Pulp Hedge 2: Rafia War.

It happened 5 years ago...when Gipdac attacked us, and Jules killed him. RJ's leg has long-since healed, and things have changed...

Chapter 1

(Four years ago)

Jules walked into Marsellus Wallace's office.

"Marsel, we got a problem."


"We need to be more careful about our HitRats."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, Gipdac tried to kill & rob me."


"He killed Vincent for fun, and then went after me!"

"What happened then?"

"I put 5 shells in the motherfucker's chest."

"Did he finished his job? Did he kill the girl?"

Jules stood there for a second, thinking.

"Yes, sir. He did."

"Good. Gipdac was probably working for The Boss."


"Well, then. We're going to wipe him out."

"Yes, sir."