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This is a companion to 'Little Imp', though you can very well read this separately.


Cover Summary: Though having graduated and long gone, she is a well-known legend passed down on the school grounds of the Ninja Academy. Some protest that she was nothing more then a made up legend. Others claim they saw the spectacle with their own eyes. For she is the only one known to have KO'ed the Hatake Kakashi square in the jaw.

For those who would like to know more of the plot…

Full Summary: Ishiguro Amaya is known as the only daughter of the esteemed Ishiguro household, equal to the ranks of royalty. She was raised as the perfect housewife and is seen so; mild-mannered, graceful, polite, self-less, soothing, peaceful…Hatake Kakashi, mysterious, esteemed genius, masked-shinobi, only has three words to say to that. Bull. Bull. Bull. To him, she is the owner of the 'Fatal Fist' and was once some weird, quirky, rash, jibing, mischievous, trouble-loving-and-making-classmate who had graduated then dropped out for some reason. Now, as an ANBU member assigned to protect the Ishiguro daughter from any harm due to recent, suspicious family deaths, they reunite after nine years. How much has changed to and between the two?


Night Rain

I: Shininess

Do You Remember When We First Met…


"Who. Are you?"

"Are you playing dress up? Can I play? Can I play?"

"…G..Get off of me!"

The frazzled young boy tried to shake off the energetic toddler who seemed keen on examining the wonderfully shiny metal objects the strange boy kept in a pouch on the side of his leg.

"Those aren't toys!"


"..Aaagh!—uumph!" He fell onto his back with the bouncy tot landing knees first, digging into his stomach. The little girl's attention switched immediately to the curious boy who looked around her own age. A new possible playmate? She excitingly grinned and giggled while clapping her hands at that thought.

Meanwhile, the irritated boy snapped his eyes out of their 'X'-marked daze and winced every time the girl bounced up and down on his stomach. She stopped and sat cross-legged, smiling happily down at the narrowed eye boy, her deep, purple eyes sparkling.

"Hi! Hi! Hihihihihi! I'm Amaya! What's your name? What's your name? Are you here to play with me? Are you? Are you? Are you?" The hyper tot jubilantly started to jump up and down again, shouting happily. With every jump, Kakashi wheezed air out in pain in wondering what he'd done to deserve such cruelty and also swore to throttle whoever gave this tot sugar.

True to her short attention span, she stopped a moment and puzzlingly cocked her head to the side, staring at the intriguing mask. While his eyes still swirled around dizzyingly from the trouncing, Amaya's hand slowly reached out to pull down the mask to discover just exactly what he hid behind it. As the first of her fingers brushed against the fabric, a hand darted out and clasped her wrist with an audible clap, holding it tightly in place. She blinked in surprise, her mouth in the perfect shape of an 'o'.

His eyes narrowed in a serious manner. "Let me say this in words you might understand better. No. Touchy." With a 'plop!' she landed on her behind on the grassy ground as the now standing boy brushed himself off, flinching slightly when coming to his stomach.

"Jeez, that hurt…" He gingerly rubbed the inflicted area. At this, the sitting girl perked up and smiled once more.

"Do you have an owchie? When ever I get owchies, nurse kissie it away and it gets aaall better! Do you need a kissie? I think you need a kissie!"

At the first mention of 'owchie', the boy had lowered his eyes into a bothered gaze and lightly scoffed at even having been addressed to with such terms. At the mention of 'kissie', he looked at her alarmingly. "N-no! I don't need a ki—" Too late. The tot had already happily leaped forward, eyes curving up. Kakashi frantically squirmed and tried to lean back and away, unfortunately, such an action caused her kissie to land just a tad lower then the intended abdomen.

Afterwards, he quickly reacted and took a full step back, lightly blushing. He was knowledgeable and mature enough for his young age to know that that was inappropriate for some reason. Of course, with his action the girl fell flat and hard on her face into the grass. She struggled up with a budding bruise on her forehead and had on a most pitiful, large eyed expression filled with such sadness and rising tears in which the boy couldn't help but slump his shoulders and feel shameful guilt.

