A/N: This was meant to be starting out a like a regular poem with matching syllables and rhymes, like a poem telling a story. Then, as the author (like, the character, not me) gets more distressed, the poem loses all form and turns into a rambling, desperate, well… I'm not going to tell you. Read it for yourself. Any guesses as to who this is?

Disclaimer: I own nothing… especially not Harry Potter.

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I'm Sorry

You tried so hard to save me,

But I wasn't to be saved.

You tried your best to help me,

But the path couldn't be paved.

I'm just a hopeless, greasy git,

I told you from the start.

You tried to force and push and shove,

To find a change of heart.

And while you worked your miracles,

Things hurt me from afar.

Putting me back the way I was,

Leaving me with a brand new scar.

And through it all,

You still pried on,

Working my thoughts,

'Till hope was gone.

I never really understood,

Just why you gave the time of day,

When everybody in this school,

All hated everything I'd say.

So after all you've done for me,

I still went on and did you wrong.

The kid I thought you'd really see,

Could not be saved by simple song.

They hated me and you never cared,

You always tried so hard to see.

I resisted and my teeth were bared,

To be the man you knew that I could be.

You tried so hard to save me,

I wasn't to be saved.

You tried to talk to me,

I ignored you.

You fought for me,

I fought you back,

Tooth and nail,

Hand and foot.

You tried to understand me,

I didn't want to be understood.

You criticized me,

I never gave you a chance.

You protected me,

I pushed you away.

I pushed you away.

I pushed you away.

You loved him,

I was in spite.

You married him,

I wanted to die.

You put your faith in me,

You put your trust in me,

And I betrayed you.

I killed you.

I'm sorry.