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At World's End: Chapter One

She was fed up. She didn't want to be a pirate anymore. Thirteen years ago she sailed on the Black Pearl with Captain Jack Sparrow. But his crew mutinied, and refused to maroon her on the island with him. She was shackled to the mast and had to watch as Jack got smaller and smaller on the tiny strip of land.

Captain Barbossa had decided that she and he would be married. Then she would only provide the services of a wife, not a pirate and when he was done with her, he would land her.

My name is Danielle Marie Reese. More commonly known as Dani. And I was betrothed to Captain Jack Sparrow thirteen years ago. I was a pirate on his ship. The crew thought I was bad luck, until Jack was gone, then they saw me as a benefit.

Jack and I didn't even see the mutiny coming. One day we just woke up and there was the entire crew holding us at gunpoint. I screamed and cried as they made Jack walk the plank. I didn't know what to do. He looked at me and told me everything would be all right and kissed my forehead. But everything wasn't all right.

I was shackled to the bedpost inside the cabin that used to belong to Jack and I while Barbossa went through my things and worst of all…Jack's things. They wanted the compass of Jack's that doesn't point north. But Jack had taken that with him.

Barbossa grew angry at me, screaming that he needed to find it to help him find the Isla de la Muerta. I told him that if he wanted to find it, he had to do it himself. Nothing could help him now.

The day that we were supposed to be married, we were a few miles off shore from Port Royal. I jumped ship with a few of my belongings and swam. I swam as fast and as hard as I could. If I couldn't be with Jack on the ocean, I would rather be alone on land.

I used what money I could gather, and could swim with, to buy a small flat in Port Royal. My name was changed to Danielle Meyer, because I didn't want to be recognized. I couldn't bear to have someone find me out as pirate after I had given up that lifestyle.

I then used my dressmaking skills to keep the ladies in Port Royal, mostly government official's wives happy. I could produce a dress in two days, if I worked all night. I have now been working as the royal dressmaker for the last thirteen years, trying to erase my life as a fugitive pirate.