Lou & Heather.

Writing Credits:

Idea by Ozopossim.

Written by Ozopossim.

Posted by Gipdac.

Chapter 1

Lou was walking past until he saw heather

so he walked to her and sat next to her

"Hows it goin' heather?"

"Not to good."

"Well why not?"

"Well everybody loves me!"

"How is that a problem?"

"Because...I dont..."

"You dont what"

"I dont know which one to love back!"

Heather stood up

"Well theres Rj he nice and really resourcful!

Then theres hammy and hes so cute!

Verne well actually hes dull i dont like him much.

And my dad i love him hes my dad but im not

Sure i want to recieve pleaseure from him!"

"What aboot me?"

"I never really talked to you until now!"

Lou got a strange look upon his face



"Well then we should get to know

eachother better!"

"That would be nice"

Lou stood up grabbed heathers hand

"So what now?"

"Well Lets go talk!"

"Why not here."

"I dont know, but lets just walk and talk."


Lou and heather started walking hand-in-hand