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Jackie: This is our first ever Ben 10 fan fiction. And before you ask, we never even went to Colorado, though we really want to go there sometime, so we're using information on that state from the internet for the next chapter.

Jessie: Now this chapter wasn't going to happen since we didn't even think about it…. But in the end, my sis and I talked it out and finally though up of a way to introduce our characters before they met Ben, Gwen and Max. And let's just say that they were on another planet that is suitable for human life on the other side of the Milky Way, before they ended up on Earth because of a rather curious looking ship that landed on their planet. But we shouldn't spoil the surprise. You'll just have to read it to find out. And now the adventure begins…

Earth… The two twin 12 year olds girls, Ashley and Kira, didn't know what that planet was or where it was located at… until one fateful day that changed their lives forever. And it would be the last time that they saw their family again.

It all started when Kira and Ashley were both out hiking out in the mountains on their home planet, Kantora, which is like earth, but was almost completely different.

The planet, which was only a bit bigger than the Earth, had only two large land masses - one on two of the four sides of the planet, which resulted in a very vast oceanic body of water. The planet had only 20 percent land and 80 percent water. It also has nitrogen/carbon dioxide/oxygen atmosphere. There were two polar ice capes, but they were very large, almost reaching the bottom and top of the largest land mass. But there is one small island drifting between the ice caps and the smallest land mass, but that hasn't been completely explored since the Kantorians prefer to stay on the two main lands. Under the ocean were large deep trenches, mainly near the unexplored island. The planet also had two moons instead of one. The smallest one was named Icnit because it was covered with ice, most likely having an ocean underneath it. The largest moon was called Volanc because of the few volcanoes on it. It had a thin breathable atmosphere, but no one has even tried to live on there or will even need to.

Anyways, the two girls were free climbing up a rock face that led to one of the tallest mountains around their city, Mt. Kirct, though there was a footpath that they could have followed instead of climbing. Kira, one minute younger then her older twin sister, Ashley, reached the top of the rock face first, scrambled back onto level ground and breathed a sigh of relief. She helped her twin up and looked up at the snowy mountains that were a few miles away from them. It was summer there, so it wasn't really that cold out.

"Let's see if we can break our record again. This time, we climb all the way up to the top instead of going to the half way point. We have to find the perfect place to set up camp this evening. This is gonna be better then last time!" Kira said, smirking. Ashley sighed, her icy blue eyes flashing with determination as she tossed her long blonde waist length hair over her shoulder, which she kept up in a long neat braid. A large icy blue and white bird flew overhead, screeching loudly. The two girls glanced up and gazed at it in amazement and awe. Seeing that type of bird, called the Arvawk was really rare. Some of the Kantorians say that the Arvawk AKA the Spirit Bird that looks over the planet and its two moons.

The Spirit Bird, as it's mostly known as, is about 8 ½ feet tall at the least, its wingspan can extend to a maximum of 6 feet from tip to tip. It has no pupils, just eerie glowing crystal blue eyes. Its body color differs on where its found. The feathers of the wings and tail are razor sharp, almost like a swords edge, around the edges. They are also almost 1 ½ feet long. It has strange marking around its eyes and on its wings. Its tail is long and flowing, but the tips are dyes metallic silver, as though it was dipped in silver paint. There was a ghostly glowing sky blue aura around the bird all the time, indicating that it was a real Arvawk. It's sharp looking claws and wicked looking beak makes it look like it was scary and dangerous, but they are gentle creatures most of the time. Even though it may look gentle, when attacked or provoked, its goes on a blind rampage and destroys everything until it's subdued. Their senses of smell, seeing and hearing were enhanced dramatically. The last thing know about the bird… is that it could appear in a flare of silver fire anywhere it wanted to be, like on another planet in another galaxy, but it would be stuck there for awhile until it can transport itself back to Kantora.

"Ready when you are Kira." Ashley said, smiling softly as the bird dove down towards a misty mountain top of a nearby mountain. Her black waist length haired, green eyed twin grinned. They knew it was dangerous in climbing this certain mountain, or any other mountain range to be exact, since their older brother, David, had climbed up another tall mountain on the another side of this range and almost lost his life in the process a few months before. Their mom and dad, both skilled mountain climbers, didn't want their children to follow in their footsteps. They though it was too dangerous for them at their age. A armored deer-like animal with silver clawed feet and 2 inch fangs sprinted past the girl, letting out a shrilled cry and disappeared up the slope, frightened.

"Wonder whats wrong with that Aromar. It seemed scared." Ashley sid, stopping to look up at the animal. Kira just shrugged.

