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It was a rainy and dreary looking afternoon. That was fine as far as Christy was concerned. She liked being inside, either playing video games, or reading books. After all, you don't need good weather to enjoy a good story, whether it was from a game or a book.

Christy was careful as she walked into her room, which was messy. The floor was littered with paper, and her clothes were thrown about. It looked like a tornado had gone through and left the walls and the ceiling intact.

Christy didn't want to slip on anything and risk dropping the package that she held in her hands. It had just arrived in the mail a couple minutes ago. The box wasn't too small, but it wasn't too big either. She had to admit to herself that she was surprised. She didn't get a lot of mail.

Slowly, she sat down, and set the package across her lap. Very carefully, she untied the string and opened the box. Her eyes went wide with what she saw lying inside. A beautiful white covered book, with golden swirled markings. There were three colored gems on it. Green, red and blue. The book looked like it was brand new.

Carefully, Christy removed the book from the box. She looked at the spine, checking for the title of the book, but found nothing. She turned the book over in her hands. Finally, on instinct, she looked back in the box, looking for a letter in the box that would explain what it was. Still she found nothing.

Christy smiled and thought nothing more about it. The idea of reading this book was already on her mind. After all, she had nothing better to do. Not while her brother had the TV playing a game, and she didn't feel like reading anything else.

She gently placed the book back in the box. Holding on to the box, she stood and placed it on her bed. She went to work on her floor, picking up papers for old story ideas she fiddled with when she was younger and threw them away. She threw her clothes in her closet, and the remaining pieces of paper under her bed. It wasn't the best way to go about cleaning up a space to read, but she was like that.

Finally, she had enough space to lie down, and read the book. Christy removed the book from the box, promising herself that she would take the box out of her room, and plopped down on the red carpet. She set the book on the floor, very carefully. She opened the book and prepared to lie down, on her stomach. She faltered when she noticed a piece of paper stuck on the inside cover of the book.

"It looks so old," she mumbled to herself. She grabbed at the piece of paper, being careful not to rip it. She didn't know why she was being so careful with the book. Or this piece of paper for that matter. Deciding it wouldn't be a big loss, she simply tore the piece of paper from the book.

From this side, the piece of paper, or parchment as it looked like now, had no writing on it. Turning it over, however, revealed words in black ink. Well, not normal words. To most people this would look like a lot of nonsense.

But, Christy smiled anyway. For the heck of it, she read these words out loud. "Ruma notum lavo sa!" She couldn't help giggling slightly. Those words could be another language, or a magic spell. There was more words, and she was about to say them too, when she heard a voice call her name. It was her mother.

"Coming!" Christy called back, and stuffed the paper back in the book, and closed the cover. Part of the parchment stuck out of the book like it was a bookmark. She would look at it later when she had the time. She set the book on the table next to her bed. Taking the box with her, Christy walked out of her room.

Christy ended up being really busy. First, she had to go shopping with her mom, as the storm had settled a bit. That took longer than they hoped, when they got caught in a long line. Then, right when she got home, she noticed that the TV was free, and decided to play the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on their Gamecube. She did so much stuff that she forgot about the book and the piece of parchment, until she went into her room that night to get some sleep.

Feeling a little tired, she decided not to change into her pajamas. They were most likely on her floor somewhere, and was in no mood to look. She slipped into her covers, and turned the lamp on by her bed, and set the book across her lap.

"I'm going to at least finish reading that parchment," Christy said to herself. She pulled the parchment from the book, smiling to herself. She loved to make up stuff in her head, and this time was no exception. "It would be so cool if this was a real magic spell." Then she cleared her throat, and prepared to read it like she was casting a spell.

"Ruma notum lavo sa! Dalo nin sonoka!"

Christy gasped in surprise when she finished. The parchment suddenly caught on fire, which caused her to drop it without thinking, right on the book. Strangely, the book did not get burned. The only thing added was the ashes that the parchment was now.

