Chapter #1- birthday

She saw him, her father, dancing in the Cuban club L Rosa Negra with her mother. They were great; they were lost in each other. All of a sudden her mother's parents started pulling her away without reason. Her father tried to chase after them but they seemed to be getting farther and he wasn't getting anywhere.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Havana sat up in her bed sweating like she had just run a mile in 100 degrees.

"ok ok Havana, clam down it was only a dream" she said to herself

She got out of bed and headed to the kitchen. She got a glass of water wiped her forhead and headed to her room. Just as she started down the hall, she noticed it, "the room" she called it, because her mother never let her go in there. But little did she know she was sneaking in there every night to watch the video reel from her father and mother. She wished she didn't have to hide it.


Katey lay awake in her bed. She couldn't stop thinking of Javier. How was he? Was he ok? Did he move on? She sat up in her bed and saw the light on in the hallway. She got up and saw it was coming from "the room."

"Now why is that light on?" Katey asked herself as she walked to the door and saw her daughter sitting in front of the projector screen watching and smiling at her parents dancing.

"I don't think I can dance like that anymore" Katey said, making Havana whip her head around to see her leaning in the doorway with her arms crossed.

Katey walked over to Havana and sat next to her.

"I should've showed this to you a long time ago." Katey said while watching the clip

"what are you doing up anyway?" Katey asked her daughter

"I couldn't sleep. I had a bad dream" Havana replied

"oh I see"

Silence became their company until finally Katey spoke.

"soooo, changing the subject. What are we going to do for your birthday?" She asked

"Should we go to California? New York? Hmmm where?" Katey asked

She finally gave her time to answer.

Havana looked up at the screen and said without looking at her mother one word and Katey's eyes got as big as golf balls.

"Cuba" Havana said

"wha- what" Katey said in disbelief as to what she had just heard

"I wanna go to Havana, Cuba. I wanna see him. I wanna see my father"

She looked down and then back at her mother

"I can't live like this anymore. I just- I just want him to know I exist" Havana finished

Katey smiled

"Alrighty then. If that's what you want to do, I'll make the arrangements tomorrow"

Havana smiled and hugged her mother and walked out of the room to go bed.

I can't believe I'm actually, finally going to meet him.

Havana thought to herself as she got into bed and closed off the light. The night she slept peacefully.

UCHIHA SASUME: ok so here is the first chapter of my second fanfiction story! I hope you guys liked it. Sorry if it was so short but I was writing by hand first and my hand sorta cramped. I'm totally hooked on Havana nights, it's like the best movie ever! So I hope you enjoyed this chappie the ret will up soon, because they are finished I just have to type them.