"I'm not sure. Now lets get going." she said. After a while, the girls were so busy hiking up the mountain that they didn't notice a large shadow coming towards them. When they did finally, they stopped in their tracks, turned around the way they came and froze. A large spaceship rumbled towards them, and it didn't seem like it was going to stop.

"RUN!" Ashley yelled, spun back around and they hightailed it down the well worn path that wound up the mountain side. Seeing as the large packs that they were wearing were slowing them down and the spaceship was coming closer ever second, they slipped out of the heavy packs full of their climbing/camping gears, food and water, as they were going to camp in the mountains for a few nights, and continued on. Kira glanced back for a second then screamed as the ship knocked them over with a powerful wind as it passed over and headed towards the other side of the mountain.

"Are you alright Kira?" Ashley asked, getting to her feet slowly, brushing her black tank top and pants off. Kira nodded and sat up, a bit disoriented. A few seconds later, they looked at each other and smirked.

"Let's go check it out." Kira said, curiosity getting the better of her. Ashley shrugged slightly, having no better idea. They had to go up and over the mountain, through several freezing cold streams then down to a grassland valley to catch up to the large ship, which was hovering over the ground near the large forest or as they called it, The Death Forest.

"This is going to be interesting." Ashley said, trotting away from her sister, her small pack on her left shoulder jingling with the coins and a little bit of packed food that they took with them. It took the girls about 30 minutes to get down the mountain, through the streams and valley and over to the ship, though it also took them at least an hour to circle the huge ship and find a way in.

"What is this place? Let's check it out!" Kira muttered in awe and then scampered off down the hallway. Ashley gave a growl and dashed off after her, not knowing that they were being watched by a pair of hovering red and black robots from the shadows above them. A crash and a thud sounded from up ahead of Ashley, to the left in another hallway. When she caught up with her sister, she stared at a blue and black alien with balls as feet and scissor like hands, which held her sister by her black tank top.

"Let her go!" Ashley demanded only to get tackled to the ground by a vicious, drooling dog-like alien, though two things were missing, the eyes and ears and it was orange. The tall alien who had Kira narrowed her green eyes.

"Wait, you're no robot…." She hissed, her grip loosening slightly. Kira was staring wild-eyed at the alien. Ashley was struggling under the dog alien's overly large arms when he suddenly backed off. He grunted, he bowing his head slightly as someone entered the room. Ashley gulped as she looked up at a 12 foot tall, four armed, red skinned alien as he entered the room. She felt very small, almost like a fly next to a giraffe, when next to him, even though she and her sister were 5 foot 8 inches.

"Put the human down XLR8." The tall alien said softly. The blue and black alien placed the girl onto the ground and glanced back at another door which flew open. A very cranky-looking angler fish alien poked her head out of the door with a crossed look on her face as she glared at the two girls. Soon the two girls were surrounded by 12 aliens. One was a flaming human-like alien of fire, a weird mutated plant alien with four legs, a crystallized human-like alien, a small extremely smart rat-like alien, a hulky armadillo-like alien, a shadowy specter alien, a tall living biomechanical alien, and a large butterfly-like alien with four eyestalks and two pairs of legs and one set of hands.

"Who ARE you all?" Kira asked. The four-armed alien stepped forward and bowed slightly.

"I am Fourarms. This is XLR8 and Wildmutt, who you ran into a few minutes ago. The hothead over there is Heatblast, the flying alien is Stinkfly, the plant is Wildvine, the padded alien is Cannonbolt, the small one is Grey Matter, the aquatic alien is Ripjaws, the biomechanical being is Upgrade, the shadowy spirit is Ghostfreak, and the diamond alien is Diamondhead, hence the name." Fourarms said, smiling. Ashley and Kira exchanged a worried glance as the ship started to vibrate and take off towards the atmosphere of their planet. They then spotted two robots hovering towards the aliens and them. The girls gave a little yelp and dove into the nearest room as the aliens took off, leading the robots away from the room.

The twins looked around the room that they were in. It was filled with different kinds of weird alien technology. Kira and Ashley wondered what the hell it was when the far door opened up. Worried that they would be seen, they scampered towards a large pile of things and hid behind it. They peeked up from their hiding place to see a large alien figure place two silver and black objects onto a platform in the middle of the room, then walk out. Making sure that no one else was around, they slowly snuck towards the two objects, wondering what they were. A few minutes later, they were looking down at them.

"I wonder what these things are." Kira muttered, peering down at the two devices. Ashley smirked then looked over at her sister. Kira shook her head and was about pick up one of the devices to examine it when both of the watch-like things clamped onto the two twins' wrists. Kira was struggling to get it off of her left wrist as Ashley was trying to pull it off of her right wrist.

