Author's Notes: Okay this is my first story focusing entirely on the couple Michi. The other couples are Sorato, Tairine, Takatherine, and Daikari. It's AU and maybe a little OOC.

When they say you're
not that strong
Well you're not that weak
It's not your fault
When you climb up to your hill
Up to your place
I hope you're well
There's nothing left to prove
Nothing I won't do
Nothing like the pain
I feel for you
Nothing left to hide
Nothing left to fear
I am always here
-"Not Enough," Our Lady Peace

Not Enough
Chapter One

Yagami Taichi didn't understand this whole love business or the rather irksome associates that people were forced to put up with. Especially when those rather irksome associates had the gall to become his constant companions for the past three months as they had taken up residence is his best friend, Ishida Yamato.

He growled as he was jarred awake by a powerful, beautiful voice floating into his room from the bathroom. Rubbing his deep chocolate eyes grumpily, he yelled at the singer to keep it down and subsequently pounded his fist on the wall adjacent to the bathroom in emphasis. The second man, name Yamato, told him through the thin wall to screw himself before going back to his concert.

Twenty-four year old Taichi had to bit down on his lower lip to refrain from responding loudly and merely grumbled under his breath as he stumbled to his feet. Still not fully awake he pulled on a large black tee shirt over his blue boxers before opening his door and padding down the hall towards the kitchen.

Taichi, Yamato, Takaishi Takeru (Yamato's younger brother), Motomiya Daisuke, and Kido Jyou all lived in what was once an industrial loft that spent its time producing underground bands. There were five bedrooms, one bathroom, a large living room taking up most of the central space of the loft, and a kitchen/dining room. The walls were painted a calming light blue (Jyou's idea) in all the common areas and whatever color the guys wanted for their separate rooms; the floor boards were sturdy, and a polished oak color but unable to be seen under the piles of dirty clothes, one or two pizza boxes, and various other kinds of clutter. There was a smell of sweat, beer, cheap cologne, and some unidentifiable food odors mixed together to become that patent guy smell.

He yawned and nodded good morning to his other three roommates, whom, with the exception of Jyou, were all as groggy and mildly irritated as he was to be woken up at-Taichi looked up at the clock on the kitchen wall and scowled further-at five o'clock in the morning.

The eldest of the five at twenty-five Kido Jyou was fully dressed and utterly unfazed by the sour dispositions of the other three as he flipped through the newspaper. He was the tallest with long navy hair reaching his shoulders, deep obsidian eyes hidden behind glasses, pale skin from hours spent indoors filming, and a slim build. He wore a black tee-shirt with a white cross on front, blue jeans so well taken care of they looked brand new, and white socks. A broken in jean jacket was draped across the back of his chair and his small, silver video camera was in its black case and rested on the table next to his left arm.

Next to him twenty-one year old Motomiya Daisuke feebly raised one hand in greeting before letting it fall back on the table where it soon became a resting place for his head. His hair was a rich maroon color and cut short but was usually gelled upwards in spikes, his eyes were a such a deep brown people could drown in their depths, and his skin was healthily tanned for all the years he had spent outside, playing soccer under the beating sun. He wasn't overly muscular but he would neither be considered stocky nor thin and he wore a navy blue robe over black boxers with yellow smiley faces on them.

At the counter attempting to make coffee but nodding off every five seconds was twenty-one year old Takaishi Takeru. Many considered Takeru to be a clone of his elder brother but once one studied their features they would notice the obvious mistakes. He had blonde hair that constantly looked tussled by the wind, a round boyish face, electric blue eyes that danced with happiness, a light tan, and an athletic build. He wore a green tee-shirt and dark blue pajama bottoms with light blue stripes on the sides.

"Good morning," called Jyou from over the paper. Taichi rolled his eyes to the ceiling as his friend was unable to see his actions. The blue haired man had a habit for overlooking the obvious even though he was a filmmaker.

"That's an oxymoron," murmured Daisuke as he closed his eyes and sank down into his seat. Taichi grunted his assent and collapsed into the chair across from them, jarring Takeru out of another of his brief lapses into sleep.

"I wasn't asleep!" yelped the young blonde man as he busied himself with the coffee maker. "I'm…not…asleep," he muttered, nodding off once again.

Taichi rolled his eyes once again and would have said something but without warning the bathroom door was slammed open and an unusually exuberant Yamato strutted out. Now Yamato was drop dead gorgeous with messy, shoulder length blonde hair, orbs the color of the ocean, a high cheekboned face, and a tall, slender form. He wore a button up black shirt, grey-black jeans that he had owned for a few years and had cut holes in the legs, a black choker, and black socks. The smell of vanilla clung to him and to Taichi at least, it was the only welcome change to their normal lives.

Yamato smiled brightly at them all as he hummed a tune. "Good morning, everyone-,"

"Would everyone please stop saying that?" interrupted Daisuke.

The elder blonde ignored him and pushed his brother over to the table, taking over the duty of making coffee that morning. For a few moments the only sounds in the loft was Yamato's humming as he brewed the coffee and took down cups from the cabinets and of course Takeru's light snoring.

Taichi rubbed his temples when they started threatening him with the beginnings of a headache. "Jesus, Yamato could you give it a rest. You found a girl, we get it. Stop rubbing it in our faces already…"

Yamato smirked at him but shook his head. "I haven't found Sora yet Taichi. No worries though; she'll notice my devilishly handsome good looks soon enough. Only a matter of time…"

The brunette snorted and his friend glared at him. "Don't start, Taichi."

"Why not? You know I'm right," he countered, a frown plastered on his usually grinning face. "You've known this girl for all of what, three months, and you're already madly in love with her. Yeah right…there's something wrong with you, dude."

"Just wait Taichi. One of these days you'll finally find a girl that holds your attention for more than five seconds and that'll be it. And I'll be there to rub it in your face, of course."

He snorted at the garbage coming out of his best friend's mouth. The day he decided to settle down with one girl and one girl only would be the day California broke apart from the United States to go hang out with Hawaii and Alaska.

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