XephonBlack Ballad 1: My Tuned Soul

"Here you are, daylight star. Made out of miracles. Perfection on your own, you alone. Oh so incredible, each atom sings to me, set me free, from chains of the physical. Oh free m…" I muttered in my sleep.

"Shut up!" Trevor, my friend, said and woke me up.

"Damn, again?" I said, sitting up.

"Yea, Choirboy, now shut up and look at that!" Trevor said while turning my head to the opposite window. Dark clouds were starting to gather, even though it was supposed to be a 100 clear day.

"Aw great! There goes our great time at the beach!" I complained. After I said that, I turned towards my window. I guess I should say who I am, where I am, and what's going on. My name is Blue, and I'm an African American freshman at the prestigious Midnight High School, with almost no hair, a goatee, and blue eyes. My class was on a field trip to the beach for a little research and fun.

This was our last field trip of the year, since school was going to end in two days. The sing I was singing was "Garden of Everything" by Maaya Sakamoto featuring Steve Conte. Yea, you guessed it, I was dreaming about RahXephon. Even though the dream had ended, I still feel like something is going to happen. Well, the feeling got worse as our bus ride to the beach was reaching the mid way point on the highway. That's when everything went wrong, or maybe, in my eyes, everything went right.

Being the piano genius and artist, I always felt that my soul was in tune with music. Now, even though my skills were admired, they didn't help me get a girlfriend. It didn't help that I wasn't athletic, but not fat; smart, but not a nerd; and unpopular, but not an outcast. Plus, I was constantly singing in my sleep and daydreaming.

As I started to relax and daydream, something weird started to happen. I started to hear jumbled notes in my mind, in my ears, in my heart, and in my soul. As my deep blue pupils shrank, the pulse of the jumbled notes was smoothing out and becoming louder. My heart was beating at an incredible rate, and my breath had become shallow. My head was pulsing with pain. Trevor, who was sitting next to me, noticed my condition.

"Yo Blue, are you ok? He asked, concerned. My shrunken pupils flew to his face. He looked freaked out and scared once he saw my eyes. Just then, the dark clouds swirled into a cyclone, and then the eye of the storm opened up. I felt time stop as a giant black egg with strange gold embroidery from the eye of the storm. The jumbled notes I heard became a beautiful ballad as the egg slowly fell from the sky to the highway in front of my bus. As it touched the warm cement of the highway, I heard a sentence in my mind.

"Your soul has been tuned," the mysterious voice said.

"Aaaagh!" the bus driver screamed as he tried to swerve and not hit the gigantic egg head on. The bus flipped over a few times, and my classmates screamed in terror and surprise, but only one thought went through my head: I have to get to that egg!

I crawled over seats once the bus stopped rolling, the door faced up. I climbed out of the bus, and ran toward the egg, my head surprisingly clear. Once I got to the egg, I touched it.

"XephonBlack, you are my instrument, and we will put on a concert to suffuse the world with sound," I whispered while lightly dragging my fingers on the surface of the egg.

crack My eyes opened wide. craaack I looked up in surprise. CRUNCH I saw the torso, head, and beautiful black wings of the being of my dreams, XephonBlack.

Ballad 1: End