Chapter 2

"So hows penny?"

"Well actually..."

"What happened?"

"Nothing really but me and penny have been fighting


"What about?"

"About our love life..I'd rather not talk about it"

"But you seem down with love like me!"

"Ok...Well during these past few days me and Penny

Havent been having as much sex as normal"

"So, Whos complainen"

"I am because i wanna have sex but shes tired of it after

Having three adorable kids."

"I know what you mean."

"What do you mean"

"I also suffer from a lack sex and the last time i was pleaseured was

When hammy me and Rj had a three way"

"Wow that must of been intresting!"

"Oh, it was,Hammy shoving it up my clit, while I sucked RJ's"

(obviously clit-vagina and It/thing-penis Duh!)

"Wow that must of be.."

Heather ran toward Lou passionatly kissing him.

She started messaging his thing.lou couldent help but

moan to heather.Heather then threw Lou to the ground positioning

Her mouth on Lous thing and licked it.She bagan to suck it and lou couldent

resist saying "Faster, Harder!"..Lou felt juices boiling wanting to come out and we began

Moan even louder...Lou's jucies finally erupted in heathers mouth causing him

To shout"Oh...Heather"..Heather began drinking the lou's juices.Heather then

got off Lou and layed down next to him whispering"Come on Lou is that all you got."

"Theres more that came from"Lou positioned himself at heathers entrance

And jolted himself into heather..Heather moaned louder and louder with every

Movement..More of lous Juices began coming out into heathers clit!Lou gasped and

Went slower and slower until he came to a complete stop.Then Lou began to lick deeper and deeper inside licking all the juices out..Heather squilled and began showed bliss towards Lou..Lou look at her face then went back do to her love hole and lickked until her love juices came out he was delighted to be there when it happened(obviously)and he started drinking the juices.He then made his way up to heathers face and began to passionatly kiss it again..Lou rolled off Heather putting his hands behing his head.

"Lou, thats was very pleasuring"

"You think! see Penny coul get that everynight but

After kids ,like i said before, she dosent like it as much"

"I dont understand how she dosent want that anymore"

They both then got up and headed toward the log where they slep and live happily

ever after!