Author: Keiran
Title: Hellfire 8/8
Rating: 14
Genre: Supernatural
Pairings: 1+2+1, hints of others
Warnings: mildly religious stuff.
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing. The following is strictly for entertainment purposes.
Archive: Gundam Wing Diaries. For the record, I have an "Ask and you shall receive" policy.
Notes: This is a fusion with the movie Constantine. Doesn't follow it closely, or at all really. Also heavily inspired by Good Omens.

Also: Zechs is in here. Look closely. ;)

Thanks to the Amazing Shenlong Deb, for betaing!

"We're fucked."

"Thank you, Quatre, I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for your apt summary," Heero replied over his shoulder. Duo stood unmoving, a perfect mirror image of the girl on the other side, whatever the earthly optics would have to say about it.

"Open the gates," Lucifer said again. He was wearing a very self-satisfied expression as he watched his daughter, though there was a smudge of tension visible only to the trained eye. Heero, with his substandard people skills, took no notice.

Somewhere high above a window shattered under frantic blows. The detective's head snapped in the direction of the emerging mist, which heralded the appearance of the first demon. The smoke thickened, forming a winged body, which dove towards the ground with a screech. Down on the street, Trowa stepped in front of his charge.

"Looks like we are in the way," he said quietly. The demon's feet touched the ground, its feathery wings unfurling. It wasn't pausing to survey the situation, but charging at them, too fast for any of the men to take action. And then a shot shook the otherwise silent street. The demon dissipated mid-lunge.

The window it exited, Heero noted in shock, had already mended itself, like it'd never been broken.

"I don't want to…" the voice was so quiet they could barely hear it, and yet somehow it echoed along the street, bouncing off the glass walls until it rang in every ear available. Duo's hand dropped the priest's most prized weapon to the ground and returned to the glass.

"Excuse me?" An expression other than a smirk appeared on Lucifer's face.

"I don't want to. I don't want this world to end," said Duo, the Antichrist by possession, firmly. The men chanced a glance around. Most of the demons were watching in stunned disbelief, mouths agape. The angelic faces matched the demonic to a tee.

"Woe is us," Lucifer sighed, sipping his drink, like a true thespian whose rendition of Hamlet just got hit smack on the face with a blueberry cake.

On the other side, the pale-haired angel in command hid a smirk behind his flaming sword.

"Look!" Wufei hissed, pointing up. Heero followed his gaze. The mirrors were dimming, one by one, the crisp figures melting away. Both armies looked around frantically, some screaming in denial, some attacking the glass. Their efforts were all in vain, however – cracked mirrors dimmed faster than the others. Within minutes the windows were dark and empty, save for the Devil, the Antichrist and the Voice of God.

"I'm afraid we must declare a temporary truce," Metatron volunteered after a long staring contest. Lucifer nodded, his lips – as usual – curved in a superior smirk.

"It would be wise, I believe. We shall wait until we can be sure our victory is absolute," he offered. Heero watched and the only thought running through his mind was Duo's statement about logic. Here was the Devil and the angel in command, discussing the averted apocalypse as if it was a leisurely chess match. In the mafia world someone would have already had his or her brain splattered on a wall.

Apparently he needed to get out more.

Duo's palms were still flat against the glass. Behind the little girl, the silhouette of the Morningstar started to fade away. "We shall have a talk, young lady, when you get back home," he said sternly. The girl's brows furrowed, but her lips didn't lose the determined set. Lucifer looked up suddenly, straight into Heero's eyes. "We shall have a long talk."

Heero almost choked. He whirled in place and stared at the dimming figure of the Voice. Now he knew he hadn't imagined what just happened – Metatron's icy blue eyes also did what could only be described as a wink and disappeared, along with the rest of him.

"Holy fuck," he muttered. "Holy fucking hell."


"These two, I've seen them before! They were the terrorists who took that girl hostage." Silence and three incredulous stares answered him.

"Excuse me," Wufei raised a hand. "Let me get this straight. You think it was Lucifer Morningstar, lord of Hell, and Metatron, the Voice of God, who personally descended to our plane of existence to orchestrate the death of Antichrist's human incarnation?"

