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"Hey Grandpa… should we go help them?" Ben asked, looking up at Grandpa Max. Max shook his head slowly. Gwen sighed, rolling her eyes at her cousin.

Back in the house, Ashley stumbled out of the kitchen, which was filled with smoke, coughing.

"Heatblast…" she muttered, falling to her knees. Heatblast, who accidentally let his fire burn out of control in the kitchen, was crouching in the fireplace in the large living room in the front of the house.

"That was the fifth pot you melted this week already. I gotta go out to get more now… since we're running low on them again… Now how am I going to fix my famous soup for all of you?" Ashley said in between coughs.

"You always know I can make it Ashley." Fourarms said, helping her up. Ashley smiled, then looked back at the still smoking kitchen.

"You're so sweet Fourarms. If someone can get Heatblast out of the fireplace he can help you. There is another pot in the closet next to the large pans. You know where that is." Ashley said and hugged Fourarms, who returned the hug, though he was being careful not to crush her, like he had almost done in the past.

Heatblast on the other hand was feeling angry that Ashley and Kira were attacked and upset at melting another pot, so he was blowing off some steam, or in his case, flames. Due to that, and the heat, the bricks were melting a bit. XLR8 watched him, but kept glaring at the closest window. Ghostfreak blinked slightly, making sure that no one was looking as she silently slipped thought the wall, heading towards the RV that was just leaving for a hotel down the way. Wildvine looked over the railing on the second story landing, looking concerned. Cannonbolt and Wildmutt were playing soccer outside in the backyard, being careful no to be seen. Diamondhead was stalking around the living room, glaring at Heatblast, though she had to admit that he did need some comforting. Upgrade peeked out of the computer room, then disappeared back into it a second later. Ripjaws, holding a glass of hot water, walked up to the fireplace and poured the water on him.

"Ripjaws, don't be so hard on him just because he's the youngest. Go try to find my sister and Grey Matter." Ashley said, walking over to Ripjaws. The aquatic alien nodded and walked off towards the staircase with her small blue water crystal dangling from her neck.

"Come on Heatblast, don't be like this… Come on out of there." Ashley said, looking down at him.

"But… but I'm so clumsy and ever if I help you two, I would've hurt other people too…" he said, depressed.

"It doesn't matter anymore. Fourarms wont be able to cook the soup for dinner if you don't help him. What do you say?" Ashley asked, raising an eyebrow. Heatblast nodded, smiling, then went into the kitchen When Ripjaws came into the twins room, she found Kira stalking around the room with a scowl on her face as she opened the door. On her shoulder was Grey Matter, who was muttering things to her.

"What if those three were spies for Vilgax?" Kira muttered to Grey Matter, not noticing that Ripjaws was standing in the doorway.

"I don't think that it is possible. That ten year old boy had the first prototype Omnitrix. You might have mistaken him for a spy…" Grey Matter said, going into a long and complicated speech about the Omnitrix. Kira sighed, not wanting to hear it again for the hundredth time in the four years she had known him.

"Grey, now is not the time to give me another lecture about the Omnitrix." Kira snapped, cutting him off and turned her attention to Ripjaws.

"What is it Ripjaws?" she asked, anger edging into her voice.

"Dinner is just about ready." The aquatic alien sighed, knowing that Kira was in one of her moons, then went towards another staircase at the end of the hallway that least towards the attic 'garden' to bring down the two plant lovers down for dinner. A few minutes later the whole house was full of dead silence, except for the living room, due to the fact that Kira and Ashley were eating in the living room, watching the news like they did every day. It was then that Ghostfreak decided to show up, by coming right through the TV.

"Where were you?" Kira asked, not looking up from her food. Ghostfreak would have grinned if she had a mouth.

"I'm getting the feeling that it had something to do with scaring some people half to death." Ashley remarked.

"Maaaaybe." Ghostfreak chuckled, which came out to resemble a dry cough.

Fourarms glanced into the living good where Ghostfreak and their human friends were talking away. He then sighed, shaking his head as he turned back towards the other alien friends.

"I don't know how long we'll be able to protect them now." Fourarms muttered. Grey Matter was sitting silently on Stinkfly's shoulder, not having touched him food once. One of Stinkfly's eyestalks turned slightly towards him, sensing his concern and worry. For once in her life, she didn't mind him sitting on her shoulder. Diamondhead looked up from her dinner, which consisted of crushed minerals and a small amount of rubies, to look at each alien that was in the room.

"I'm not sure, but we have to protect them at all costs." Heatblast said, poking at his jalapeño peppers, suddenly not feeling too hungry. Wildmutt, who was usually full of energy, was sleeping in front of his plate of steak.

"Just eat your food! We didn't go out to the store for you all not to eat tonight." Ashley said softly as both her, Kira and Ghostfreak came into the dining room, heading towards the kitchen with empty bowls. A few seconds later, the humans reappeared in the doorway, looking over all of the aliens, including Ghostfreak. Upgrade chose that exact moment to fall asleep, his head flopping down onto the table. Grey Matter looked down at his pal and a smirk formed on his face, despite the aroma of depression and silence that was in the room.

"And that's why you should eat, so you don't run out of energy, like Upgrade here just showed you." Grey Matter said. All of the other aliens, except Upgrade, who was asleep and Ghostfreak, cracked a small smile.

