I want to know your favorite quote! I wrote some common ones that most people like. You can use those or some others that you know.

Before you vote I'm only taking quotes from Tamora Pierce's books.

One more thing; just in case you don't know how to vote, go to review and write it down. If you choose one of the quotes I wrote you can just write its #.


#1 (the classic) Nealon of Queenscove: "I myself have noticed my growing Resemblance to a daffodil."

#2 Kyprish Prophecy: "The one who was promised has come…"

#3 Alanna the lioness: "Forever and beyond it Jonathon."

#4 Veralidaine Sarrasri Salmalín: "I hope you find a smart way to fight. If you don't I will find a stupid way." (My personal favorite, if anyone cares)

#5 Numair Salmalín: "Common Magelet. Let's go to sea." (I don't know why, but that one is awesome. Probably because I love Numair)


I am taking circle of magic quotes as well! I just can't think of any right now.

OK! Go and Vote! (please)