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An Silent Understanding of an Unspoken Love

For nearly ten years, she had stood by his side. Though for the life of him he would never understand why. She was human; he was demon. She was inferior; he was superior. But in a way, she had become his equal – not in the sense of nobility or strength or power. She had become his companion, his only friend. He saved her and taught her to survive on her own. He educated her and quickly discovered her desire to learn would never cease. Her intelligence reigned higher than those of her species. She learned to fight with skills surpassing the common demon slayer. And much to everyone's surprise, she had become a talented delegate and arbitrator.

If someone did not know any better, they would think her the daughter of a king or noble man.

In return, she became another constant in his life. She taught him that patience is not a luxury it is a necessity. Through her, he discovered the addicting satisfaction of seeing her smile…of making her smile. She provided him a light to illuminate the dark depths of his solitude. He learned that she was rarity among her kind. The power of kindness and purity gave her never failing inner strength and will. She gave him something to protect, albeit he would never admit it.

She was bright, energetic, and playful when it was just them, but in the presence of other she was a well mannered, polite, quite young female. He was…as he had always been; though on many occasions she challenged that fact.

Together their shared a mutual respect and understanding of each other. Anything beyond that was obsolete. He was a demon, she was human. He was superior, she was inferior. He was destine to mate the daughter of the Eastern Lord, whereas her destiny remained in a thin veil of mystery. It would seem, she would remain with him until her body gave away to time and age. However, that assumption grew weaker with every month closer to the completion of his treaty with the East.

They complimented each other, and unbeknownst to them – neither would survive long without the other. Their souls were two halves of a great love. While their love was merely two halves of a legacy that would never been known the world. It was understood between them but never spoken. Possibly in another life, but not during this one. They would forever remain, as they were…protector and companion, nothing more.

Until fate decided to finally intervene…