Disclaimer: I don't own The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy or Danny Phantom. The rating was upped because of references to a bad word that rhymes with mass.


Sam's got a Date With Fred Fredburger chapter 4: Carnival Antics

The trio of two teenagers and an elephant monster guy continued on, quickly a conveniently placed TV distracted Fred.

TV: From PU Games and Maxass comes THE BUTTS 2! Create your own butt; give a home, friends and family! And coming soon The Butts 2: Univarseity Expansion Pack. Rated GM for Gluteus Maximums.

Fred: WOW!

Sam: This is the worst date ever.

Fred: This is a date?

Sam: (annoyed) Yes.

Because Fred now knew it was a date he kissed Sam on the lips.

Fred: Ewww, you taste like spooky!

Sam: (With hearts for eyes) FRED! #($&#(! (The last part was to disgusting to describe so we just but a lot of funny symbols.)

The Goth grabbed the horrified elephant monster guy and took him two her house as a prisoner of love (tee he a love using names of episodes). Tucker just shrugged and went off to get more food and flirt with every female in a two-mile radius.

The End