Title: Everything Changes

Author: keb1991

Rating: T for Teen (I always wanted to say that…you know, like a video game…yeah…)

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Summary: Pre-series. John and Dean receive an unwelcome wake-up call when Sam is injured on a hunt. Sam is 9, Dean is 13 Sammy angst!

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Everything Changes

Chapter One

John sat in comfortable silence at the desk in his study, the computer on in front of him, papers covering the rest of the small surface. He had been scouring through his resources and contacts, trying to find a new hunt that he could take both his boys on. Since school had ended nearly a week earlier, he was ardent to find a way to distract his children.

Sensing a change in the atmosphere, John took his gaze off the computer screen and listened.

A second later he heard his youngest yelling from downstairs.


"Stop being such a tattletale!" was his other boy's angered voice a second later.


"What?" John yelled in reply from the upstairs room.

"Dean's –" but the answer was cut short after a small scuffling noise was heard.

Sighing, John abandoned his study, descending the stairs of the small two-storey. As he reached the bottom step he heard noises coming from the living room to his left.

Upon entering the room he was immediately met with the sight of his two boys scrapping on the hard wooden floor. Dean, his eldest, was straddling his youngest, Sam, effectively pinning the young boy down.

"Dean," John started, trying to get the older boy's attention.

Dean immediately stood after hearing his father's voice, taking a step back away from his little brother, who it seemed had decided to stay on the floor.

"What's going on here?" John continued knowing he had both boys' attention. When he received no answer from either boy he asked again, directing the question towards his eldest. "Dean, tell me what's going on."

Dean had a horrified look on his face, alternating his gaze from his father, who was standing in the doorway, to his brother, who still hadn't moved from the floor. "Well…umm…you see…the thing is…" And that's when Sam decided to join the conversation.

"Dean called me a baby," Sam whined, pulling himself into a sitting position, unknowingly proving his brother right from his tone of voice. "He said it's all my fault that he hasn't been able to go on a hunt with you 'cause he has to stay here and baby-sit me."

John stood there looking at his boys. Dean was still standing a foot away from Sam, with a look on his face that said I-am-in-so-much-trouble, and Sam was sitting on the floor Indian style, a slight pout taking residence on his face. "Dean, you can stop being mean to your brother because I'm planning on taking you both on a hunt soon." That sure made his youngest perk up.

"Really!" Sam exclaimed, jumping up from the floor and running over to wrap his little arms around his father's waist. "My first hunt! Did you hear that Dean? I'm going on my first hunt!"

"Yeah Sammy, I heard," Dean replied softly. He had yet to make a move and appeared to be in deep thought. "Dad, are you sure Sammy's ready to go on a hunt?" he questioned. Dean did not like the idea of his little brother going on a hunt at his young age. Yeah, Dean himself had started hunting when he was eight, but that was beside the point. Sam was so young and…innocent that Dean didn't know if he would be able to handle a hunt.

"Yeah Dean, I think he's ready," John replied, shifting Sam so that he was standing next to him, but kept an arm around the little boy's shoulders. "You boys should go get cleaned up, I'm going to go make dinner," then adding as an afterthought, "and stay out of trouble."

"Yes sir," Dean replied before moving for the first time since John had first entered the room. As Dean left, Sam turned and ran after him, following him up the stairs and into their shared bedroom.

The house was meant to be a three-bedroom, but the boys, mainly Sammy, had insisted on sharing a room so that the third could be used as John's study. Dean appeared to not care one way or the other, but John knew that he was glad to be able to keep a close eye on his little brother. Dean had been protective of Sam ever since the boys' mother had died eight years earlier, but it seemed since the older boy turned thirteen he took his big brother role much more serious. Dean felt that being a teenager made him more responsible, and since Sam was his responsibility…

John went into the kitchen, filtering through the freezer trying to find something to make for dinner, deciding on chicken fingers with some macaroni and cheese on the side. Thinking back on his decision, he wondered if letting Sam come on the next planned hunt was such a good idea…


"Oh man Dean, isn't this so exciting?" Sam practically shrieked with joy, bouncing all over the boys' small room as if on a sugar rush. "I'm going on my first hunt! I can't believe this! Can you believe it Dean? I can't believe it! I'm so –!"

"Sam!" Dean had to yell to be heard over his brother's antics, "calm down. Remind me never to give you sugar."

"Aw but Dean –"

"Sam." That simple word, and the tone behind it, was all it took to get Sam to stop all the monkey business. "Thank you," Dean sighed in relief. "Now go wash your hands, Dad will probably have dinner ready soon," he ordered.

As Sam scurried off to the upstairs bathroom, Dean stood in meditative silence. How could dad even consider taking Sam on a hunt? He is, for the lack of a better word, the baby in the family. Dean did not want any harm to come to his little brother.

He remembered his first hunt five years ago. It had been a routine haunting, simply salt and burn of the bones and it'd all be over. Apparently the ghost hadn't gotten the memo.

As his father was digging up the ghost, Jacob Derse's, grave, Dean had been assigned to get everything ready and keep a close eye out. Oh, he had been keeping a close eye out, all up until he was forcibly picked up by an invisible being and slammed into the nearest tree. He had received a broken arm and a big bump on the head from that one.

Sam came back into the room a minute after he had left, inadvertently pulling Dean out of his memories.

Sam jumped on his bed, laying on his back, with a goofy grin plastered on his face.

Moments later their father's voice could be heard calling the boys down for dinner. As Dean moved down the steps, Sam trailing a step behind him, he silently hoped his father knew what he was doing…


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