"Betcha Selene's pissed off when she gets back." Mason said as he reloaded his gun and took aim again. "She's always angry after a mission.", he muttered.

"Wanna bet?" Kahn said, continuing doing inventory. "I don't think she'll be angry tonight." Who are you kidding? She has never smiled once in her entire immortal life.

Mason scoffed, catching the lack of faith in Kahn's voice. "You're shitting me, right? Selene's always angry. It's like she's always PMS-ing."

Kahn chuckled. So did a couple of Death Dealers standing near by. Suddenly the door slammed open. It was Selene. And she looked angry. All the Death Dealers seemed to want to run but couldn't. She shot them an angry look.

Oh, shit. Kahn thought. Mason smiled, silently saying "Ha, ha. Told you so." Selene walked right up to Kahn. He couldn't help but flinch. The sight of seeing Selene angry made his heart pound faster.

"We have a serious problem." She stated, slamming a Desert Eagle on the table in front of him.

What kind of a problem? Kahn wondered.

"I'll definitely have to run a few tests," Kahn said, holding a bullet that seemed to be glowing with a pair of forceps. "But it's definitely an irradiated fluid of some sort." Kahn looked around the room quickly. Apparently Mason had been smart enough to run out of the room. Selene's pissed off, Kahn thought, and I have a feeling she'll get even more pissed off before the night is over.

"Ultraviolet ammunition." Selene said. Indeed. Kahn sighed internally.

"Daylight, harnessed as a weapon." And from what she's described, extremely effective and works fast.

"You expect me to believe that a mangy animal came up with a bullet specifically engineered to kill vampires?" Apparently Kraven finally felt ready to join in on the conversation. But his attitude was sure to set Selene off. If Kraven wanted to be punched by Selene, that's his prerogative. But I value my life, and when Selene snaps, you're gonna get it.

"No, I'm betting it's military, some kind of high-tech tracer round." Kahn said, hoping to minimize Selene's anger. The last thing she needs is to be reminded that a pack of "mangy animals" killed her family. He was hoping that she wouldn't snap at anyone tonight. When both Selene and Kraven get testy, you mind as well duck and run.

"I don't care where they got these things!" Selene's voice was becoming edgier and contained a hint of impatience. Oh, man, she's gonna blow… "Rigel is dead, and Nathaniel could still be out there. We should gather the Death Dealers and head back down there in force." Sure, no one would suspect a thing. Especially the cops, who are probably all over the station. A whole group of leather-clad people walking down the tracks shouldn't attract any attention at all.

"Out of the question. Not now. Not for a random incursion." Kraven said. Neither of them were gonna give up any ground, that much was clear. So who has more authority? Kahn wondered. Selene was frightening when she was angry like this, but Kraven was left in charge of Viktor's affairs when he was in hibernation.

"Random! They opened fire on us in full view of the public!" Selene was ready to kill someone, and it seemed as if Kraven would be the one. Her hands were balled up into fists. Kahn almost sighed with relief as she un-balled them. She continued talking with anger in her voice.

"And from the commotion I heard in the tunnel –"

"You said yourself you didn't actually see anything." Kraven interrupted her. You are one stupid motherfucker. Kahn thought.

Selene took a deep breath, perhaps realizing that losing her temper would not do any good. She tried reasoning. Good luck. Kahn thought dryly.

"I know what I heard, and I know what my gut tells me. And I'm warning you that there could be dozens of Lycans down there. Maybe more," Selene paused, "hundreds." Hundreds? Kahn thought in horror. Okay, Selene has been known to be unreasonable when she was angry, but this was crossing a line.

Kraven looked her in disbelief. "We've hunted them to the brink of extinction." Before Kahn could stop himself from going up against Selene, he said, "Kraven's right. There hasn't been a den of that magnitude for centuries… not since the days of Lucian."

Selene looked at Kahn and anger flashed in her eyes. Oh, fucking hell. "I know that, Kahn. But I'd rather you prove me wrong by checking it out." Kahn nodded, wanting to divert her anger away from him. Let Kraven be the bad guy, not me.

"Very well," Kraven sighed. Kraven looked at Kahn. "Have your men tighten up security around here. I'll have Soren assemble a search team." Soren?

Selene spoke up. "No, I want to lead the team myself." Kahn watched to see who would win. So far, it was Selene 1, Kraven 0.

"Absolutely not. Soren will handle it." Selene 1, Kraven 1.

"Hundreds, really." Dammit, Kraven, stop pushing her buttons, or she's gonna –

"Viktor would have believe me." Selene said, icily. Did she just say that? Kahn gulped. Selene 2, Kraven 1. Selene won.

Kraven's face told Kahn he was very angry. They both watched in disbelief as Selene stormed out of the room. The room got very quiet, until a young vampire named Erika walked up to Kraven. "I would never dream of treating you like that." Kahn rolled his eyes. If you're gonna kiss his ass, at least don't do it in front of me. Kahn forced down a gag as Kraven said, "Of course you wouldn't."

"Now, run along and make sure that Selene is dressed and ready for the arrival of our guests." Kahn could tell Kraven wasn't angry anymore now that he was back to degrading others. And Selene probably walked to look at Viktor's tomb. All is normal.

After Kraven walked out, Mason walked back in. "Ha, ha. Told you she'd be pissed." Kahn sighed. Mason 1, Kahn zip.