He scuffled the ground with one foot and rubbed the back of his head while looking another way. "…Um…ano…I…uh…h..h..hey, don't cry!" It was the scent of salt that got his attention as he was trapped in an awkward situation. She sat and whimpered quietly while slow tears ran down her face, looking down at the ground. He was thankful she was not a loud wailer, but somehow, the quietness of her weeping made him feel more at loss and at fault.

"Um……there..there…?" The girl didn't seem to hear and she continued to look more forlorn. With all his knowledge, Kakashi truly did not know what to do. He couldn't remember ever crying himself, and the few times he nearly did in his very early years, he was reprimanded with a talk of how crying would solve nothing.

"….Uh..ah..jeez…" Seeming to settle on a thought, he clenched his fists at his sides and stiffened determinedly, reluctantly walking forwards, comically resembling a wind up toy soldier. Standing just in front of her, he quickly swiveled his head all around with a fierce scowl and as quick as lightening, bent down and gave her a cloth covered peck on the forehead. Nevertheless, she giggled at the slight, tickling sensation of his floppy hair lightly brushing against the sides of her face. And as just as quick, her mood immediately uplifted into a merry state.

"Arigato ah—" Amaya stopped in the middle of her cheerful thanking, unsure of what to call the boy.

"Kakashi." He filled in, standing off to the side, crossing his arms in a formal manner.

"Arigato Kakashi-chan!" She happily finished.



"You will address me as Kakashi-san." He stated with an air of command. The girl continued to look puzzled.


He swung a foot around to stand before her once more, keeping the crossed arms. "It is only proper you respectfully address such superiors and elders. Kakashi-sama would have been a bit exaggerated." Although his big, fancy words clearly confused the girl, Amaya appeared to have understood the gist of his statements from key words, and thus solemnly nodded. Kakashi looked satisfied that the tot seemed to comprehend.

Afterwards, she responded knowingly. "…I get it. Gomen Kakashi-kun!" He started nodding in agreement, when stopping to grasp her words. A simple toddler brain lapse and mistake.

"Kakashi-san." He corrected.

"Noooooo. Kakashi-kun." She drawled out in a playful tease. He paused a bit to make sure he had not misheard anything. Then, while watchfully keeping his eye on the smiling girl, he carefully spoke.





"Why you…"

"Hehe." Amaya delightfully giggled, apparently finding it an amusing game. Sensing this, Kakashi annoyingly mumbled.

"Its not a game. Stop playing around."

The girl crossed her arms and closed her eyes. "You're not older then me. Or bigger. Mm..well…you do have a bigger head then me. Kakashi-kun." He rapidly blinked for a few seconds and peered down at the girl, processing her words. She noticed his bewildered state and simply gave a toothy grin. He stood back, looking at the child in new light: the innocent toddler had suddenly turned devious.

Kakashi asked skeptically, "Oi, just how old are you anyway?" The girl smiled away and gave an elated laugh.

'…Does she even do anything but giggle and grin?' The boy thought exasperatedly. '..That and crying…'

She replied in an overly bubbly voice, "Thwee!", while holding up all 10 fingers, as if to completely disclaim any such suspected deviousness. Perhaps…he really did have a physically larger head? Yes, physically larger to hold his larger, and smarter brain he figured. He opened his eyes from this meditation when realizing it was a bit too quiet.

Um…where was the kid?

The blank space stressed out alarmingly, but he soon berated himself for panicking in the first place. He scoffed; she wasn't his charge, like he even cared anyway. She was the one to suddenly barge in during his solo training, bruise his stomach, and hair-yankingly annoy him. Nevertheless, he frowned a bit at the thought of the girl alone and most likely lost in the forest.

