AN: I'm so sorry for the four+ month wait for this story to be updated. This is the final chapter, so I hope that I was able to wrap everything up nicely. And it's super short. And un-betaed. Again, sorry!

Chapter 7


Dean let his attention shift back to Sam's face. He looked so peaceful, so innocent.

That's when Dean first realized that everything had changed. Sam wasn't innocent, at least not in the way he used to be. He had gone on his first hunt. He had had his first true injury. The first of what Dean knew would be followed by another…and another…

Dean changed his position so that he was lying next to Sam on the hospital bed on his side, facing Sam.

He stayed like that, unmoving, until sleep finally overcame him.


Sam could feel the world tilting around him. Nausea and pain overcoming his senses - forcing him out of his blessed oblivion and into the waking world.

He could feel a heavy weight on his right, which turned out to be Dean. Looking around the room, he could see his dad, in what seemed to be a very uncomfortable position, asleep in the chair next to him.

Sam knew he was in the hospital. How he got there, however, escaped him. As he tried to sit up, a pain shot through his stomach, causing him to fall back to the bed with a groan.

Which alerted his big brother asleep in the bed next to him.

Dean could feel movement next to him; however, being used to having to share a bed with his little brother, he didn't think much of it. Wait a second. Sam? Dean's eyes snapped open as he remembered, smiling as he saw his brother's eyes open.

"Dean?" a mere whisper.

"Hey little brother, I'm right here," Dean comforted, grabbing his brother's hand in his own. "You're safe."

You're safe.


Three Days Later

The past week had been tough on the little family. Sam had woken up the day after the – after the accident, no complications to prevent a full recovery. The werewolf had been taken care of by a friend of John's. John couldn't leave his boys, not even to finish a hunt.

John stood in the little hospital room, watching as his eldest son helped his youngest get dressed. It was finally break-out day. They could finally move on from this place.

Too bad they could never forget what had happened there, no matter how much they wished they could. Their world had been turned upside down. Sam had been introduced to the dangerous world of hunting, and life would never be the same.

"We're ready dad," Dean said, breaking John out of his thoughts.

Together they wheeled Sam out of the room, to the car, to what seemed to be a new life.