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"Who's idea was it to go to Alaska anyway? The other Fudomine's went to other places for their break but mine had to surprise me with this! I never got to find out where Akira-kun went on his vacation. My it's cold. It's starting to snow.. Why am I the one getting firewood again? Oh crap! It's slippery! I'm slipping!" Ibu Shinji fell in the snow. "It's…cold…" he said before succumbing to slumber.

"Tsunaide te no…huh? Shinji?" Akira Kamio sensed he should leave the forest he was currently in, listening to his favorite L'arc en Ceil cd, and go into the blizzard. Even though he had on his headset his Fudomine sixth sense kicked in. "Oh my god! There's someone down in the snow! Sorry L'arc, whoever it is needs some rhythm right now I'm pretty sure it's Shinji but I'm not sure how I know that." he said as he made his way to his friend.

There he was, warm and fed in front of these tall white gates surrounded by music and peace, when he heard a familiar voice. "Not yet! Don't you dare leave me yet!"

"Why is Akira in heaven?" Shinji thought.

"Come on Shinji! Stay with me buddy! We're almost there then we can get warm, okay? Luckily I know the manager and he gave me the keys to this cabin up ahead." Akira was dragging his friend through the snow into the cabin. "No one's here but I'm sure Hotarou wouldn't mind if we stay here until the snow stops falling, ne? Oh I'll get blankets and there's some firewood already here. Good."

"Who is talking? Their voice is so comforting and their warmth is so welcoming." Shinji thought before coming to. "Hm."

"Shinji! Your awake!" Akira gasped. "You're still shivering! Only one last option left." Akira remembered something he learned in boy scouts years ago about body heat when you are cold. First he took his own clothing off then started to remove Shinji's. An involuntary shiver coursed its way throughout his body. They were only clad in their underwear so the young rhythm master figured he was just cold, yet the shiver was warm. He laid beside his friend and reached a blanket over both of them and hummed them both to slumber-Ville.

When he awoke, the first thing Shinji noticed was the fact that he was in a warm cabin. The next thing was the fact that he was not alone. He was on a couch with his best friend with his arms and legs wrapped around him. By the sound of his musical snores Shinji assumed that Akira sang them to sleep. Smiling Shinji allowed slumber to take him once again.

Awhile later, Shinji awoke again, also before Akira. He reached down to kiss Akira's eyelids.

"Hm? Oh Shinji! Your finally awake? Are you feeling better?"

"Hai my little lead singer." And he kissed Akira's questioning lips. "No, my hero." he whispered.

At first, Akira was dumbfounded then he kissed Shinji back. The kissing was very warm

"Oh Shinji, when I saw you lying there in the snow I thought I was losing a part of myself." Akira said frantically.

"Sh, I'm fine koi. Perfect and I couldn't feel better! Or happier for that matter!" Suddenly they heard a busy tone. "Huh?"

Akira got up, much to Shinji's dismay, and walked to the phone. He was about to hang up the phone when he instead pulled out the plug. "Oops!" and he walked back to Shinji and crawled back under the covers with him.

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