"No, I'm just saying I've seen the face of the man who pulled that girl in the bullet's path, and that most certainly was him," Heero answered irately. His tore his gaze away from the windows and to the adorable tiny Antichrist, who was staring up ahead with a worried expression on her chubby face.

"Do I have to go back now?" she asked timidly. "I don't want to go back. I like it here. There's no chocolate back home." The four men watched her warily. There was no telling whether she wouldn't change her mind, but she apparently anticipated the doubt. "There would be no more chocolate and ice cream or TV or anything when the battle would start," she said sadly, her voice a strange mixture of Duo's smooth tenor and child-like chirping.

"I don't think TV is a sufficient reason for this world to go on," Heero muttered darkly. Devil issue aside, his job was not child-friendly. He had killed people, people who deserved death, mostly by granting it to other people, who hadn't. He couldn't imagine just what made her think there was anything in the world worth preserving, after spending these past five years haunting him.

"Chocolate and ice cream, however…" Quatre wondered, a thoughtful expression on his face.

"That's what my parents used to say, you know," she said shrugging. "So I thought it really would be good to end the world. But then you killed me and you didn't think so," she said to Heero. "You thought it wasn't so bad." Her eyes were watching something far away, possibly a long time ago.

"Is anyone noticing the dastardly clever plan, or is it just me?" Trowa whispered, watching the little Antichrist with horrified fascination. It'd take a diabolical mind to send a child with the power to end the world to follow a cynical homicide cop around for years. Then again, it'd take a miracle to find the one who still thought the world was worth saving.

"Excuse me, details aside, I appreciate you not ending the world, little girl, but do you think I- we could maybe get Duo back?" Heero asked, shaking the clever plan to not end the world and assorted issues out of his head, and focusing on things that were truly important.

She pouted. "I like Duo."

"Yeah, so do we." She sighed again.

"I suppose, I promised." Without further ado, Duo collapsed onto his knees, gasping for air. Inhumanly quick, his hand snatched the gun laying not so far away and pointed it at the Antichrist.

"Bye kid," Duo said, grinning. The bullet hit the mirror between the girl's eyes, sending splinters of glass everywhere. For a second before it broke, they could see a sunny smile and then…

The glass tinkled against the concrete, and it was silvery pieces of a mirror again, not the surface of darkness it was just moments before. The windows all along the street returned to their proper state, all undamaged, save for one.

The remaining pieces reflected Duo, kneeling on the ground, gun slipping from his fingers.

"Duo!" Heero rushed to his side, holding him up. Duo batted his hands away, crawled to the nearest drain and vomited.

"Fuck," he spit. "My head is killing me."

"What a way to ruin the moment," Heero muttered.

"Well, excuse me, for being nauseous. Next time, you get possessed and I'll watch, how's that for a party?" the exorcist snapped.

"Well, excuse me for worrying, you asshole! You could have said something!"

"When exactly? And what would you wanted me to say? 'Hey Heero, excuse me for a moment, I'll just go and play Antichrist for a while, but don't worry I'll be back in time for tea'?"

"Guys…" Quatre started gently.

"And what, throwing me across the room was better, in your opinion?"


"I didn't do that!"

"Sure, blame it on the Antichrist! You could have at least warned me!"

"Guys!" Quatre, Heero noted, should never, ever be annoyed. The forces of Heaven and Hell combined paled in the face of Quatre Winner's wrath. "Unresolved sexual tension aside, the traffic is going to commence any minute. I think we'd all rather be sipping wine rather than answering uncomfortable questions."

Duo stared at his friend and laughed quietly. "Right." He got to his feet, leaning on Heero gratefully. "Let me just brush my teeth, and we'll see about restoring the moment, shall we?" he asked, brushing a finger across Heero's lips. His own curved into a sunny smile. The policeman couldn't help but smile back.

In the end, that was all there was to it. The world was enriched by several happier lawyers, a disgruntled insurance company and a group of very puzzled city guards, whose infallible cameras failed to record the person responsible for breaking one of the most prominent windows on Mirror Street. And if sometimes a café owner would find that a few of his spoons had mysteriously corroded while old plants suddenly bloomed, he took no notice of two tall men in expensive suits, who sipped coffee and indulgently watched a little girl in a ruffled dress, as she eagerly consumed a bowl of sweets.

There still was, after all, chocolate. And ice cream.