My Zoey fanfic.

I got this idea when I watched the robot wars epi.



Zoey's POV

I was sitting on my bed doing my algebra homework. I was all alone. Nicole was out looking for cute boys and Lola was on a date. Quinn wasn't bothering me because she was working on a new experiment.

Suddenly I heard a noise. " Thump…Thump…Thump…" I leaped off my bed and walked quickly to the door.

When I answered it nobody was there except the robot that my friends and I built. It rolled in. Curious to see who was operating the machine, I poked my head out the door. I looked all around and nobody was anywhere in sight.

When I returned to my room I closed the door to see the robot facing me.

I just stared at it.

"Hello, Zoey Brooks." It said out of nowhere.

"Hi," I said back.

" I am aware that you are a friend of Chase Matthews."

"Yeah, he's like my best guy friend. So what?"

"He asked me to tell you to meet him in front of Brenner hall."

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