Talking: Hate, Deceit, Skitty: The life of Team Rocket's Meowth's Sister a street Skitty who learns to talk and then learns why she shouldn't have


"Do you think they will hatch soon?" He asked "I don't know I hope so though" She said. "Your eggs still haven't hatched Delcatty?" Said an old woman the owner of the talking pokemon Persian and Delcatty. Now they weren't naturally born talking but this was no ordinary women either some called her lady luck for she had found the takaberry, the berry that would let pokemon talk. It was a one in a trillion find for the women who had won the lottery 7 times lucky as lucky could be. "LOOK THE EGGS ARE CRACKING!" Delcatty yelled to the others all of the many Skitty and Meowth that the women owned gathered around to watch it was a miracle of life and they had one Meowth one Skitty. Delcatty I am proud to say that you are a new mother and I a father." And they partied a little a celebratory cake and drink but nothing more. The next day team rocket came and killed the women; lady luck had just run out of luck. They took and seperated the Delcatty and Persian for study they both died short after from a broken heart. The baby kittens were not disturbed however for they were hidden underneath there covers. Skitty slept through it all but meowth was scarred for life at the age of one day old. Skitty woke up and she and Meowth went to get some milk Meowth seemed disturbed but Skitty was too hungry to notice. Cleary they didn't really find any so they had to go outside and the day grew late. A young boy found them he took the Meowth finding the Skitty too cute. And so Skitty began her life as a street cat……..

Sorry its short but it is only a prologue after all..