Title: Fallen
Series: High Lonesome Sound
Continuation of "The Touch"
Characters/Pairing: Greg House/OC - Sabrina Wallace
Spoilers: No Reason, S2
Words: 428
Summary: Sabrina's reaction to House's situation in "No Reason."

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AN: As established in my fiction "The Touch," this drabble is AU and more than a bit out there. It helps to read the first fiction before reading this one. Otherwise, all you need to know is that Greg and Sabrina are joined at more than just the hip. How they came to be that way, well, like I said, requires reading the first fiction. :-)

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of the Cranky Doctor, Gregory House, along with the rest of the PPTH staff. That stroke of fortune belongs to David Shore & Co. Darn, I tried, though. However, I do claim ownership to one Bluegrass Lady, Sabrina Wallace. Mine. Yup.

Lyrics credit: "As Lovely As You" as sung by Alison Krauss and Union Station

Take me into the night,
Past these lonely dreams in my heart
I love you, more than I could show you
More than I could know, in my heart.



A mad rush of images charged through her brain and she gasped, throwing her head back in agony.


More images, surreal, Greg walking without his cane, confrontations, strange sequences, pain… wait, the pain was not in the usual location.

Sabrina's head tipped back, mouth open in a silent scream, guitar on the floor, forgotten as her eyes rolled back into her head.

"Miss Wallace?"

A hand shook her shoulder and she blinked back to reality, holding back tears. "I'm sorry," she whispered to the teenaged girl she'd been singing to as she stumbled to her feet. Blindly she rushed out the door, sobbing, feeling Greg weakening. Where are you?

Don't know. Pain. Shot twice.



Images overwhelmed her again and it was all she could do to keep going. He was hallucinating and she knew she had to maintain the link they had without getting buried with what he was experiencing.

Just stay alive. Hang on.

Trying to.

He was not alone, arms, hands, voices. Cameron's fingers stopping the flow of blood… at his neck?

One more floor down. Emergency Room. Double doors that she shoved her way through just as an elevator opened, a gurney came out. Blood. Greg's blood.



They let her touch him and at the contact Greg let out a gasp, his hand reaching for hers.

Don't leave me.

They'll want me to. I'll be in the way.

Fuck 'em.

"Get her ready," he rasped out. "Must… have her… with…"

"House, we need room to work," Chase tried to explain to his boss as they wheeled him into the emergency room. Too late. House had slipped into unconsciousness, his hand still gripped tightly onto Sabrina's. She took one look at the intensivist, drew a deep breath and laid her free hand on his arm. Immediately his eyes widened, then squeezed shut as he staggered back a step.

"Dear God." Chase whirled to one of the attending nurses. "Get her a mask and gown. She stays." At the hesitation on the nurse's face he snarled, "Move your fucking ass, dammit, before he dies on us."

Sabrina felt the whirl of preparations around her; somewhere in her mind it registered that the team readying to work on Greg was very efficient, moving rapidly to save his life. A small stool was positioned at his left shoulder and she let someone guide her onto it. Her head came to rest on that same sinewy shoulder, her hand still clasping his as she finally let herself sink into oblivion with him.