Kakashi sighed and took a step when stopping midway, freezing his body in that position. His eyes were closed, an eyebrow dangerously twitching as angry marks popped up on the side of head. His right hand was already inside the empty, leg pouch, which was devoid of any 'shiny things'.

To be able to steal them right under his nose and get away without him noticing…


Before he could finish that thought, he forcibly calmed down, realizing there was yet again nothing to truly to become distressed over. Kakashi gave a small, assertive smile as he easily picked up the girl's scent right from where she had sat.


He was loudly growling in frustration. He had already covered a good distance deep into the forest. Just when did she escape out from under him and how could she have gone this far? But then, luck. Kakashi caught on to the remnants of her irregular scent trail and promptly seized it before losing it once more.

Shortly, her scent began to fade again, dithering in the air among the sharp smells of the foliage. Determined not to lose the trail, he bent down onto fours and sniffed lower to the ground where the trail was not so obscured by the woods. He unintentionally continued to trek that way, becoming impatiently aware of how her scent grew stronger.


"BOOOOOOOOOOO!" So absorbed he was in following the trail, did the sudden outburst catch him entirely unawares.

The Hatake Kakashi does not go 'eeyah'. That word of expression is unfortunately not included in his program. You will not hear this word of expression no matter how many times the string in his back is pulled.


However there are limited editions available with such a word of expression.


She had swung down from a low tree branch to hang upside down, and had rallied the most frightening face she could, going as far to roll up her eyes to show their whites and waggle her tongue out. For the current moment, Amaya was crouched down, poking the twitching boy on the ground with a stick every now and then.

Poke. "..Neh, are you dead?" Poke. Kakashi merely twitched in response, still in shock.

"..Neeeh! Dead people can't play! Be undead! Undead!" She furiously started to poke the side of the boy as if to drive out any such deadness. The onslaught of poking actually did snap the boy out of his shock and he heatedly jumped to his feet while jerking the stick out of her hands, chucking it to the ground.

"You!" He finally managed to spit out, quaking with anger. Yet the girl only remained smiling, thrilled that her stick of poking power was able to undead the boy back to life.

"You no good, rotten little thief!" He crossly barked. Amaya's cheerful smile never faltered, but rather, seemed to grow larger at this accusation.

"Yay! You're undead! Oh! The shinies? I made them all preeetty! Here!"

'…o-o-h…g-o-d…' He did not like the sound of 'preeetty' at all.

He could have weeped. He really could have. How she didn't accidentally cut herself in the process was a miracle, but that wonder was not paid full attention to at the moment.

Kakashi's eyes actually hurt from the shininess of his…weapons. Glitter, sparkly glitter on just about every square inch of metal. Pink glitter. And yellow ribbons. Tied around his kunai handles instead of the usual bandages. Long ribbons were also tied onto the finger holes of the knives, as well as that of the shurikens. Hearts and teddy bears were on the ribbons. Of course, the ribbons were covered in glitter as well.

He held them out unbelievingly in his shaking hands, staring at them with wide eyes and let them slip out of his hands, continuing to stare at empty palms with the same bulging eyes.

"Hehe, aren't they preeetty?" Amaya just continued to grin, as if she had done the boy a favor. Shaking all the while, Kakashi slowly raised his head to the sky as if to ask 'whhyyy? Whyy meee?'

"..Neh, Kakashi-kun, I've been thinking…" The boy was still in his own world, silently questioning the sky. "Are you reeeeally a scarecrow?" He paused in his self-questioning, then dropped his head back down in a hinge movement, revealing part of his face scrunched up in an incredulous look.

The tot had already moved to stand closer, her height even with the boy, and peered with a scrupulous, considering look; eyes narrowed in study with a hand at her chin. He blinked for a while to escape his previous stupor while digesting her question. Before Kakashi started to frown and retort, the girl rambled on nonstop.

