terror is over, now what?" Caitlyn asked. Laura shrugged.

"We could have some fun!" Zan declared. Everyone whole-heartedly agreed.

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