"Why won't this stupid thing come off?" Kira growled and looked over at her sister, who was trying to find something to pry the device off when she was stopped by footsteps coming towards the door that they came from. They whirled around, and then sighed softly when the aliens came into the room, though they were still pretty scared of them. Grey Matter gasped at the girls, who had a confused look on their faces. He jumped off of Upgrades' shoulder, onto Stinkfly's head, who hated him for that, then onto Kira's wrist, examining every inch of the watch quickly. Kira looked down at the alien with an irritated look.

"It's the Shadow Omnitrix! Vilgax must have found these two devices on the planet that we landed on. It was rumored that there was two of these… and now it seems that the rumor is true." Grey Matter explained. Wildmutt growled softly as his nostrils flared slightly, then barked. Ripjaws poured a glass of water that she had with her, onto her head to keep her gills wet.

"We better get out of here. You two are in danger. Vilgax is coming; Wildmutt can hear and sense him." Fourarms said then picked up the two girls with his top set of arms, then exited the room quickly, with the other eleven aliens right behind him. The ship was exiting the atmosphere and heading towards the solar system where Earth was as soon as it entered hyper speed. A few minutes later, they were hovering over Earth.

"Ghostfreak, where are the escape pods?" XLR8 asked as her tail twitching slightly as she looked over at the ghost alien. The aliens' violet eye blinked as she turned semi-invisible and went ahead of the group, checking through the walls and doors then came back.

"That way… It's down the corridor on the right. There's a large one that is reserved for Vilgax. We can escape using that one. It can hold all of us." Ghostfreak said softly. Stinkfly spun around, growling and spat acid and goo from her four eyestalks as she spotted Vilgax running towards them from behind with a bunch of hovering robots.

"Hurry up and find the escape pod! XLR8, Diamondhead, lets bring these guys down!" Stinkfly yelled. Diamondhead smirked and turned around, then shot a few shards of diamond from her right hand at several of the robots from her hands. XLR8 laughed as her visor went up. She dashed towards the robots and Vilgax, who was didn't even flinch as the acid and goo hit him, and circled them at high speeds, creating a tornado around them. A few minutes later, the three aliens knew they were losing badly, so they retreated towards the escape pod, destroying a few hovering robots on the way there. They flew/skidded into the large escape pod and crashed into the others as Grey Matter did the rest of the work, as in activating the release of the pod into space.

"So where are we off to?" Grey Matter asked as he looked up from the control panel as the escape pod shot out of the ship. Fourarms sighed then shrugged, still holding the two girls in his top set of arms, who were dozing off.

"Beats me. We'll just have to hop for the best. Upgrade… you know what to do." Wildvine said, leaning on the metal wall next to Cannonbolt and Heatblast. Upgrade nodded and upgraded the escape pod that it didn't burn up as it rocketed down towards Earth atmosphere. The escape pod was heading towards the USA; towards the state known as Colorado. Neither the aliens nor the twins knew that four years from then, they were going to meet up with the Tennysons and all chaos will break loose.

Jessie: Okay, that's the end of this chapter. I'll show you how to say these few words!

Kantora – Can-tour-a
Icnit – Ice-net
Volanc – Val-anc

Arvawk – Are-vawk
Aromar – Ar-ro-maar

Jackie: Well, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Reviews will be dearly appreciated, as we want to know if anyone is anxious to read more Oh and the coins that were mentioned are the money that they used on their home planet. No dollar bills or other types of money, just large golden-silver coins with strange symbols and markings on them. And if you are wondering which aliens are female or male and who's the oldest through the youngest… Here's the list:

Fourarms – male, oldest

Diamondhead – female, 2nd oldest

Stinkfly – female, 3rd oldest

Wildmutt – male, 4th oldest

Ghostfreak – female, 5th oldest

Grey Matter – male, 6th oldest

Upgrade – male, 7th oldest

Ripjaws – female, 8th oldest

Cannonbolt – male, 9th oldest

Wildvine – male 10th oldest

XLR8 – female, 11th oldest

Heatblast – male, 12th oldest

A/N: Though we didn't say anything about it…. Kira's favorite form is XLR8 and Ashley's is Wildmutt. And how they are buying so many things for their alien friends in the next chapter is because they sold about half their collection of coins that they still had with them to a nearby museum in the city that they landed outside of for a rather large sum of money.

A/N: The Kantorians have a silver lining around their pupil instead of a black line. Their skin is much paler, almost like an albino's skin but a slightly darker then that. They have pretty advance technology, though there are many downfalls to it that their trying to fix.