"Please tell us what's wrong." Kira said as Wildmutt woke up, growling slightly. The aliens looked up at the two humans. The whole house was covered in a eerie silence as the aliens stared at them. Ashley folded her arms across her chest as she leaned against the wall. Kira just sighed, her gaze fell on XLR8. XLR8 started to get a little nervous, the end of her tail twitching. Upgrade slowly rose him head off the table and looked around. Wildmutt then started to nibble of his steak a bit. Ripjaws sighed and looked away from her half eaten fish.

"Well?" Ashley asked ,looking at each of their aliens friends. Wildmutt grunted, peering up at XLR8. XLR8's mask flew down.

"I'm going to go for a run." she said quickly then zoomed our of the room.

"XLR8..." Kira muttered. Wildvine stood up, taking his plate of half eaten veggies and fruit into the kitchen. Fourarms cleared his throat, preparing to break the bad news. Ashley and Kira looked up at the 12 foot tall alien, a concerned look on their faces.

"The thing is… well… All of us agree that we might not be able to protect you two anymore, if we keep going out into public in the daytime." Fourarms said sadly. The two girls frowned then walked over to Fourarms, giving him a hug, then closed their eyes. They then felt two pairs of strong arms hugging them. The smiles, opening their eyes to look up at Fourarms, then were surprised when all the other aliens gathered around and hugged (or in Gray's case, tried to…) the girls.

"You're like a big brother to us Fourarms." Kira said, eyes shining slightly. Fourarms smiled back down at them, Ghostfreak chuckled softly, her eye moving along the black track on her outer skin.

"What's so funny Ghost?" Ashley asked, looking towards the Ectonurite as Fourarms released them from the hug.

"Oh just what I did to the three people who you saw earlier. I taught them a few lessons that they would never forget." she said, her eye, which was down by her tail, made its way back towards her head.

"So anyways… I guess we can take some one you somewhere tomorrow," Kira shrugged, "but only a few of you look humans. XLR8, you look like a human… mostly… Upgrade, you pass only if you wear a hat over your face, or upgrade either of our watches and Ghostfreak, you can possess one of us and keep switching from time to time. Oh and Grey Matter, you can come along as well." The aliens just stared at the two humans like they have lost their minds.

"What?" Ashley said flatly.

"Awww! Why cant I go?" Heatblast whined, making his puppy dog eye face.

"Simple, because you'll burn the clothes and everything in sight." Kira said, smirking.

"Or we can stop talking about this and listen to what I did to those three humans." Ghostfreak said. Instantly all eyes - and ears - were on Ghostfreak.

"Oh I just have to hear this one Ghostfreak." Kira said, smirking slightly. Ashley chuckled slightly, knowing that Ghostfreak had done pretty sweet things when she was gone.

"To the living room!" Heatblast enthusiastically said.

"Why the living room HB?" Wildvine said, entering the dining room once again, looking slightly annoyed.

"Because Ghostfreak is going to tell us what she did to those three humans earlier." Fourarms said. XLR8 then entered the room, looking a bit less nervous.

"Glad to have you back XLR8." Cannonbolt said.

"When you get nervous then usually going for a run will calm your nerves." she muttered. The aliens filed out of the dining room after putting they plates into the kitchen and settled in the large living room. Cannonbolt, Ashley, Grey Matter and Wildmutt were on the floor. XLR8, Upgrade, Diamondhead and Ripjaws were sitting in the four chairs that were located around the room. Fourarms and Kira were on the couch and Heatblast, Wildvine and Stinkfly were standing hear the couch.

"This better be better than the last one Ghostfreak." the Ditarian said. Ghostfreak nodded slightly and Diamondhead smiled.

"Can someone get the popcorn?" Heatblast asked, looking at some of the aliens.

"Clamp it HB before I spit acid at your face." Stinkfly threatened, turning two of her eyestalks towards the fire alien. Heatblast pouted slightly. Ashley snuggled up to Wildmutt, who grunted softly, curling up next to Ashley, letting her rest her head on his back. Wildvine tapped the power button for the TV, turning it off and also turned the lights off. The only light came from Heatblast and the kitchen. The sun was now setting , making it a perfect time for Ghostfreak to tell a story.

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Spoiler #1: She then exited Maxs' body and turned visible to them. The three humans stared at Ghostfreak in chock. A look of twisted rage shone in her single violet eye.

"Wait… your not the Ectonurite that was in the Omnitrix.! You're another Ectonurite!" Ben said, looking up at Ghostfreak, confused. The specter alien looked like she was thinking for a moment then looked down at him.

"Oh, you mean that other Ectonurite that had been there? No, I'm not him… I am a she." she growled, violet eye narrowing slightly. Max narrowed his eyes, glaring at the alien.

Spoiler #2: XLR8 wobbled away form the RV before falling to her knees, her mask coming up.

"Oww… I'm going to be that for awhile." she muttered, "Oh and sorry about the dent."

"Go back to the house XLR8. And that's why you should never run over 500 miles per hour. You'll just crash into things." Ghostfreak said.

"I was actually going 386 before I slowed down." XLR8 snapped. Max rose the sun Gun and pointed it at Ghostfreak.