At the sound of Selene and Michael's approach, Mason and Kahn quickly left to a room nearby. They watched in silence as Selene bent over Lucian's body and picked up the pendant. It was Sonja's. It was handed down to Lucian. It shall return to a vampire, one soon to be noted in history, as Sonja was. The one who is as compassionate and who cares about a Lycan is the one who shall be in possession of the pendant.

They continued to watch as Michael followed Selene out of the room, to follow their future, wherever it leads.

Mason spoke. "Betcha –"

"Selene's not gonna be pissed off, Mason."

"I know that, Kahn. Betcha they'll kiss."

Kahn and Mason continued to follow in silence behind them, watching to make sure they'd make it out okay. He felt an urge to come out and tell Selene that there were survivors, but he realized something. Our path is different from theirs. She and Michael should spend the future together, to face Marcus when he is awakened. Mason and I must rebuild the coven. Our paths may cross one day, but as of now…

Good luck, Selene.

When Selene and Michael had finally made it out of the tunnels, and they still hadn't kissed, Kahn smiled at Mason.

Mason 4, Kahn 5. Kahn had won, he was still alive, and had witnessed history.

Mason and Kahn started to head towards Ordoghaz. Good luck, Selene.

And then, as they arrived at the mansion some hours later, Mason and Kahn were shocked at what they saw. Ordoghaz had been burned to the ground.