"I mean," she scratched her head, "you don't look like one…where are your scarecrowy clothes? Neh, neh, do the crows hurt? Doesn't your back hurt from the big stick?" She whizzed around him, poking and tugging. "Are you really filled with hay and straw!" At this, she pulled his shirt and looked in, but was quickly shoved away by an angrily blushing boy. Amaya spoke first, mouth pouted up with a disappointed look. "Chi!", she crossed her arms and turned her nose up, " You're not scarecrowy at all! Phony!"

"Baka! Its only a na—" ((Stupid, idiot..etc)

"—I get it!" She excitedly jumped up and down like a wild cricket in front of him. "You're no scarecrow at all! You're a doggie! A talking doggie! That's why you were sniffing the ground like one! …But…where's you doggy tail…?" He was at a loss of how the girl could move so fast. She was suddenly behind him, brows furrowed in seeing no tail.

"And doggie ears?" Amaya patted and searched the top of his head, missing his actual ears hidden by his hair. The tot zoomed back to stand in front him, tilting her head to the side.

"Is that why you have a mask?", she questioned, then opened her mouth wide with her hands, a finger from each hand creating a fang and continued in a distorted voice, " To hide you doggie face and doggie fangs? Rawr!"

It was then that a sudden epiphany seemed to have had struck the child as she gave a horrified gasp while clasping her hands to the mouth. She then chattered hurriedly in a worried voice.

"Huuuuuuuh! Did all of Kakashi-kun's doggie fur fall out when the crows thought you were a scarecrow and pecked at you? Did the mean crows peck your ears and tail off too? Did they?"

She waited, wide eyed, for a response. Kakashi stood stock still. His pupils reduced to tiny dots held between two, horizontal lines. His entire being twitched amid intervals.


Time passed like that.

Finally, the boy was able to speak.

"N-O." He enunciated the short word crisply. "I-am-a-human-boy." Amaya slumped down, looking a bit disappointed but soon brightened. "Oh well, can I still play ninja with you?"

He desperately massaged the sides of his forehead, rubbing in circles. "No. I'm not playing ninja, I am one…in becoming…" The last part was barely mumbled quietly out of the corner of his mouth.

"..Eeeh? Nuh-uh! Where's your hitae-ate then?" She cleverly pointed out. ((forehead protector))

"……Its…none of your business!" He huffed. "And just where in the world did you get all this glitter in a forest?" The other tot smiled widely, her eyes curving up.

"Hehe, cuz this is my secret hiding place! Ooo, but it's a secret so no telling!" She whispered enthusiastically.

'…Secret..hiding place?' Now that he observed his surroundings closer, Kakashi noticed how the small area was especially enclosed and hidden by thick brambles and bushes, the only opening was the same one he had unknowingly crawled through. A few trees in the area were hollowed out at their bases like caves, containing various objects including toys, stuffed animals and dolls, drawing paper with doodles on them, crayons, blankets, and lots of glitter.




Distant voices yelled out in the woods, and the girl's energetic persona waned as she turned her head to the direction of the voices. She turned back to the boy, speaking in a doleful voice.

"..Neh, I have to go now.." The tot turned and scuffled off, turning behind a tree and disappearing. Kakashi remained standing, pondering in confusion.

'..Sama? Hime?..'

And then he wondered why she would need a secret hiding place in the beginning.


"…Kakashi…do you need..to tell me something…?" The man asked, raising an eyebrow at his young son. His question was met with bitter grumbles and mutterings.


"No." Was the firm reply.

The other slightly slanted his head and continued to look dubious. "…Are you sure?" He questioned, fingering what was left of the teddy bear/heart ribbon that was tied on to the shuriken embedded in the tree trunk beside him.

"Yes." Came through gritted teeth. Sakumo chuckled quietly and walked over.

"All right then.." He stated, patting the child on the head. He paused in the house doorway, turning his head. "…You know, yellow doesn't really go well with pink, I believe we have some green ribbons if you want." His eyes curved up.

The boy wrathfully shook his fist in front of him with his head drawn down.

That glitter had stuck on tight. Through seventy five washes.