Angel had come home from drumming one night after a long ass day. Things just didn't stop today, so Angel decided to slow it down by picking up a beat. However, the Northeastern weather wasn't on Angel's side, so she came home, freezing. Her apartment was stuffy, warm because it was so small. She just wanted to curl up in a blanket, or Collins's arms if he were home, to some soup or hot tea. However, every thought Angel had about the frigid temperature literally melted away when she scanned the livingroom going through the 'honey I'm home' routine.

The first thing Angel Dumott Schunard really noticed about Collins, besides his smile, was his ass. It was the first thing she would ever look at when meeting a man for the first time. It was sort of a 'try it before you buy it' sort of thing she had. The first night they woke up together, Collins had left the bed first, letting Angel have a clear view of the firm muscle. She now went at any lengths to see that ass again, and again, and then just one more time.

So, given this, it's no surprise Angel smirked, and her eyes narrowed when she found her lover. Collins was laying on the couch on his stomach, reading a book, biting his thumb. He did that to keep himself from mouthing the words as her read. It was normal, Collins lounging, reading a book. But naked? Not so.

It was true, the modest professor was laying on their couch, naked. Nothing covering him up. His ankles were crossed, and since he was lying on his stomach, you couldn't see all of Collins, but you got a good idea.

"Um...Tom?" Angel asked softly. She was curious, confused, and very aroused. Any sudden movement might ruin that. Collins looked up from his book and smiled. The smile had no real idea to it, just happy to see her. And he was still naked. "What are you doing?" She asked, walking over to him. He just shrugged.

"Reading." He said, and looked back at his book, then looking up at Angel. He just wanted a kiss. She frowned at him, and sat next to his bare body.

"Sweetie, did you go to school like this?" She asked him, and he laughed.

"No. Just hot." He told her and leaned up to kiss her cheek. He looked at her, and frowned. "You're freezing baby." He muttered, and she just grinned.

"Warm me up." She ordered softly, and he chuckled, sitting up, and kissing her lovingly.

Fuck soup and a blanket was all she could think of. Besides fuck Collins. But that was way more literal.