"Weird," she mumbled, and put her hands nervously through her short brown hair. She got out of bed carrying the book with her. She held the book with the front cover, and the ashes facing her. She was going to dump the ashes in the trash.

She was almost to the trash can in her room, which she rarely used, when a great wind blew in her room, blowing the ashes everywhere. "What is going on!" was all Christy could say. What was happening seemed so unreal! The last thing she could remember for a while was a flash of light that was so bright, it hurt her eyes.

Two figures entered the shrine, after receiving the summons from the High Oracle, Impa. One was a young man who was clothed in green. The other was a young woman who wore a royal gown. Although she was of the bloodline of the royal family, titles were pretty meaningless here.

"You called us, Impa?" asked the young woman, waiting for her reply. The High Oracle turned slowly, setting her red eyes on the pair.

"Link. Princess Zelda. Thank you both for coming." Her smile was grim, which was noticed by both of them. It made the two uneasy. "I feel someone. A girl. Lost and alone. You must find her and bring her here."

Link was horrified when he heard that. "What do you mean a girl is out there, Impa! Wouldn't she know better than to be outside at this time of night?"

Impa shook her head at the boy, and turned her back on the pair. "Of course not, Link. The girl doesn't belong here."

Zelda stared at Impa's back. She had never heard that before. "What do you mean she doesn't belong here, Impa?"

"I don't know myself," Impa admitted, looking at the young lady over her shoulder.

"I see," Zelda said slowly. It was better to just accept the words that Impa said. After all, they would find out soon enough. "This girl. Where is she, Impa?"

"She's in the Forest of Despair," answered the Oracle gravely. "That is all I know. I wish I could help you further, but the future is clouded."

Link stood straight and tall. He reached to his back and removed his sword from his scabbard. In a courageous voice, he said, "Don't worry, High Oracle Impa! We'll find the girl before Ganon's forces do!"

Impa turned back to them, a smile firmly on her face. "I knew you would say that, Link! I am counting on you two to find her!"

"We'll find her!" Link said confidently.

Zelda sighed a little bit. That was Link for you. He was full of courage, but due to that he could be pretty reckless sometimes. But, he was always thinking of others, which was one of the reasons she liked him so much. "Courage is one thing, Link, but we need to prepare ourselves first."

Link grinned back. He was used to that. Zelda was always the cautious one. Some say that was one of the reasons she was so wise. "I know, I know."

The first thing Christy was aware of was wind, the coolness of it touching her skin. And the fact that she was lying down on a patch of grass. Her eyes popped open. At first, all she could see was darkness.

"Where am I?" she asked confused, as she stood. She barely noticed that she was clutching that book to her chest, very tightly. As her eyes adjusted, she found that she was surrounded by many trees. It looked like a dark forest, and the howls she soon heard made it more spookier.

Wondering if someone could hear her, she called loudly. "Hello?" Her cry echoed right back to her.

Christy gasped in alarm when she saw two pig like men. They were carrying lanterns and weapons. One had a spear, the other had a sword and shield on his back.. They were dressed in some strange armor that was meant for them. Christy recognized them as Moblins from the Legend of Zelda games.

"Well, what do we have here?" the Moblin with the spear gave what Christy assumed was an evil grin.

Christy gulped nervously. Maybe she was dreaming. Bad things always happened in her dreams. But, it felt too real. "I'm just passing through," the girl said weakly. She started to back up slowly, but the Moblins noticed this and took a few steps closer.

The Moblin with the sword took hold of his weapon and laughed at her. It was easy to see that he sensed her fear. "We'll have to take you Lord Ganondorf!"

Christy's eyes were wide with horror when she heard that. First Moblins, and now she hears about Ganondorf! She wanted to convince herself she was dreaming, but she knew she wasn't. The grass under her feet, and the wind rustling her hair felt too real to be a dream.

Christy turned and started to run. She could hear the footsteps of the Moblins following her. She sucked in her breath and screamed at the top of her lungs. "HELP!"